Stoned for God

Not that long ago I came across one of those pieces that almost prove the existence of the devil. Almost, but not quite. That is so because the presence of sheer malevolence in itself is never sufficient cause to offset the certain knowledge that the concept of a devil is every bit as ludicrous as its complementary concept of a god.

A young woman of twenty living in Somalia was stoned to death by the merciful men of faith for the heinous crime of having an affair with a man almost ten years her senior. He received 100 lashes. Those of us not brimming with the joyousness of god might fail to understand what was so terrible about that; her crime not the stoning. We need to contemplate a bit more and get in touch with our spiritual selves. Then the spectre of the divine might just lead us to conclude that she did not follow the prophet’s example and marry a child. And for that fall from grace she was showered in the love of Allah as the paradisaical stones rained down upon her in a bid to aid her purification.

What the young woman had already endured must have been traumatic enough. As a result of her relationship with the man she fell pregnant and a still born child was the outcome. The compassionate men of Allah considering this a minor detail stoned her anyway. While the young woman sought her sexual pleasure in a normal human way Allah’s men could only get theirs though bloodletting, each rock hurled an act of sexual prowess. There is I suppose a Marxist explanation for it out there somewhere in the midst of Trot town; Islam, the religion of the poor, found a solution to sexual need that was culturally specific and cheaper than condoms.

No matter how this is twisted the young victim was not butchered out of any sense of love. The cretins of Allah created for themselves a hateful god in order to legitimise their own hate filled behaviour. This is not a creator being worshipped but a creation, manufactured by the hate mob, being utilised to maintain status and social control. Domination theology, no more, no less, in the endless pursuit of submission. As debased and debauched as the mob who made him, the limit of his heavenly intelligence is projected by the type of solution he provides for the non-crime of sex outside marriage. We would imagine that the all knowing, all powerful, all merciful could come up with something much more sophisticated than stoning for those judged as wayward women.

In a country where a leading cleric can call for Muslims to be stoned to death if they fail to pray five times daily, and where only last year a 13 year old girl was reported to have been stoned to death for having been raped, none of this should surprise. The cleric in question probably feared there were not enough adulteresses who could be stoned, so made contingency plans for his thrills.

Whether it is child rape in Ireland or stoning women in Somalia, the thugs of god have struck again.


  1. fucking Bastards nuke the fucking lot ,that is all and every fucker who calls him/herself a member of any clergy. Marty f

  2. Wow! Someone who is against women being stoned to death - that's real radical, man. Maybe you can now help convince everyone else in Ireland that it is really, really naughty and they should no longer support such naughtiness.

    I'm sure that Iris Robinson for one will be pleased if your campaign is successful.

  3. Horrendous stories like this one are unfortunately all too common. A Sunday Times magazine once carried pictures of five year old girls being 'genitally mutilated' in honour of Allah's birhtday. The image of distress on their faces is one that has never left me and the sense of injustice is hard to shake off.
    I have no time for religion and agree that it is a tool of social control, unfortunately women and children are the focus of most of this control, particularly sexual control.
    This brings me to the Robinson affair, as far as I'm concerned it is a purely private matter and the family would have been within their right to keep it so. However Peter chose to bare his soul on T.V. to the delight of the media.
    Despite the human sympathy for their troubles the overbearing religious tones in Peter's statement depressed me.
    What type of religion drives you to take your life because of a human flaw? The religious fundamentalist have to be appeased and the image of Iris in the depths of despair begging forgiveness from God and husband is laden with religious fervour.
    So called fallen women being publicly humiliated is a tradition alive and well here, maybe just on a different level from Somalia.
    I dare say there would a few in our society willing to throw a few stones.

  4. Of course it is not those who actually throw the stones we need to get to grips with, as reprehensible as their behaviour is, but those who poisons peoples minds from a young age into believing it is 'gods' will they go down to the local football stadium and lob bricks at some defenceless soul until they stop breathing.

    it is easy to be smug about these things, but we should not over look the fact that only comparatively recently the US and UK government believed it was perfectly fine to give support to those who encourage others to stone women in the manner Anthony has mentioned and who are about to do so again in Yemen.

    On the Robinson case, what makes a man invite the very organisations who have played a major role in bringing him to where he now is, into his home so that he can prostrate himself before them and how is this giving support to the wife he claims to still love.


  5. Mick, I think it is those who throw the stones that need to be got to grips with as well as the others you refer to. The Nuremberg defence is no defence in my view. As for the US and UK governments - not much changed there.

    KateMcC, indeed they would throw stones. Those who think gays are an abomination would be at the front of the queue.

    Rory, maybe they should just be disappeared rather than stoned.

  6. '"Atheist Ireland" publlshes 25 blasphemous quotes'-- Speak of the devil? All the same, lots of rather puerile (and sub-literate) comments by the hundreds appended often reveal the lack of civility on the secular side as well as the religious, it must be admitted.

    That being said, anticipating an old objection: in an atheistic society (if ever a pure one existed?), on moral grounds of punishing a dissenter, capital punishment for a "crime" has also been exacted. People were murdered for "deviancy" under Mao or Stalin. Taking god out of the picture, would people then evolve (or not choose to create) a system of not putting others to death, on "purely" rational grounds? Or, do we have embedded in us some Hobbesian drive to murder those who resist the party or a principle?

  7. Fionnchú

    You make a good point, no government, no matter what its political position should be given the power to execute their own citizens, or anyone else come to that. Only a completely reckless idiot or complete knave gives them the power to do this.

    it was interesting no one from the US government, or from an islamic state came to the defence of the poor soul from the UK who the Chinese State recently culled, as they were in no position to do so.

    The organised left also tip toed round this retched deed for much the same reason.