Sick To The Teeth Of The English Presence

Tonight The Pensive Quill carries a short piece from guest writer, the republican activist and author, Gerry McGeough, who is currently being pursued through the Diplock courts by the British Police Service of Northern Ireland.

A Chairde,

Just want to say a big THANK-YOU to everyone who has sent messages of support
and offered their prayers ahead of the re-starting of this so-called "trial".
By now, you will all be aware of the fact that this charade has nothing
whatsoever to do with Justice and everything to do with continuing the war
against the Irish people by other means. It is raw, brute political intimidation
and censorship in its most blatant form.

This persecution against me is being driven by elements from within the British-
Unionist establishment who hate with a passion everything that is Irish
nationalist and Catholic. They are blinded by bigotry.

Needless to say, I have never been impressed or intimidated by this outfit in
the past and most certainly will not bow down to them now. Irish-Catholics will
not be pushed around in our own country and the sooner these people face that
reality the better.

My patience has been sorely tested by these anti-Irish, anti-Catholic wretches
and I believe that the time has now come for the establishment of a broad-based
Independence Movement that will demand the end to foreign misrule in our
country. Our ancient Irish Nation requires freedom, unity and full independence
from Britain ... as of now.

As an Irishman, I am sick to the teeth of the English presence in our country.
England has nothing to offer our people but misery and captivity. This is our
nation and we want it back. England, get out of Ireland and take your pathetic
little Diplock courts with you! Remember, the Irish Nation will never be beaten
and Irishmen and women everywhere must stand up and be proud of our ancient
heritage and noble history of resistance to the foreign enemy!

Éirinn go Brách/Ireland Forever!


  1. Wishing Gerry all the best ,still believe he will walk free, but if I may Gerry take a look at the Catholic church,s history in this country,nothing proud about it, as a matter of personal belief ,I think the church has been a millstone around the necks of the Irish race,the sooner we shake of the priestly shackles the sooner we will be free a cara,the brits divided this nation using religon, and the Catholic church got a state to control and abuse to its hearts content,I as a republican do not ever want a republic with any church in a priviliged position again.beir bua.

  2. Gerry, hope this nonsense is over for you shortly. All of this must be taking its toll on your family, friends and comrades.
    Looks as if you paid the price for turning your back on the shinners, the list of people paying the price is growing by the day.
    Hope all goes well!

  3. Good luck mo chara, keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Gerry,
    really admire your bravery and courage and am confident you'll prevail in this matter. Not really sure what religion has do with all this though, I'm with Marty, the RCC in Ireland needs to go.

  5. Gerry McGeough is being harassed because of his political convictions and his refusal to buy into the line. I don't share his views on religion and would be with Marty and Ryan on this. Nevertheless, people are not to abandoned or left behind because their viewpoint differs from our own. As we have seen the peace process is abandoning more republicans by the week.

  6. Good luck Gerry...i saw a huge picture of you+ur family in Derry..hope all goes well.
    As for religion..Marty i hear the church was goin to allow priests to marry but upon reflection decided against on the grounds that any more sex could be bad for them.

  7. Best of luck Gerry,

    By the way there already is a "broad-based Independence Movement that will demand the end to foreign misrule in our country"

    It's headquarters is at 342 Falls Road Belfast. Maybe you should talk to them.

    All the best,


  8. Garycrow 342 Falls rd Belfast are you talking about the Felons club ?I think you have the wrong address there a cara,certainly no broad based independence movemeny hq at that address,

  9. Good Luck, Gerry...have been keeping you in my thoughts here. Continuing to wish you all the best and hoping to learn of your freedom from all this very soon

  10. Marty,

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."


  11. Graycrow, who in the Felons would you suggest Gerry spoke to?
    Who is the broad based movement in the Felons, they must be hiding anytime I have been in there?
    'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'
    You clearly know very little about the Felons Rory (GrayCrow) or you would not be spouting this crap!

  12. AM,
    You guys have been there with us since day one and I want to say thank you so much for your courage of speaking out on behalf of Gerry and his family.

    Hopefully this trial will be over in a few days and Gerry will go free as the Brits have not been able to prove their case against him and Vincent to date. It has been nothing more than a "mind
    f _ _k" these past 3 years by the RUC and those who stood by the side lines and did nothing to help.

    I'm proud that Gerry had the courage to write here what he did, the day before he returned to trial, not concerned about the consequences. I'm also proud to be associated with you and your publication and those who supported Gerry when it wasn't popular to do so.

  13. Helen
    I would just like to say on a personal level, despite have political differences with Gerry, I believe an injury to one is an injury to all, and I am proud to have given what little support I could to this campaign, throughout which both Gerry and yourself have conducted yourselves in the most honorable way.

    I hope 'justice' prevails and Gerry is back with his family soon.

  14. Helen I just wish to add my total agreement with Mick Halls statement, Gerry will be running around Monaghan free as a bird very soon ,and if he runs into Rory,help the lad out and put him on the Dublin road,like the rest of psf they have no sense of direction.political or moral!Nuala I swore a very long time ago I wouldnt set foot in that place again and I havent hon,just bought Richard O Rawe,s new book Afterlives,Richard like a good republican aint goona role over easily to the intimadation from those who would term themselves the republican movement,long may he, Anthony and Gerry be a pain in the ass to those individuals,

  15. Gerry is in good form at the minute and has been getting stuck into hypocritical Free Ps as well as fighting the showtrial. Although I've no time for Ratzinger, Gerry's stance, vis a vis the Free P protests of Ratzingers visit to Scotland and their sectarian statements printed in John Taylor's 'Tyrone Courier', has been vindicated by recent revelations about Paisley's snubbing of child protection in his church and the much vaunted 'equality' that PSF tell us Gerry fought for.

    Gerry is right in his call for inclusivity and cohesion amongst Republicans but incorrect in his identification of Republicanism with oligarchic and imperialist Roman Catholicism; long Britain's staunchest ally in Ireland. He and I will never agree where religion is concerned but I've never been made feel any less welcome in his home as a result of our differences.

    The growth of the 1916 Societies here in East Tyrone is a step in the right direction in that it's an initiative open to all Republicans and their work is being increasingly noticed.

  16. All the very best to you and your family Gerry!

    Salutations Graycrow, I was waiting on a more detailed post regarding your broad-based statement. A line from the bible hardly qualifies as persuasive nor does it lend credence to your vague post.

    I would agree that Roman Catholicism has no place within republicanism apart from individual choice the best example of crossbreeding politics and religion being the extremist Orange Order. Irish republicanism should stand on its principals alone if history has taught us anything god is definitely not on our side.

  17. Mick,
    Thank you too. I know you have been there for Gerry. Your articles were of great encouragement to me.

  18. Day 3 of Gerry's trial did not go well today as Helen Hedebris of the Swedish government testified on behalf of the prosecution. Read: Shooting accused Gerry McGeough 'sought Swedish asylum'
    BBC News...Gerry McGeough denies attempting to murder Samuel Brush in June 1981. Swedish immigration legal expert Helene Hedribris told Belfast Crown Court Mr McGeough ...

  19. Tain Bo,

    I don't really have a lot more to say on the subject at the moment. I was only offering support to Gerry.


  20. What is with the support for a racist bigot (see his association with ultra Right Ireland) who seems as though he would be happier in an Ireland 'not free merely but Gaelic as well; not Gaelic merely, but free as well'. It's a different world guys, wake up.

    The delusion you all seem to suffer from is just like some Serbian Nationalist idiot of 20 years ago. And that was a real success, wasn't it.

    And this wuss had to defend himself from a charge of attempted murder by stating that Sammy Brush had a bullet resistant jacket on, therefore no intent to murder.

    He fully deserves anything he might get, in the course of defending society from lunatics like him. In any case after a few years of peace, he will probably be released under licence.

  21. Colm and what about those who supplied the information,weapons,and give the nod for this operation to go ahead,in other words the organ grinders need to explain their part in front of a judge then also ,dont you think?

  22. Colm,

    I think you're missing the point. Most of us here do not subscribe to Gerry's views, but that really doesn't matter. The problem (as I understand it) with Gerry's prosecution is that he is being prosecuted for offences committed before the GFA while hundreds of others are not. The most plausible reason for this is that he is an anti-SF, anti-PSNI republican. The spirit (though not the letter) of the GFA gave a tacit amnesty to paramilitaries who have eschewed armed activities. Gerry's prosecution therefore sets a dangerous precedent and his conviction (and the attendant potential for similar prosecutions in the future) could provide the impetus for malcontents to return to violence.

  23. Colm:

    If it weren't for men like Gerry and others who put their lives on the line during the “Troubles,” I doubt very much the British government would have ever engaged in talks with Sinn Fein to begin with over some 35 years. What people so easily forget is that the IRA didn't start the "troubles" and now that everyone is living in so called "peace and harmony," they quickly forget what is was really like being an Irish republican, and especially a Catholic one, in those days. From where I sit, all that much hasn't changed except the “war” is over and republicanism has been totally sold out by your own.

    Gerry McGeough is a man of courage and integrity and he doesn't bow down to his oppressors regardless of the consequences. McGeough’s focus was self-determination and a re-united Ireland. He fought for his country and never turned on his own people like what is happening today with your new “modern, civilized political elite”.

    Looking in on the politics of the north today, I see that the majority of republicans now live in a society where if you don’t agree with PSF, and you don’t keep it to yourself, you are marginalized, terrorized and in some cases murdered. Sound familiar? So I ask you Colm, the “troubles” are supposedly over, but is this now the new way forward; one oppressor replacing another oppressor? Sadly to say, I still see the whole of Ireland as the Brits still in control. You may call the south a Republic, but a majority of those west Brits sold you all down the drain in the north years ago as well.

    Maybe I haven’t made myself perfectly clear with regard to McGeough’s alleged crimes. He was not involved in the “troubles” alone. His alleged crimes are no worse than any other republican now serving in PSF. The difference here Colm is that McGeough has always stood on his own two feet and doesn’t cow-tow to the RUC, British rule and PSF. He is only guilty of being his own man and running as an independent candidate on an anti PSNI platform. McGeough’s republicanism and principals were never for sale. He has never wavered on his political or religious beliefs and he can’t be bought or silenced. As far as I’m concerned he stands tall and unapologetic for his beliefs unlike his counterparts in PSF.

    An exceptional older IRA gentleman once told me “Helen, Britain only looks great to those on their knees”. That is a position you will never see Gerry McGough in!

  24. Colm, there have been times in my life when I genuinely wish I could wake up somewhere, somehwere where there is no pesty little gits like you knocking about.
    Little gits who probably never made a genuine or sincere contribution to anything in their whole lives. I have met people like you in work, on courses, on the street and unfortunately in many other places.
    You will sit and snipe (no pun intended) about people who genuinely tried to make a difference and sadly did not.
    However, the difference between people like Gerry Mc Geough and you is, he had the courage to fight for his convictions while you just mouth about yours.

  25. Colm Mc Ginn

    “The delusion you all seem to suffer from is just like some Serbian Nationalist idiot of 20 years ago. And that was a real success, wasn't it.”

    I take it the “you all” is not a label just an address for anyone with a view different from your own.
    Slobodan Milosevic and you seem to have at least language in common arrogant and superior.
    The genocidal nature of the war you compare with a minor low level conflict in our country might suggest delusionary exaggeration on your own part.
    NATO took the only option they had, as negotiation was not on the table resulting in overwhelming force.
    Negotiation was an option in our country which I believe dismisses “The delusion you all seem to suffer from” granted disillusioned would fit though as I stated your comparison sounds more delusional.

    “What is with the support for a racist bigot…”

    Could you possible elaborate on this, as it seems like you are struggling to justify your own biasness and obvious zealot views as your language would suggest.
    Maybe the support is residual as this is not the first show-trial and just maybe some people are still protesting the extremely well documented abusive and discriminatory judicial system that the British have imposed in order to fly their flag over a people the conquered. Though we can hardly describe the stiff upper lip polite English as racist.

  26. Graycrow
    My apology I did not mean to sound like I was dismissing your support for Gerry.
    I appreciate you addressing my question and understand your position.

  27. They kicked our people of their land,planted foreign mercenaries,watched us die of hunger,interned innocent people without trail,gave us Diplock courts,said we were to blame for Bloody Sunday,beat our people in Castlerea,tortured us in Long Kesh,set up a protestant death squad known as the ruc,colluded with loyalist death squads,shoot to kill and denied it......and they want us to wear a fucking poppy!

  28. marty...
    Whats the matter, you don't like poppy's? LOL! Well stated luv.

  29. Gerry,

    "This persecution against me is being driven by elements from within the British-
    Unionist establishment who hate with a passion everything that is Irish nationalist and Catholic. They are blinded by bigotry."

    In my opinion the most plausible reason for your prosecution is that you have not, "..eschewed armed activities" and you therefore are not simply being pursued on the basis of your Irish Nationalism or Catholicism. A defacto anmesty was negotiated by Sinn Fein on your behalf effectively parking evidence that, the prosecution claim, points to your involvement in the attempted murder of Sammy Brush. If that evidence became 'live' on the sole basis of an anti PSF AND PSNI political opinion then your prosecution is an injustice second only to the injustice and injury suffered by Sammy Brush.

  30. Marty,

    "..set up a protestant death squad known as the ruc,colluded with loyalist death squads.."

    Given that the IRA was responsible for the majority of the deaths during the conflict, why does Republican discourse exclude the application of the term 'death squad' in relation to that organisation?

  31. Robert,

    labeling theory I think it is called. It is a discursive weapon used in the same way that the British press do not label the Paras murderers or terrorists. Depends on whose ox is gored. In terms of rights it is absolutely skewed

  32. Robert,
    McGeough's persecution/prosecution was exactly that...he dared to run as a candidate in the March 2007 elections on precisly anti PSNI platform. Prior to that Gerry and his family lived freely and openly in Tyrone for many years. His trial is nothing more than politically motivated.

  33. Robert,
    "Given that the IRA was responsible for the majority of the deaths during the conflict, why does Republican discourse exclude the application of the term 'death squad' in relation to that organisation?"

    Where did you get those statistics from?

  34. Anthony,

    'back with us!'

    Always maintain a watching if sometimes silent brief on the Quill - complusive viewing!

    Thanks for enlightening me as to the terminology - as always Anthony you provide clarity on the sometimes puzzling.

  35. Helen,

    "McGeough's persecution/prosecution was exactly that...he dared to run as a candidate in the March 2007 elections on precisly anti PSNI platform."

    There is a body of opinion that views Gerry's prosecution as being activated by involvement in extra-political activity.

  36. Robert,

    Gerry McGeough has stated publicly that he opposes the continuation of the armed struggle:

    It would be a novel approach to publicly oppose armed activities as a strategy for securing a united Ireland while at the same time pursuing them in private.

    Good to see you back on the Quill, by the way.

  37. Helen,

    "Where did you get those statistics from?"

    It is a statistical and historical fact that the IRA was responsible for the majority of deaths. I recall a figure of around 1705 souls. Post GFA, numerous conflict related writing has included final death tallies attributed to the various combatants. Are you seriously contesting this?

  38. Robert,
    That is the furthest thing from the truth. Certain people are trying to label Gerry as a "dissidents" in order to justify either their persecution of him or PSF’s silence on the case. Mairtin O’Muilleori wrote an article last week “Poppies in the Wind” which was a good article, but he back handed McGeough in his article when he labeled Gerry as a “dissident”.

    Gerry gave up the armed struggle in 1994’s IRA cease-fire. He tried to live his life in peace with his family and, although he left Sinn Fein due to both religious and political differences, he tried to work through peaceful political means by running as an Independent candidate in the 2007 elections. His persecution/prosecution is based solely on his outspoken criticism of the RUC and his challenge of some of PSF’s political policies and direction. His magazine “The Hibernian” for God and Country - didn’t help his popularity either. He was very clear in his publications where he stood regarding his Catholicism, Irish nationalism and a re-united Ireland. In no way has Gerry been “active” so to speak, as some would like everyone to believe and he is not affiliated with any republican group.

  39. Skipping way back to Marty's comment, I agree that the church has not always been a good friend to the Irish people.
    Was it not Pope Adrian IV (an Englishman of course) who issued the papal bull "Laudabiliter" giving King Henry II of England the right to assume control over Ireland and encouraged Henry to invade to clean up Christianity there (i.e. apply Gregorian Reforms). (I'll skip the bit about the King of Leinster for now).
    This Bull gave title and authority over Ireland to Kings Henry II through Henry VIII which led to further controls and titles. (some believe this Bull to be a forgery).
    Another example is the Catholic Church, along with the Dublin government and the S.D.L.P., refusing to side with the 1981 Hunger Strikers, therefore providing insufficient pressure on the British government to capitulate.

  40. Dia Duit Gerry,
    May God bless you and your good family. There's many of us out there who are very proud of the stand you've taken for our Faith. Indeed, you're an inspiration. Remember, if there's no cross in this world, there's no heavenly crown.
    As you well know (and sadly too many seem not to), Ireland needs to be completely free of British (mis) rule but not free of her traditional Catholic Faith. For without Christ Ireland will be in a bondage worse than the Brits ever designed.
    Please God, Gerry, it won't be too long before you once again have the Hibernian going.
    God Save Ireland!
    Slan agus beannacht leat,
    Eamon O'Ryan

  41. Robert,
    No. I just wanted to check it out myself.

    The armed struggle is over. These young men who are now taking up where the provos left off are risking their lives for nothing. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against them. The only way forward now is the ballot box and that is precisely what Gerry was trying to do when he was arrested.

    He stood as an Independent candidate and brought his political platform to the people and wham...he is now on trial for alleged 30 year old charges and he is being hung out to dry in a kangaroo court (aka Diplock).

    I haven’t seen one other political candidate, who was involved it the troubles prior to the GFA, given a parking ticket let alone arrested for his/her political views? So what gives here Alfie?

  42. Tell ya something Eamon ,if we ever get the country you invisage then I,m emmigrating and if thats not possible I,m fitting all my family out in chastity belts, otherwise we,d be f##ked like everyone else!!

  43. Marty, chastity belts could be a very successful cottage industry but only in taig areas. Could be worth a feasability study.

  44. Robert

    I don’t think anyone can contest the facts statistically republicans are responsible for about 53% of the killings.

  45. Tain Bo,

    I think it's actually a little higher than 53%. According to the CAIN project, republican paramilitaries were responsible 2057 deaths between 1969 and 2001, about 58% of the total killed during that period.

  46. Alfie

    You are correct as I left out the statistics for the Sticks and the RIRA; I was actually going to make the amendment to the figures but thanks for pointing it out.

  47. Gerry, all,

    I just noticed an embarrassing typo which may have caused confusion.

    THe "broad-based Independence Movement that will demand the end to foreign misrule in our country" is actually based in 392 Falls Road Belfast.

    I must apologise to the denizens of 342 Falls Road Belfast whoever they may be, especially if they are not a progressive, left wing party.

    Best of luck Gerry,


  48. Rory we,re getting closer to the mark now a cara

  49. Eamon,

    for those of us who believe in no heavenly crown religious faith is of no consequence. There is no disputing that Gerry has taken a strong stand over the years for his religious opinion. And he has every right to express that opinion. Just like any other opinion in that respect. What he is being defended on here is his right not to be persecuted for his beliefs. He is being pursued because he is a republican not because he is a Catholic

    For those of us who have no interest in Christ we would feel not in the slightest deprived if Ireland were to have no Catholic faith. We can live happily alongside those that do have a Catholic faith, just as we can with those of a Muslim or Jewish faith. We might prefer humanists and atheists but would not discriminate against others who were not

  50. Marty,

    I just got my copy of Afterlives: THe Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer that Changed Irish History by Richard O'Rawe and have just started to read it.

    Regards, Rory

  51. Helen,

    It was simply an issue of blatant injustice to us


    If Gerry is to spend his time getting into hypocritical Free Ps he will be at it a lifetime. Jail would be easier than having to listen to the singing bigot and his ilk.


    Where is the evidence that Gerry McGeough is a racist bigot? He has views I don’t agree with but so what? Should he be discriminated against because of that? He is married to a foreign woman and his children have foreign blood in them. What sort of racist would he therefore be? Or are we back to the old leftist trick of trying to stifle discussion by labelling racist those who express ideas we don’t like? Seems you are slipping into the old Soviet nonsense of smearing as a lunatic those you can’t agree with. You might have left the Workers Party but it hasn’t left you.

  52. I was called an elitist by an ex comrade councillor once kinda proud of that now!

  53. Alfie,

    Colm knows the point full well and does not miss it at all. It is residual from the Workers Party experience. Curable but it takes a while. The British state must be defended from ‘lunatics’ whose opposition to it was articulate and not violent. You have outlined the logic of the position pretty well. Or as Helen puts it ‘McGeough has always stood on his own two feet and doesn’t cow-tow to the RUC, British rule and PSF. He is only guilty of being his own man and running as an independent candidate on an anti PSNI platform.’

    Tain Bo

    ‘I take it the “you all” is not a label just an address for anyone with
    a view different from your own.’

    Sums it up. It is an ailment peculiar to many hankering after the authoritarian left


    Sammy Brush was hardly an innocent. He was a member of a very sectarian armed body of men and women and even if he had no ‘form’ for misbehaving corporate responsibility pertains to some degree. He is alive and I can genuinely say I don’t regret that.

  54. Robert,
    ‘There is a body of opinion that views Gerry's prosecution as being activated by involvement in extra-political activity.’

    And where would this body of opinion be? And on what does it base its opinion?

  55. Anthony,

    "And where would this body of opinion be? And on what does it base its opinion?"

    From within my own community. The opinion would be based on the conclusion that political opposition to the PSNI and Sinn Fein alone would provide insufficent cause to pursue him above others. The involvement in armed 'dissident' activity provides the most plausible impetus for his prosecution.

  56. Robert,

    a typical unionist inability to deal with the less than wholesome attributes of the state and a willingness to assume good motives to state behaviour.

    I did ask for the evidence and not one bit of it did you provide. The argument amounts to if the police behave as such they must be right and he wrong. That is why it took so long to free the Birmingham 3.

    I will go on the record and state openly that never once other than from yourself have I heard it suggested that Gerry McGeough is linked to or has been linked to armed republican activity since his break with the Provisionals.

  57. Anthony,

    "I did ask for the evidence and not one bit of it did you provide.The argument amounts to if the police behave as such they must be right and he wrong. That is why it took so long to free the Birmingham 3"

    Just a theory Anthony but not one based on the infallibility of the police or the state in the eyes of Unionists. Gerry's views are hardly a threat to the PSNI never mind national security. 'The Hibernian' probaly affronted Republicanism to a greater extent than presenting a challenge to the state. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he secured 1.8% of the vote during the 2007 election? Why engender further dissent than that which his prosecution was designed to arrest?
    There is a distinction between the Birmingham and McGeough cases in that the former was a classical cause celebre fought on the basis of the accused's innocence, the latter has essentially been defended on points of law. This is not the issue, but a matter arising from your reply although I have discerned it as being 'the elephant in the room' in much of the discussion surrounding this case.

  58. Robert,

    age - it does things to the mind. The Birmingham 3! Never noticed my mistake until reading your post.

    Gerry McGeough was a very articulate critic of SF policy. The PSNI could have arrested him at any time. They chose to target him at the count centre. After the raid on Stormont they can hardy claim to be ignorant of the symbolism of these things. We must assume it was deliberate. In my view it was a case of putting manners on people who they had some evidence on from a bygone era and by using it sent out a message to the rest of us - criticise at your peril.

    I think it also worth bearing in mind that republicans not in favour of violence were a constant thorn in the side of the peace process.