Cartoon by Brian Mór
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Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  2. As I said before when the bearded ones ex-constituents in west Belfast realise the depravation and next to nothing social outlook is down to worse than poor representation by him and his cronies ,then he really will be hounded out of Ulster,or maybe he,s the Cú Chulainn the loyalists are so fond of,

  3. Garret Fitzgerald put him in his box, he also gave us officialdoms verdict on Adams' little crusade.

  4. Would make you think what the statue's or other merry acts of
    appreciation would look like in the
    years and centuary's to come-

    The Martin McGuinness university of

    The Gerry Adams all-Ireland travel-way

    The Provo peace prize to replace noble-

  5. michaelhenry
    you are a testimony to the power of brainwashing.

  6. There would be nothing nobel to a provo peace prize Mickeyboy,

  7. Michael Henry,

    Three questions:

    1)Do you think RIRA/CIRA volunteers are traitors?
    2)Do you think the killing of PSNI officers is right or wrong?
    3)Do you believe you are living in a united Ireland?

  8. Alfie,

    I wouldn't hold your breath while you wait for straight answers!!

  9. Alfie-

    Three answer's [ i hope ]

    1- the real and continuity are
    traitor's to the war- fight

    2- If a p.s.n.i member had me by the throat i'd hope sombody would
    kill that cop- but i know what you mean- yes it is the wrong time to execute peeler's-

    3- I believe- but that is just me

  10. Alfie,

    Thought I would answer them myself.
    1) No
    2) No comment, ;), ;)
    3) No

  11. Just read michaelhenry's answers. To me they are illegible, incomprehensible, gibberish.

    I only prevaricated on one, but we all know what I meant!

  12. priceless
    question time eat yer heart out!!

  13. For f##k John its Mickeyboy wada ya want sense?

  14. I see Mc Guinness was at the tart Iris Robinsons ma,s funeral what a crawling b##tard. he was in good company ,Doddsie,Poots,and Mc Crea,the paper said she Iris was well turned out ,of course she would have been ,the taxpayer paid for her outfits, I heard Bob doh Brains and Gerry Itwasntme, were canvassing down the country ie lifting names out of graveyard headstones, Bob said "doh boss here,s a bloke who was 125" "whats his name "says Gerry Itwasntme "doh it says here Miles from Belfast doh"...Jesus was gaurding the pearly gates when an old man asked for admission"name "asked Jesus"Joseph" "occupation" "carpenter" Jesus becomes excited "did you have a son?" asked Jesus "yes" "did he have holes in his wrists and ankles?" "yes" said the old man Jesus looked at the old man with a tear in his eye,put his arms out and said "father father its me its me" the old man looked puzzled,then beamed---"Pinocchio"..prince William says he dosent want the traditional fruitcake at his wedding........prince Philip says he doesnt give a fuck he,s still going ..

  15. Marty-

    Two of the dip's [ dup ] walked out
    of the service when McGuinness
    walked in-

    greogory campbell and no willie McCrea left like two angry

  16. Anyone interested in joining the Jim Mac Donald is innocent campaign....

  17. My grandson asked me this morning if we were a republican family.I told him he was to young for that,and to get back to dipping his volunteers in his egg,

  18. Split up with the wife last night, she said I thought more about football than her....I was devastated,we were together six seasons,

  19. Michael,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. If I may, I'd like to ask you a few follow-up questions:

    1)You say that dissident are "traitors to the war-fight". Why? Are they not continuing on the war, however ineffectively?

    2)Why is it the "wrong time" to kill policemen? Does that mean it could be the right time again in a few years or what?

    3)How can you believe you are living in a united Ireland? Aren't the six counties still under British jurisdiction? If you accept the fact that you're not living in a united Ireland, doesn't that mean the PIRA lost the war?

  20. michaelhenry,

    If we are living in a United Ireland, you should tell your buddies in PSF, as they are campaining for one at the moment.