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Cumann na Cultúr Seal of Approval

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. Thought Gerry might have had the Edward Carson trophy under his arm.

    Why did they not name it the Brendan Hughes trophy?

    Why would they, when they can name it after the founding father of the UVF. What an insult to the victims of those murdering thugs.

    When Tommy Mc Kearney said the 'bottom line with Sinn Fein is there is no bottom line' he was well on the money.

  2. Just down from the Leitrim hills and I hear Gerry Adams psf president for life wanna be Irish president has discovered that Ed Carson played hurley at Trinity college and therefore worthy of a cup in his name, we must have hundreds of thousands of people playing hurley over the years maybe Adams will tell us exactly why Carson should have the honour of having a poc fada competion named after this man,I,m sure the loyalist community will see this as a typical Adams cheesey gesture which makes a lot of people wanna puke,as for Carson apart from everything else he is the man who led the prosecution of Oscar Wilde, I believe.

  3. Marty, I had two uncles who were keen hurlers, however at the behest of Carson they were not even allowed to carry a hurl let alone play.

    What about the Protestant work ethic though? The old spirit of Capitalism, the more you line your pockets on earth the greater your reward in heaven.

    Big Gerry must be assured a seat at the right hand by now.

  4. FFS Nuala Adams doesnt play bit parts he would want the big seat,

  5. Marty,

    Contrary to popular belief, Sir Edward Carson did not prosecute Oscar Wilde. Carson sucessfully defended the Marquis Of Queensbury in a private libel case brought by Wilde against him over allegations of his homosexual affair with his son, Lord Alfred Douglas.
    Wilde faced two subsequent criminal trials, on the basis of revelations arising from the libel case. The prosecution in the first trial was led by Charles Gill with the latter being prosecuted by then Solicitor General Frank Lockwood QC. It has been noted that, in fact, following the jury's inability to reach a verdict in the first trial, Carson had posed the question to Lockwood, "Can we not let up on the fellow now?"

  6. Fionnuala,

    I would be interested to know on what basis you claim Sir Edward Carson prevented your uncles from hurling?
    Your remarks regarding the Protestant Work Ethic display some confusion between Calvinistic ideas on hard work in Protestant thinking and modern day capitalism.
    "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24

  7. Robert I accept what you say re Carson and Wilde that seems spot on as you usually are,he did however ruin Oscars day!anyway the fact that he may have held a caman in his hands hardly made him a promoter of the GAA or Irish culture,so for Adams to name a poc fada competion in his honour and not the GAA is way over the top and should be seen as a self publicity stunt,or is this another title the psf president for life ,wanna be president of Ireland, and now he wants to be head honcho of the GAA,I bet Ed Carsons statue with raised hand is pointing at Adams and saying get of that lawn ya hallian! I cant believe anyone will be fooled by this futher attempt at self promotion,he must have trickey dickey Mc Auley up to the wee small hours thinking of things to make him look like a all round good guy,but always turns out to make him look an even bigger prick,as for the Protestant work ethic a cara while the prods were building the Titanic.....the taigs were making that iceberg!!!!

  8. Robert,
    I should have clarified they were my great uncles. How did Carson prevent them playing hurley?
    Carson done everything in his capability to ensure Black Ulster remained just that.
    He ensured anything remotely linked to Irishness was surpressed.
    I believe to have Irish children play for a trophy named in his honour is an absolute disgrace.

    In relation to the 'Protestant work ethic' Brian Mor has it on his cartoon!

    According to the German Sociologist Weber, there was a distinct link between the rise of Calvanism and the spread of Captialism in Western Europe.

    I was simply asking Marty did he think that Gerry's accumulation of wealth could also buy him a spot beside the boss?

    It is a long long time from I read this, however, if my memory serves me right. Calvin preached the more wealth a person accumulates on earth the more chance that person will have of securing a place in heaven. (Mackers beginning to think you are right about religion)

    He also preached the benefits of an ascetic lifestyle and hard work, all of this I believe translated into the 'Protestant work ethic'

  9. Marty, think Gerry may have problems getting through the pearly gates.

    All that lying and spoofing and refusing to repent will not go down well.
    Come to think of it, neither will all that stuff you said about the pope.

    You should follow Albert's example, keep quiet and hedge your bets, usually a Lucky 15

  10. Fionnuala,

    "Carson done everything in his capability to ensure Black Ulster remained just that.He ensured anything remotely linked to Irishness was surpressed."

    I cannot accept, in the absence of evidence, your assertion that Carson prevented your great uncles from playing hurley. What mechanism was it that Carson employed? An inflamatory statement or oppressive legislation? Carson actully declined the premiership of N.Ireland and subsequently resided in Kent from 1921, having played no part in the political or social life of the province from that date. Before he departed he warned those on the hill, "We used to say that we could not trust an Irish parliament in Dublin to do justice to the Protestant minority. Let us take care that that reproach can no longer be made against your parliament, and from the outset let them see that the Catholic minority have nothing to fear from a Protestant majority."

  11. Robert, I am not really bothered about what you can or cannot accept.

    Carson was as black as the ace of spades, he was the founder of the UVF.

    He created a climate here in the North whereby Irish people could not be Irish.

    You do not need legisaltion to prohibit certain behaviours.

    Carson was quite willing to have people murdered to prevent Home Rule.
    Do you seriously believe a man like that would tolerate and up hold Irish customs?

    They should have strung him up for treason.

  12. FFS Robert make just the odd teeny weenie mistake, or we are gonna have you hitched up permantly to Mickey boy!again and I hate this but you are right about Carson, I think Brookeborough and Craigavon were more to blame for the sectarian nature of Norn Iorn, Nuala as an ex motor biker and someone who liked a pint in Dubarrys, where the jukebox,(jaysuuuuusss I,m really that old)always played that song with the line "its known that your door is always open and your path is free to walk" cant remember the title again the sign of advancing years, anyway my point is one day a few years ago I tried to bake a loaf, the result was that I had more dough on my arms than on the board,when in the middle of this there came a knocking on my door, two suited grinning eigits standing there with bibles in their hands" good day sir I see your doing a bit of tiling"" f''k you "says I" tell me this is there any motorbikes in heaven" ? "I wouldnt think so " says he"is there any wild women in that place?"" I really wouldnt think so"says he again "well" says I "what the f##k do I want to go there for goodbye"and Nuala as the years pass I remain resolved in that oponion,

  13. Marty, Robert talked a lot of nonsense about Peter Robinson being an astute and capable politican and I did not mention it.

    Marty, he gave us the UVF was that not bringing sectarianism onto our streets?

  14. Marty, Albert reckons that I am clearly under siege here.(Robert would know all about that type of mentality)

    He reckons, I should say no-more until I see a solicitor or else go to bed so I am opting for the latter!!!!!!!!

    Bet Roberts surfing the net in a bid to find something that says Edward Carson loved Fenians and it was his cousin with the same name who founded the UVF.

  15. Nuala,

    Albert provides wise counsel - I hope the goodnights slumber has abated your malice.

    "Bet Roberts surfing the net in a bid to find something that says Edward Carson loved Fenians and it was his cousin with the same name who founded the UVF."

    You preclude the possibility that I may own or at least have read books on Carson. Yes the internet does provide an extremely useful tool for quick reference but in this instance, where you have clearly shot yourself in the foot, I will not be utilising that facility.

    "Robert, I am not really bothered about what you can or cannot accept."

    Alrighty then! Perhaps I can interest you in my latest offer on Kevlar socks - for you my sweet I can do a buy one get one free offer! May I be so rude as to recommend a bulk purchase?

  16. I see the psf president for life ,wanna be president of the Irish republic,potential president of the GAA has stated that independent republican councillor Martin Connolly is an eejit, now what I,d like to know from the bearded one is was Mr Connolly an eejit when you give him the green light to stand for psf in the councill elections?because Mr Connolly is consistent on his view on policing, doesnt make him an eejit ,more an honest man making a statement that he would have known would be highly critized,but still had the balls to express his viewpoint, not like those eejits in psf who on one hand praise those who killed members of an armed militia,and on the other call on people to tout on those who would continue to attack armed militia,Adams should know what an eejit is as he is the biggest one I know.

  17. Marty,

    Putting Gerry's opinions aside, I thought Martin Connolly's remarks were a might callous particularly when one considers the target in question was a relation. I would associate that sort of ideological zeal and blase attitude to killing with a teenage recruit. As for the biggest eejit you know, perhaps only with the fullness of time will we know his real motive for naming this trophy in Carsons honour. I do know that he has been requesting meetings with various Loyal Orders which have been rejected. His request is like Richard McAuley's lower intestine -stinky and loaded with danger!

  18. I have just heard and witnessed Gerry Adams call one of his former members and elected representative an “eejit” for not condemning a bomb which was found under a car belonging to a member of the PSNI .
    The same councillor is also through marriage an uncle of same PSNI officer , so this man has been listening for some time to his leader ,
    Gerry for years refused to condemn such acts because he was “not into the politics of condemnation” . Not would you believe it these are the same words used by the modern day republican and Gerry calls him an eejit
    What a turn around The Deputy First Minister calls them traitors, now the President of Sinn Fein calls them eejits for doing exactly what they both preached for us all not to do for years .
    Could they both have been hypnotised ,could they have found God , no my friends they found what its really like to have power and they aint giving it up no matter what

  19. Robert,while in no way condoning that attack or any other for that matter, I believe if one is to target members of the security services then family ties ,religon , or any other extenuating circumstances other than the practicalities of carrying out such operations should be taken into consideration,this was certainaly not the case in the pira campain, people were given a by ball to leave the country who were close to the leadership for touting while minor players were found tied naked with a bullet in the back of the head on border roads,this is what in my opinion makes any statement from the likes of Adams Mc Guinness and co sickening,liars and hypocrites,as for the Carson cup I see that as a wee sprat to catch a bigger fish, in terms of the loyal orders, maybe a bit of honesty would work better!I and others always believed trickey Dickey was a clone of Donaldson, he is an ambitious and devious man,well suited to be the bearded ones pr.

  20. The pope comes to Belfast and asks the crowd if any of them would like to be prayed over,wee Brendan from Ardoyne walks to the front in his full Celtic kit and says he would like help with his hearing, the pope prays over him for a full hour and then he asks Brendan did it help his hearing,"I dont know I,m not in court untill next week!!

  21. I heard Gerry Itwasntme walked into a barn down the country during the last elections and found Bob doh Brains doing a sexy striptease to a large red piece of machinery...Gerry Itwasntme said "what the feck are you doing Bob"2well me and the other half havent been getting on to well lately and the therapist recommended I do something sexy to a tractor doh"

  22. Robert, do not get the socks thing!
    Really have to admit I can be incredibly slow on the uptake.

    Sleep did not abate the mood, need sometime off work for that.

  23. Nuala,

    My opinion is that you shot yourself in the foot reference Carson preventing your great uncles from playing hurley. It was an attempt, albeit lost, at humour at your expense.
    Kevlar is a synthetic fibre notable for its use in body armour. I suggested you buy the kevlar socks to protect your feet.

  24. Nuala the wife and I decided to commit suicide together, but once she,d killed herself,things suddenly looked a lot more positive.I saw a guy with a Liverpool shirt falling into the lagan,I had to do the right thing and inform the emergancy services,they still havent come yet ...think I,ve wasted a stamp

  25. Robert, with you thinking of yourself as terribly sensible I would have throught you would have grasped the point I was making.

    Carson was an anti-Irish bigot, he assisted the other black bigots to create an atmosphere here i.e. climate that was decidedly anti-Irish.

    Both my uncles were keen hurlers, however, they were not allowed to carry hurls on their own road, thanks to the likes of Carson.

    I thought it was ironic, twisted even that Adams should have a trophy named after a black shit like him.

    Unlike you, did not think it was funny or indeed humorous.
    Only person shot themselves in the foot recently was yourself, trying to argue that Robbo was a credible politican.
    Didn't even like the jokes!!!!!!!

  26. Marty, the love of your life must have taken flight again!
    Speaking of flying, seen any low flying gulls recently?

  27. Fionnuala,

    "I had two uncles who were keen hurlers, however at the behest of Carson they were not even allowed to carry a hurl let alone play."

    Fionnuala Perry 8th August 2010

    ".. they were not allowed to carry hurls on their own road, thanks to the likes of Carson."

    Fionnuala Perry 13th August 2010

    I may not be much of a comedian but I know a shift in your position when I see one. So from an original starting point of at Carsons behest you move now to his likes. Maybe it was his evil doppelganger - Baron Von Carson?

    Perhaps a little humility in accepting that your gripe was misplaced would have added some credibility to your argument? But now that you have decided to reload and proceed to blast away at the other foot don't let me stop you. Ooouchhhh! Rude that you are can I suggest you use a smaller calibre - thon Browning .50is making a mess. Those Kevlar socks have just trebled in price!

  28. Nuala,Marie is packing her saddle bags right now even as we speak,Lidils cheap and cheerfull section has been cleared out,and as she makes her way along that fancy staircase in Ashford Castle with her yellow Lidil bag the look on the other punters faces is a sight to behold I,m led to believe, yip she is away on her travels leaving me and the babies to fend for ourselves, luckily we have a case of master Mc Grath to live on,how lucky is that.please dont mention seagulls those b###ards never f##k up,one should never go hungry in Aberdeen with those flying shit bags around,Nuala I never claimed that Robbo was an astute and capable politican,I agreed with Robert when he compared him with Haugheys description of Ahern,ie,devious and cunning,and yes hon I agree with you from the foundation of this state internment special powers job and housing discrimination this place was a very cold place for nationalists

  29. Robert, this is all getting very tiresome, notice you do not want to reiterate what you said about Peter the Punt.

    What always amazes me about people like yourself, you are quite happy to snipe away but never about your own.

    My uncles could not catty their hurls at the behest of Carson.
    Personally I could not give a damn whether you believe it or not!

  30. Fionnuala,

    If you are tired then don't let me keep you up.

    I will let others judge the debate. What becames tiresome for me is the constant requirement to explain matters to you. With reference to Robinson - it is what is called sarcasm. Oh before I retire - loved your Andy Warhol moment on tv the other night.

    "Out yonder waits the Saxon foe,
    So chant a soldier's song"

  31. Robert,one for the morning glory,two for the early dew, and three for the girl who stands her ground,our Nuala has more gritt than most men I know and is better looking than most of them. she doesnt need me or anyone else to defend her or her viewpoints ,she does that eloquently herself,failing that shes a nifty right hook Robert, so take care.

  32. Robert its not like you to miss a technical point, but surely"out yonder waits the saxon foe" should have been the "Norman foe" methinks

  33. Marty, knew you would eventually come to my aid. Never mind Robert it usually takes me all my time to figure out what he is waffling about.
    My son said the Andy Warhol comment was just a cheap jibe so I will treat as such.

    The Duchess is gracing the corridors of wealth this week-end?
    Fair play, maybe the owner of that abode will fall for her!

  34. Warhol said Nuala every one is entitled to I think 15 mins of fame or something like that. personaly I think Robert is an admirer but hasnt the wherewithall to say. Ashford Castle is owned by a crowd of ham shanks if I,m not mistaken, no matter hon Marie could suck them them all in and blow them out in wee bubbles, do you know any good recipiesfor dog food?still in date though.!

  35. Marty, it really was a cheap jibe then! I thought Kevin was being sugary to get the money for a couple of pints.
    I was actually robbed of my 15 minutes as I only got speaking for 2.
    Think Robert has taken the needle, thank God. (Well anyone who believes in the boss can thank him)

    Recipes for dog food. I think stew would probably be your best option.
    I'm sure, when Robbo gets over his huff, he will know, bet the wife has fed it to him a few times.

    Could just picture Marie waltzing about the castle, not on another recruitment drive is she?

  36. I was kind hoping for a dinner invite,but then I realised Albert has a fondness for things outa date,he should join yer man Hugh Fearnily Wittinstal or whatever you call him hokeing through the supermarket bins,Marie and Mary are on r and r,purely a friendly cultural exchange,i.e, you give us what we want,we give you peace! that sort of thing hon,I,ve said it before ,the sight of a lidil bag in such places has the strangest effect on those pretentious b###ards that tend to inhabit such places.aye curried meaty chunks and fried cornflakes it is for din dins tonight then!

  37. Marty, Albert was the first freegan. He said, 'if the roaches crawling over his food did not bother him in the Crum, why should a date?'
    Bet the Pedigree chunks look even more appetizing than a dinner date with us.

    People think I am joking when I tell them about him. Dates and hygiene are not in his reckoning when it comes to food.

    Marty, you are Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have something in common, your wives have the same name and expensive tastes by the sounds of it.

  38. Well I,m sticking with Albert after the armageddon, I can see Albert surviving.I had a lovely raspberry jam chilli con carnie tonight for dinner,plenty left over would you like me to send you down some .

  39. Nuala,

    A read of Ed Moloney’s book on Paisley actually shows how astute an operator Peter Robinson was. He was certainly the strategist behind the success of the DUP. A journalist who knew both him and Adams well said they were the match of each other in terms of deviousness, intrigue and ability.

  40. Marty,

    Why the 'Normans'?


    No cheap jibe - validates Warhol's observation. That you managed only two minutes is thankfully due to editorial wisdom in Havelock House. I think we observed enough to satisfy public interest - further curiosity in relation to primates can be sated by a visit to Belfast Zoo. Quid Pro Quo


    Thank you. You understood my point if Nuala did,nt. If I recall correctly Tony Blair has also remarked on Robinson.

  41. Robert, a nasty piece of work or what?

    Maybe you own description of yourself is more apt, 'eejit, tosser, w-----r, whatever!

  42. "out yonder waits the Saxon foe" a line from the Soldiers song, what I,m saying is did we the Irish have any problems with the Saxons,Diarmaid na nGall or Diarmaid of the foreigners,brought into Ireland Strongbow who was a Norman lord whos name was Richard de Clare,and what followed was the begining of the Norman conquest of a large part of this country,the Saxons I think played no part in that,

  43. That was a crap statement to make Robert,although we strongly disagree with each others points of few,the blows are kept within the ring so to speak,you are more than capable of holding your own with facts so why resort to cheap jibes,Nuala and Albert are two really sound people and I for one would be proud to be called a friend,so to would you if you took your time to get to know them.

  44. Marty, thanks so much. Should not have reacted to Robert's remarks the way I did, I'm putting it down to tiredness and lack of vodka.

    Albert, would survive in just about any sort of scenario Marty.
    He just gets on with things, even cockroaches.

    Mackers, I think any sheer unadulterated bigot would have been a worthy strategist for the DUP.
    Watched him being interviewed over the £5 piece of land and he was cringe worthy.
    I suppose amongst odious people deviousness could be viewed as a talent.

  45. I,m really taking to this housekeeping lark,today for example I,m gonna take a leaf out of Heston Blumenthals style of cooking, I,ve bought a wee chicken which I,ve covered in melted chocolate and marmalade topped with sardines and tuna chunks,I,m going to put this in the freezer to cook,when I serve it up to the kids at dinner time,I,ll be famous ,yip the talk of the place,bet youd love me to come and cook for you lot!

  46. Marty, you could be the new naked chef!!!!
    You may even be on a winner with that recipe. Too many former living things in it for me, but I'm sure it would be quite appealing to some palates.

  47. A little girl goes to a pet shop and asks"excuthe me do you have any widdle wabbits?"the shop keepers heart melts.,he gets down on his knees so that he is on her level and says"do you want a widdle white wabbit or a thoft fluffy bwack wabbit,or one like that widdle bwown one over there?"the little girl blushes ,rocks on her heels,puts her hands on her knees,leans foward and whispers...."Idont wealy fink my pyfon gives a fuck!!!

  48. Fionnuala, do you not think that using derogatory terms such as "black" to describe Protestants is bigoted and anti-republican?

  49. Marty,

    No slight intended on Albert. Having been continually 'publically flogged' here it does no harm to administer the odd lash myself.

    Masochist: "Whip me!"

    Sadist: "No!"

  50. Robert "when you can whip any man in the world you never know peace"Muhammad Ali,

  51. Marty, now and again we should be allowed to forgo the peace.

    Albert said we get our revenge when we see Robbo's 2 minutes of fame!
    Don't think we will though! Can't imagine anyone asking him to speak on anything?

  52. Fionnuala,

    " and again we should be allowed to forgo the peace."

    Go on girl - go for it. Vent your spleen and be done with it.

  53. Robert, find you boorish, so I think I will go with my sons very good advice and ignore you.

  54. Alfie, apologies I have only just seen you comment.

    Of course it would be derogatory to apply the term 'Black' to all Protestants which is why I do not.

    When I apply it to people such as Carson it is meant as a euphemism for (rotten to the core) in relation to anything Irish.
    Some Protestants refer to themselves as 'Black or Orange' depending on what institutions they have an affiliation with.

    I have absolutely no gripe with Protestant people, therefore I have no reason to speak about them in a derogatory fashion

  55. Nuala ...One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila.........FLOOR

  56. Fionnuala,

    You may find me boorish but can I say for the record that I find you ever so moreish!!

    I think Alfie has a point.

    "I have absolutely no gripe with Protestant people, therefore I have no reason to speak about them in a derogatory fashion"

    A well rehearsed statement for two occasions. Firstly it's often used to establish Republican credentials as per Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter. In this case it provides a thread bare defence against an accusation of bigotry and being anti - Republican.
    No Protestants that I know of refer to themselves as 'Orange' or 'Black' in regard to membership of the Orange Order or the Royal Black Perceptory. Membership of either organisation is spoken of in these terms, "I am in the Orange" or "I am in the Black".
    African Americans often refer to themselves as 'niggers' however when whites use this term it is rightly viewed as racist and bigoted.
    Likewise your use of the term 'Black' is employed to denote something malignant about Protestants.