The TUAS Strategy

This afternoon sometime I got a text message through from a friend. It said ‘have been listening to Gerry on LMFM. What a clown. He hasn’t a clue. The listeners’ words not mine.’ My response was terse, ‘good.’ To which he answered, ‘he was downright stupid this morning.’ Wasn’t so sure about that, stupidity not featuring as one of his characteristics.

I try not to listen to him at all these days, having learned long ago that he is a verbal crap machine who incessantly churns out the brown stuff. There are sweeter things with which to massage the ears. Still, I thought it might be worthwhile tuning in to a recording of Morning Ireland later in the day just to see if he was as bad against Leo Varadkar, of Fine Gael, as he was against Michael McDowell four years ago.

Hissing and snarling on the phone, he was quickly reminded by the Fine Gael politician that his 2007 debacle hadn’t gone away, you know. Varadkar told him that nothing had changed since then as he was still committed to flaunting his ignorance of economics. Knowing next to nothing about the economy is no crime, but it is not something you want to put on display during a radio broadcast when the topic is the economy. But as Adams has often said of those he takes umbrage at, he would rather be wrong than silent.

It isn’t that I was hostile to a lot of what the Sinn Fein Master had to say, but as always the difficulty is an inability to believe anything he does say. When he rightly labels the other political parties as the ‘consensus for cuts’ it could be treated with some gravitas had his own party along with the rest of them in the North’s British micro government, not formed a consensus for cuts. When he goads the other parties that they should put it up to the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, it would sound more plausible if his party had only put it up to the British Tories instead of implementing the cuts dictated by London. This type of rubbish has allowed him to develop the unenviable trait of being instantly unbelievable.

Contrast this with Pearse Doherty who when on TV last night stood head and shoulders above his fellow panellists. He sounded eminently credible, his flow uninterrupted, his manner confident, and he is prepared to allow the opposition to speak. His leader on the other hand slithers about in serpentine manner, hectoring and bullying, seeking to voice-over his adversary while convincing nobody of anything other than his not knowing anything about the subject he comes on air to talk about. The sterling work that Doherty is doing in describing the nature of where the country is at economically is undermined the minute Adams gets air time.

Four years ago it very much looked as if Sinn Fein were finished in the South of Ireland. So much so in fact that Eoghan Harris with undue haste at the West Belfast Festival predicted the party would lose every one of its then four seats at the next general election. Now with the economy in a trough, beyond comprehension a mere four years ago, Sinn Fein has been thrown a life line with which it can haul itself up. If it wants to reap the potential to the full it should consider resurrecting the TUAS acronym. Try Using Adams Sparingly.


  1. Her's a link to the LMFM interview. It is well worth a listen!

  2. Wouldnt you think Anthony that someone in the media or those standing against the bearded one,would pull him up on his abysmal record of repesenting the people in west Belfast,when the Anytout news now feels its able to let us all know how badly the west has fared in recent years,certainly no benefits from the so called peace dividend,how many real jobs has Adams created? little or none if you ask me,the only benefits the vast majority of the people in west Belfast have are the social welfare and they are about to be cut!it is glaringly obvious to anyone walking around these area just how little real investment has been injected into them,the nationalist population and their neighbours on the loyalist side of the fence who were also repesented by this man are probably as bad of now as they were pre psf and the so called war of liberation ,now downgraded to a equality dispute,and things are going to get a lot worse ,in health, education, and as for jobs well what jobs, yip my deepest sympathies to the people of Louth if that waster gets elected.

  3. AM

    Keeping Enda Kenny in the background when it comes to economic policy has clearly worked for Fine Gael.. Too bad the Master's ego wont let him..

    Maybe SF should let Georgoe Galloway run!

  4. There was a time, about 12 or 13 years ago when a certain type of person in the Free State (the type who wants a 32 county republic, goes to the odd repbulican commeration or fund raiser, but who was uncomforable with the IRA's armed campaign; bacically a Fainna Fail voter) seemed to think that Gerry Adams could almost walk on water.

    They flocked in their thousands to hear him speak. They sang his praises to the rooftops.

    It seemed to go to Gerry's head. It never translated into votes for Sinn Fein, becuase Fianna Fail voters could no more bring themselves to vote for another party than they could cut off their own arms.

    Gerry should realise that that time is gone, disillusionment with the Good Friday agreement, Sinn Fein's role in government in the north, various stories going around about Gerry's brother, Gerry's role in the hunger strike and sheer familiarity breeding contempt have all tarnished Gerry's image.

    Gerry should retire gracefully and write his memoirs, it could be a great work of fiction.


  5. Graycrow
    perfectly stated. I'm hoping a severe sense of reality is brought to bear on him in the upcoming election. And to those surrounding him.
    He is cute in selecting Louth though. I recon any other constituency further south and he would have a trouncing.

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  7. Mickeyboy I see your glorious leader that man of principal has resigned after applying to be baliff of the manor of Northstead which is an office of profit under the crown! dont you ever get embarassed by the antics of this eegit Mickeyboy,or are you a bigger eegit.c,mon Mickeyboy dump the bum and hit the tiles with Larry and least when the shit hits the fan it,ll be your own mo cara.

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  9. Anthony, have you already heard of Baron Munchausen of West Belfast?:-)

  10. Of course the bearded one has denied accepting the office of profit under the crown, its what he does!deny everything,is his name PETER by any chance,he has even denied his own father the right to rest in peace.

  11. I,ve just watched the bearded one on the news ,getting rattled as usual these days when asked difficult questions ,during the interview he waved a bottle of water about,and it wasnt the psf own brand,does that tell us anything,

  12. Marty-

    Are you saying that larry or yourself will not drink with a
    Sinn Fein member or supporter

    Gerry Adams did not apply for any
    crown office and the prime-ministers office as issued an apology for what loud-mouth cameron
    said in the commons today [ for what its worth ]

    Just because that brit subject
    cameron says something marty- it don't make it gospel- Gerry adams
    as broke another brit law and resigned without taking the oath

  13. Mickeyboy we,ll have a pint with for Adams well he takes the money he takes the shit!

  14. Antoin Mac C,

    That is a good idea about 'The Frontline' programme.

    It will NEVER happen. RTE is an organ of and for the middle class. I can't remember the last time they broadcast anything remotely controversial in the sphere of politics or social science.


  15. That truly was embarrassing but nothing short of a major scandal will stop him getting elected (and he's even survived those). However everytime he fails in these interviews he damages the chances of others standing elsewhere. I can imagine the 26 county media will go to town on him and yes they should make the people of Louth aware of his pathetic record in West Belfast just to show what they could be in for

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  17. michaelhenry
    i'll be in bshaft 2moro before tae time. i'm the same as marty, meet ye for a pint no problem at all. Be delighted.

    hope that dogbox is cleaned out, i like a decent nights kip.

    my election card is applied for. will peruse the independientes.

  18. bye the way michaelhenry, if you do meet up, be sure and bring a few northern bank twenties...make it an interesting night out.

  19. I know its a bit of the mark but I,m worried about Robert and with Nuala living within spitting distance from Clonard well can you see where I,m going here? those places have crypts! and Nuala has a very very close relationship with the men in black.... dresses.and from reports in the area strange noises have been heard coming from there late at night,if we get a new poster on TPQ posting as Roibeard and more taig than John Mc Girl then we will know why Nuala has been so quiet and what became of Robert!

  20. I note that Martina Purdy on the Hearts and Minds show tonight on BBC2 stated the people in the republic were begining to look at the bearded ones track record as a repesentative for west Belfast, and that his record was dismal, well I suppose better late than never,only in this case it may be just in time to save the people of Louth from a fate as bad as west Belfast.he should change his name to Jonah because that man can surely sink a ship!

  21. The Marty and Larry show-

    I hear there are tickets out for your drinking match on friday-
    people have never seen the pair of you buying a round before

    The two of you are turning my head
    politics- all i hear now is drink, drink lol

    Enjoy the weekend- when yous are blowing the froth of a few and knocking back half-uns ill be knocking doors with my best smile on.

  22. saw Monaghan TD on rte tonight and he said SF are not a party disposed towards popularism. WTF? I'm still trying to shake off the dizzy nauseous fit that induced. This could be an hillarious election campaign.

    enjoy your campaigning, i once too walked in your shoes. Wont waste any shoe leather on those guys at this stage. But to you in your sincerity of commitment, good luck to you.

    i've had my bi-monthly bath, a shave and done me teeth, u be there ya bollox.

  23. Antoin,

    I have a simple dream. That Bray Wanderers stay up, get to the cup final and I get to see them play a few more times this season than the last few.

    Strange thing, I can travel the Carlisle Ground on Public transport but not to Ferrycarrig Park (home of Wexford Youths) even though I live in Wexford Town.

    This bothers me at some deep level (T.B.H I would far prefer to watch Wanderers play anyway, especially as they are in the top division).

    I think I will have to do some research, there is something about the Youths...something that could reveal deep things about post celtic tiger Ireland. Hmmm....their motto, Life's short, work hard, play hard, then there is this Corinthian Spirit, Amateurism (I hear Drogehda are about to embrace this ethos too). Does not sit well with me and my view of association football.

    Their motto should be, work hard, play hard, wear yourself out for the Man, lose all your best players and win nothing. (and make sure you own a car).


  24. Mickeyboy like Larry I to wore out a few shoes on the campain trail and even had to wear bullet proof vests to attend council meetings. you enjoy the moment mo cara because when you really do find out the truth,it will hurt, but like the rest of us you,ll get over it and hopefully come out the other side a much wiser man,the pint will be on the table for you (for a while anyway) and I,ve plenty of the plum stuff, and a couple of Polish Lassies gave me a bottle of Bison grass vodka the other night ,and if Larry is as clean as he says he might be rented out to the church!should be an interesting couple of nights......POOR lARRY!

  25. See liverpool have bought suarcz
    for 26.5 million euro

    Footballers are worth what was took in the northern bank

  26. Michaelhenry,

    are you sure SF didn't buy him? Wasted money if Bangers is right - it should have gone on Galloway!

  27. John,

    'Here's a link to the LMFM interview. It is well worth a listen!'

    Wasn't it just? Rarely have I heard him so bad.

  28. Julie/Tenzin Dasal

    Thanks for your comment. Yes of course I will check out your blog.

  29. Marty,

    ‘Wouldn’t you think Anthony that someone in the media or those standing against the bearded one, would pull him up on his abysmal record of representing the people in west Belfast?’

    Adams did such a poor job in West Belfast that the natural journalistic question would be based on it. It seemed to be a weak feature of commentary down here. I think they were happy enough to see him flail on economic matters that they never pressed home their advantage to the hilt.