Gangsters & Chicken Farmers

Marty Flynn's latest thoughts on the RHI scandal.

If there has ever been any doubt, hopefully the RHI inquiry will spell it out in unambiguous terms, that norlin airlinn, aka norn iorn. aka our wee country is run by gangsters and chicken farmers. But I doubt it will. While the chicken farmers and families "fill their boots" let no one be fooled that they acted alone without aid or knowledge of their partners in power ie quisling $inn £anny.

Their dalliance in the cash for ash scheme must not be forgotten, Michellebroy O Neill as agri minister, Martybroy O Millionaire as finance minister who kept it going costing us the public even more in ££mills. We were informed how the ever expanding Michellebroy 

Gildernew’s poor bro had joined the scheme because he needed special wood to heat his house. How many of us can say that through heating our homes as a necessity we can earn a nice few quid? Yes a few well heeled bastards here can, while pensioners freeze. How disgusting or low is that?

The RHI inquiry headed up by Sir Patrick Coghlin will cost over £5mill, which is a drop in the ocean to what the RHI fraud will cost us. Of course, we will get the same result - hot air and fat cats: definitely no guilty verdicts.

Better still I doubt anyone will ever stand in any dock. It seems to be the norm here the higher up the political ladder you travel the more untouchable you become - ask Pete the Punt, Adams or Tony B-liar.

When the quislings and bigots eventually crawl back into Stormont we can be sure that they will have learned a lesson from RHI and that is that the plebs must be kept even more in the dark in future … just after they award themselves another pay rise .

Marty Flynn is a Belfast republican who has actively campaigned for prisoners' rights.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''Gangsters & Chicken Farmers"

  1. Agree totally apart from the inappropriate use of the word quisling in relation to Sinn Fein. Best of refrain from the use of Nazi an analogies where they do not apply.

  2. Barry I refer to that group of lowlifes as quisling $inn £anny because they fit the definition perfectly...

  3. Marty

    Does the name Sean Russell mean anything to you?

    Mind you, I take some wry satisfaction at Sinn Fein receiving a dose of the very abuse they would hand out to the SDLP and anyone else who tried to make representative politics work in the North from "collaborator" to "Stoop Down Low Party" to " traitor" to "career politicians".

    Oh how the worm has turned!

  4. Barry I do indeed know the story of Sean Russell,the company he kept was certainly noteworthy, but as the saying goes "Englands difficulty is Irelands opportunity ,I cant equate Russel as a collaborator anymore than the reps from the PIRA who met with Gaddafi or the men on the QE2 their motivation was for the same ideals that Russell and so many others gave their lives for,Quisling $inn £anny is an entirely different kettle of shit, Adams ,Mc Guinness with weasel words led good people on a deadly dance ,their words of war are well recorded ,and I know you are well aware of your history, I have been of the opinion for many years now that Kitson was successful in destroying the rep movement from the top down and what we see today prancing around to everyones tune is a bunch of mi5 controlled marionettes, indeed they don't fit into the cateogory of "career politicians,carpetbaggers",or even social climbers with bombs , I see them as agents of the state operating in that capacity to keep any meaningful nationialist or republican organisation from getting a foothold in these areas,hence my utter disgust at them and that's why I shall continue to refer to those quislings as Q$F =QUISLING $INN £ANNY


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