In The Evening

Last Friday, in the evening, I sat and watched Martin McGuinness being interviewed by Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late show. I had fallen asleep earlier on the settee when the show began and headed off to bed. But I had hardy settled down before my son came up and told me ‘it’ was starting now. He made it sound like something out of a Steven King novel. It was worth the watching as it proved to be entertaining. The Sinn Fein politician is obviously hoping to enhance his party’s appeal in the South at a time when an opportunity exists for any Master and his servant and to get elected. If Sinn Fein does not make the breakthrough in this unique and unprecedented set of circumstances it never will.

McGuinness comes over as affable in a way that his oleaginous party leader does not. I found myself laughing when he described his engagement to his then girlfriend Bernie. She was in jail, he bought an engagement ring in Donegal and had a friend take it to the prison to Bernie and place it on her finger. Now if the other fella had told the same story the instant reaction would be ‘porkie, it never happened, he made it up.’

It was strange to watch the exchange between Turbridy and McGuinness which was much less strained than it was when the Late Late host had the Sinn Fein boss in the chair. Such is Adams’ reputation for incessant lying that even McGuinness – who has stood over some dubious claims in his time - couldn’t stand over his boss’s denials of IRA membership. He felt compelled to duck and dive, bob and weave every which way. Adams’ insistence on denying the obvious has placed his senior colleagues in a no-win situation. If they say they believe him they pull ridicule down around them; if they say they don’t believe him, they pull ridicule down around him. He would rather they were ridiculed than he but McGuinness didn’t take him up on that offer. And while the North’s Deputy First Minister might argue that people don’t care about whether Adams was in the IRA or not, there is a view in the South, at a time when politicians cannot be trusted, why one promising honesty would lie about something so obvious.

The irony was hardy lost on viewers when McGuinness referred to the British ministers, including prime ministers, who had sat in the Late Late hot seat and had not been grilled about their past in the same way as he was being taken to task. For Martin McGuinness is a British minister, much the same as Peter Robinson is one. He might be a decent British minister, good at his job, that is all for opinion. But he is a British minister nonetheless.

When asked about both Fine Gael and Labour stating that neither would share power with Sinn Fein, McGuinness said maybe that was because he would not share power with them, or with Fine Gael at any rate. Some in the audience clapped but not many. I thought there would be more given the climate but there is a sense down here that the party will jump into bed with anybody and sacrifice any policy or principle to do so.

Not long ago Martin McGuinness could be found claiming, to the mirth of unionism, that Ireland could be united by 2014, deducting two years from the usual guff prediction. Now it is more likely to be bankrupt. Yet the Late Late interview was instructive in that it showed how far he had moved from his unity is nigh position. When asked would he see a united Ireland in his lifetime there was no answer in the affirmative. A favourite phrase of Martin McGuinness’s has been ‘the reality is.’ The reality is that not one volunteer who fought in the ranks of the Provisional IRA will see a united Ireland in their lifetime. Martin’s party secured us that much.


  1. Anthony I didnt see the show therefore I cant comment on it,but to hear that McGuinness said that his party would not go into goverment with either Labouror Fine Gael,wanna bet on that one mo cara?

  2. Am I to believe an Irish person who says Gerry Adams was in the Provo’s over the British Deputy First Minister , I think not how dare anyone suggest that The British Deputy First minister would lie. Gerry was in the toilet all the time the Provo’s waged war against the brits don’t you know , even the Chief of Staff in the 80’s didn’t know were Long Kesh was , maybe he was in the toilet also .
    His comrade in arms Brendan Hughes has told us about his life in the Provo’s and had the gall to tell down right lies about Gerry and some of his alleged involvement in some of the troubles worst moments , lies Brendan lies and damn lies .
    Gerry would never have got involved in such heinous crimes he was to busy hugging trees .
    With the week that was in politics in the republic do they really need another out and out lair , maybe we will have Gerry on the voting trail singing give Ireland back to the Irish . Will the people of Louth and East Meath care whether Gerry was in the Provo’s , and believe what Brendan said about his involvement or will they also love him so much that whatever he says is the truth .
    God Save Ireland

  3. Interested its possible the bearded one was in the bogs at that time ,dont be so cynical,it is a republican thing to spend a lot of time in the wee room ask those who were in Mc Guinness,s bar the night of the Mc Cartney murder all 100 of them will tell you they were in the toilet at the same time ,and when you think about it why wouldnt they be there?. these people are really full of shit.!

  4. It is easy for anyone to criticise
    Sinn Fein in the march 11 or may 5
    elections if they have no-one to support- my heart goes out to all the loner's

    Some celebration's on st patricks
    if all goes well on march 11- a good spring-board for the assembly

    I have said it before that Sinn Fein are not british ministers
    you can only be brit in british politics if you take the oath to the crown- no oath no brit- its the
    british constitution-you are supposed to check your enemys laws out you know-

  5. Always found McGuinness more personable anytime I met him than Beardy who has all the personality of one of Alfies socks. Doesn't make him anymore trustworthy though.

  6. MichaelHenry.. Just because you dont take the oath dosnt make you any less of a British minister.

    Stormont is a British devolved administration. If it wasnt why would SF have cut billions from the local ecomony? Because their masters in Westminster told them to!

  7. Ruairi-

    I have made my argument as to why Sinn Fein can not be british- is this why some opposed the agreement
    they were up the crown

    If you are not interested in stormont argue your own case-

    im happy the way most of the cards have fallen

  8. McGuinness delivered some fiery orations over the years at the graves of better men than him but all those words meant sweet FA and I doubt very much that those volunteers he was eulogizing Michael would be happy with the way the cards have fallen. Would even one of them have given up their lives for SF to sit in Stormont?

  9. i saw mcguinness on tv 3 times recently.
    on Dan Been and Tom Barry and telytubreties.

    no1 asked him what Breen and Barry may have thought of decomissioning and informing to the british security forces.

    disgrace he was ever given airtime...the brit.

  10. Agree Marty downunder the whole sordid mess was not worth a minute in Castlerea never mind forever in a box,The line from Behans Patriot Game "I,m sorry my rifle has not done the same to those Quislings who sold out the patriot game"

  11. M/H
    Were or even how do you come up with the rational that ministers in Stormont do not owe allegiance to the British crown . Are the 6 northern counties that are called Northern Ireland not part of the British Union and therefore anyone residing within the said Union are part of the Union . Most people including myself shudder at the thoughts of this situation but facts are facts . Does Martin Mc go to the Dail when it is in session , no he doesn’t because he would have to be invited because he is a British Minister .
    It is always best not to tell lies because eventually one begins to believe them .

  12. Michael

    This is about much more than an oath, To my mind McGuinness standing alongside the crown's most senior police officer in the north and telling people to inform, is far worse than Adam's denying his IRA membership.

    Sure, Adams has handled this issue badly, but his original reason for doing so at least were valid and this is why most people do not see his denial as a capital offense. McGunness behavior on the other hand was that of a British government minister, full stop!

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  14. Anto x a cara that sounds like a very bad dose of psf overload, I recommend lying down in a dark room with Willie Mc Crea on the cd player it wont cure you but the next time ya meet a psf,er (hopefully not our Mickeyboy )your boot in the nuts will be all the more forcefull,for a decent read may I recommend The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell,its a safe bet the psf will increase their representation,but if the people take a look how the bearded one has left West Belfast then we may yet see public flogging brought back!

  15. Mickeyboy mo cara for your bearded leader to resign,according to Brian Feeney in todays Vatican Times ie The Irish News "normally they must apply either to be steward of the Chiltern Hundreds of Buckinghamshire or baliff of the Manor of Northstead WHICH were "offices of profit under the crown"hmmm how very British!

  16. Antony,

    Thanks for the article, as I said before, I have become allergic to RTE in recent years, especially that young fogey Tubrady amd Mr. Kenny so I didn't see the interview.

    I just finished reading 'Afterlives' by Richard O'Rawe (someone on this blog reccommended it, Larry probably).

    All I can say is that like that guy who works down the chip shop who told the lovely Kristy MacColl that he's Elvis, Mr. Adams is a shockng lier and I don't know about Mr. McGunniss.


  17. As i have said many times before-
    there seems to be a few people
    making anti- Sinn Fein comment's but are to scared to say what All
    Ireland political party they are members of or who they support- a
    independent now a days is a partition lover


    I knew some of the volunteer's who
    fell- but i could not know what they would think now- unlike your self and your all seeing powers


    Sinn Fein do not owe, say , or give
    allegince to the british crown
    [ is this a sore point for some ]

    Mick Hall-

    You don't like McGuinness standing
    beside a member of the police but
    you want Adams to admit membership
    so he can serve time in prison.

  18. AM-

    I know marty does not like anyone
    writing about different subjects-
    [ apart from himself lol- where the
    fcuk did lol come out of ]

    There is a court case comming up
    between Stieg larsson's father-brother and Stieg's partner/companion of 30 years
    [ 27.9 million euro ]
    there was no will from what i can make out- it shows the importance of making sure all is sorted out in this life in case something happens.

  19. Anto x,

    stick to the one ID (not intelligent design) as it may confuse people switching about. It is a house rule we all abide by

  20. Michael, I said would not they did, no one can know not unless you're one of them mediums. The fact is though and this where you come unstuck the war at the time which those volunteers were engaged in was not about how SF has ended up, no matter how they spin it and shift the goal posts with their equality agenda. I knew many of them too Michael, I listened to McGuinness et al, luckily I got away from it, alot of my contemporaries aren't so lucky.

  21. michaelhenry,

    'You don't like McGuinness standing
    beside a member of the police but
    you want Adams to admit membership
    so he can serve time in prison.'

    Why would Adams serve time in gaol for admitting what McGuinness has, who has never spent a day in a 6 County gaol?

  22. John,

    he did 3 weeks in 1976 on remand and then he was in for four day or something for a fine in the early 90s I think

  23. Anthony,

    'he did 3 weeks in 1976 on remand and then he was in for four day or something for a fine in the early 90s I think'

    That being the case I stand corrected on the fact but feel the substance of what I'm saying stands.

    The fact remains he has never been convicted of membership in the North and has led a charmed life.

    This being in stark contrast to Gerry McGeough's treatment who is charged, among other things, with membership and awaiting a verdict anytime.

    So, all in all, while Gerry is doing Britain's work, he will never face charges. They need him too much.

  24. Marydownunder,

    "Always found McGuinness more personable anytime I met him than Beardy who has all the personality of one of Alfies socks.

    Touché! I would say that I gave that up a long time ago, but who would believe me?!?

  25. John McGirr-

    You have to make it easy for me

    You say " why would Adams serve time in gaol for admitting what
    McGuinness has "

    Its elementary dear watson

    We have to live most of our lives
    close to the law-
    When McGuinness said he was a member of the RA it was under the bloody sunday inquiry- ie- every one who give evidence was under
    immunity- a get out of jail free card- mr Adams would serve time if he were to admit being a member-
    if you go by the facts of life john you will not be far from the truth.

  26. Alfie,

    'Touché! I would say that I gave that up a long time ago, but who would believe me?!?'

    Sorry Alfie, didn't mean your own personal sock but the figurative teenage one you mentioned on the other thread! Hahaha

  27. Danny Morrisson to suggest that
    George Galloway to be the next
    Sinn Fein abstentionist mp for
    west belfast in next mondays
    andersontown news-

    Its not going to happen
    the things we have to listen to

  28. michaelhenry,

    'When McGuinness said he was a member of the RA it was under the bloody sunday inquiry- ie- every one who give evidence was under
    immunity- a get out of jail free card- mr Adams would serve time if he were to admit being a member-'

    But is this true? He has admitted to being a member before the inquiry and since on many occasions.
    Many people have admitted as much. There is no risk in such an admission whilst you administer British rule here. The only problem comes if you dissent!
    I don't see Gerry doing that.

  29. Michaelhenry,

    So right. It resonates of the time he met Prince Charles and phoned up the BBC to tell them. Wonder who told Mark Davenport and Martina Purdy. Any crackpot idea to get noticed.

  30. Michaelhenry,

    at the same time one Stalinist to replace another. Maybe that is what Bangers means! What a message that would send out to the world: the Irish are incapable of representing themselves so they bring over an Englishman. No sadder sight than that of a slave kneeling down to kiss his chains.

    But SF would hardly want George. Too annoying to the Americans.

  31. John,

    the substance stands. I only made it as a point of information.

    The issue is not really about Adams having to admit being in the IRA. He does not have to fess up. But he should simply stop lying about it. All he needs to is say 'things happened and I have nothing to say on this issue. In time I will give a full account of my role.'

    What possible comeback could there be?

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  33. Michael Henry

    George Galloway wouldn't be too bad as a replacement for Adams.. He's a self-serving egotistical fame seeker aswell

  34. MartyDownUnder,

    "Sorry Alfie, didn't mean your own personal sock but the figurative teenage one you mentioned on the other thread! Hahaha"

    Oh. Well, in that case, let me say without equivocation and in the strongest possible terms that I did not have sexual relations with any of my socks, for whom I have the height of respect. I categorically reject all of the scurrilous allegations that I committed such vile acts. I hope my socks and I can now put this issue behind us and go forward in a stable, united coaliton in order to do the important work of walking that my body needs.

  35. On mature recollection in the last twenty minutes, I concede that indeed I did have a relationship with one of my socks (whom I called Candy) which was not appropriate - in fact it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse of judgment on my part. I made a terrible mistake (well actually several hundred brief, tender mistakes) and from the bottom of a full and contrite heart, I am very, very sorry.

  36. Ruairi-

    We are worlds apart- nothing wrong
    with that- but only one of us can be right- i will never stop- hope you do the same- still i enjoyed
    your last post- well said comrade

  37. michaelhenry

    ~mr Adams would serve time if he were to admit being a member-
    if you go by the facts of life john you will not be far from the truth.~

    Is the simple fact that if Adams was to admit to being the ALLEGED head of the IRA then history would show him as being involved in a sectarian/criminal war and not one for Irish freedom...

    E.g. the Irish Civil war had its roots in war pensions for IRA volunteers but the Brit/Shinner coalition got around this loop hole via the Northern Bank.

    40 years of Struggle achieved precious more than the civil rights movement. The only thing that we have ended up with are two parties born out of sectarianism ending up administering the Queen's cuts on Irish soil.

    Furthrmore, as the juggernaut of criminalisation of the proxy war gathers pace is it conceivable that it will be twisted in years to come to have had no Irish Republican ideological substance?

    Under this scenario all crimes/murders committed will be perceived as pure mindless bloody acts. I bet there are a few lawyers/barristers sharpening their pencils as we speak!!

    No wonder Gerry wants to distance himself from it now and return to the safe haven of Leitrim...

    Praise The Lord For the Border.....

  38. Michalehenry,

    was wondering what your thoughts were on the link below regarding Gerry Adams having to take an oath to the Queen to give up his West Belfast seat??

    P.S. in my previous comment I was reffering to Louth not Leitrim

  39. The Rebels Yell ya f##ker I was in a sweat there Leitrim is my county of r&r the thoughts of that git stalking the place would definitly have all in Leitrim heading for the hills,

  40. The rebels yell-

    Sounds like you are against anyone
    who fought for the I.R.A in what
    you termed the sectarian/criminal
    army- so to you all the martyr's-
    prisoner's otr's and all those who kept their safe house's were involved in crime

    The civil war happened because collin's and co swore alliance to
    the crown

    the assembly has no crown oath

    You can praise the border all you want- me- i can read
    Gerry will not distance himself from the Irish people

    I wrote about Gerry leaving westminister without taking the oath yesterday on the Quill
    Gerry can make good p.r out of the dumb brit laws

  41. Michaelhenry,

    'Adams would serve time if he were to admit being a member’.

    He doesn’t have to admit it. He could easily say ‘no comment’ rather than lie about it. That would not get him jailed and it would lead to a lot less ridicule.

  42. Michaelhenry

    ‘There is a court case coming up between Stieg Larsson's father-brother and Stieg's partner/companion of 30 years.’

    You have been bitten by the Stieg bug!


    ‘Mr. Adams is a shocking liar and I don't know about Mr. McGuinness.’

    Gerry is the undisputed champion on that one.

  43. AM-

    " bitten by the stieg bug "

    Yes but i'ts a nice bug to take a
    lump outta me

    Have read the 2nd book but i will read a couple of other books before i'll start the 3rd one- just have to stop bitting my nails-
    where did all that sex come out of,
    there was me thinking that sweden was a nice safe place