Sweden - Next Nazi Stronghold Of Europe?

Eva Sennesvik on the growing Nazi threat in Sweden.

Nazis are marching in Sweden, Nazis are holding political rallies in Sweden and the authority does nothing. This would have been impossible ten years ago.

And make no mistake: This is made possible by the Swedish Democrats!

By skewering perceptions and pushing moral boundaries, the Swedish Democrats (SD) have opened the way for the Nazis.

Have a look at the picture: these are all the political parties up for election in Sweden this September, all 8 of them.

Nearest the Nazi root is the NMR (Nordic Resistance Movement). Responsible for at least 3 bomb attacks, multiple shootings, stabbings, grievous bodily harm, threats, manufacturing of guns, weapons training, concealed weapons... And yet are allowed to hold political rallies in Sweden every day.

With their lapdogs “Nordic Youth” (NY) - they intimidate, harass and expose anti-fascists online and in real life.

It's gotten to the point where anti-fascist daren't walk around on their own in certain areas of Sweden.

Anti-fascist activists have been beaten, stabbed, harassed and even intimidated out of their own homes. And the Swedish police does virtually nothing. Well, apart from protecting the Nazis that is.

94 year old Holocaust survivor and lifelong anti-fascist activist Hédi Fried puts it this way: “Sweden has become a country where I am no longer certain I will get help when I am threatened.”

The Alternativ för Sverige (Alternative for Sweden/ AFS) are in a way worse. It was formed out of people who thought SD and NMR were too weak. They have explicit Nazi/racist propaganda pre-election pamphlets and banners. They are just as violent, if not more, than the NMR. The most visible difference is the use of suit clad men and blond, blue-eyed “bombshells” on their stands.

They also call upon vicious thugs from NMR and NY on rallies.

Swedish Democrats has been exposed time and time again having deep connections with the NMR, AFS and NY. SD members, electorates and others, are active members in several Nazi organizations and often use the most violent thugs from the Nazi parties/groups as guards on rallies.

What we have witnessed in these pre-election times is that the election-authorities as well as the Swedish police support and facilitate the SD. Time and time again the SD are granted permission to have anything they oppose to being removed near where they are holding rallies. A Muslim market-stall owner was removed, public libraries emptied of visible LGBTQ flags, books and material. (During Pride week no less), public Pride flags or banners the Nazis find “too political”.

(The Nazis' own banners are of course no problem, only freedom of speech...)

SD officials have physically attacked members of the public who wouldn't take their propaganda leaflets. One SD councillor proclaims the Syrian war is fake, it's just not happening and the refugees are just money grabbing filth ... SD leadership says he is entitled to his views, "free speech."

Medborgerlig Samling (Citizens gathering/MED) is another Nazi splinter party. As with the others they enlist the help of NMR, NY and AFS on rallies.

One of the MED's female electorates is the horrible Katerina Janouch (Katerina Janouchová) originally from Prague, Czeck republic, came to Sweden in 1974. Among other things she is a children's books author, and you can only imagine what ideas she can put into children's heads.

She is truly frightening to observe. She has that insane passion for the Nazi ideology that sends you right back to Germany in the 1930s. It's bone chilling! And nothing else exists for her.

With the help of friends all around the world she collects and spreads far-right lies about Sweden (no go zones etc).

The other five political parties are also Nazi at base, with varying degrees of violent measures and ways to reach their ultimate goals. Mainly how to get rid of foreigners, LGBTQs, anti-racists/ anti-fascists, teachers, librarians, police, politicians and journalists.

The main political threat is still SD. Their members are actively supporting the other seven Nazi parties and other Nazi organizations.

"The Jew is the root of all evil.. but of course we will fight all evil in our country, like negros, camel-leaders, pedos and other violent people", said SD elect Jörgen Fogelkou.

We can, without hesitation, say the NMR the Swedish Democrats' extended arm, their Storm Troops (sturmabteilung) .

While the SD limits their most vile propaganda to emails, comments on social media and news sites. The NMR takes it to the streets, direct action.

A third of Swedens journalists, scientists, authors and actors work under constant threat from mostly the likes of NMR/NY.

Mosques, refugee shelters, immigrants home and businesses, cars are burned down regularly by the Nazis. The SD agitates for this to happen, so that they can blame the foreigners and NMR are happy to oblige.

SD supports the NMR with donations, members of the SD are patrons of the Nazi organization and help spread their horrible propaganda.

What the eight parties have in common is their nazi roots.

While the SD officially want every foreigner, arriving in Sweden after 1970, thrown out. NMR, AFS and the others want every foreigner out, no matter what.

NMR has a facility planned to determine ethnic origin. And only those with a pure Nordic ethnic origin will be allowed to stay. (Scandinavia's own indigenous people, nor our travellers community. is not Nordic enough for them).

Then we have varying degrees of purity within Nordic ethnicity: those who are the purest will live in the towns. The others will live outside of the towns, breeding pure Nordic children and making certain the purest of the pure in the towns lack nothing.

Anyone found to be not Nordic enough, or opposed to the Nazi ideology will be put in camps, where they will work and starve to death.

Journalists, politicians, LGBTQs, anti-fascists and those who openly fight the Nazis will be hung from lampposts.

Only Nazi-friendly and Nordic glorifying arts and journalism will be allowed.

Court systems will be abolished and replaced by a Nordic Elite, elected from and by the purest of Nordic ethnicity.

Only they can decide on anything and everything.

Children will be raised in the Nazi ideology from day one, by others if need be, ideally in homes where the indoctrination can be unhindered. They are taught weapons handling and to report on people not following nazi propaganda or ideology.

And remember: this is ongoing already in Nazi communities in Sweden today!

Swedish children of Nazi parents are being indoctrinated from toddler age and up. We have seen schools besieged by Nazis with banners, bengal lights and screaming vile Nazi slogans. Teachers, staff and pupils harassed, intimidated and threatened for speaking out against Nazis.

But ... all this can get so infinitely worse after the 9th of September.

The Swedish Democrats has paved the way for the Nazis.

And to be honest: it's not looking good ...

The Nazis have splintered up into many political parties, which makes it less likely that one party will get enough votes to get into Parliament. But we know they are all together on this, and could shift party allegiance as quickly as they want to.

The opposition seams too frightened to do anything, and we see law and law enforcement too busy giving the Nazis permission and protection than to protect it's people.

We see prominent Swedish police officials agitate for murder of foreigners, even tips on how to do it, on social media ... When people object to having Nazis on the force, they are silenced as this was said on the police's own time and timeline.

And these are the people who allow Nazis to march, hold rallies, kill, wound and threaten people on a regular business!

In the words of a fellow female anonymous activist from Sweden:

I wrote about the Swedish Democrats and the NMR once, and my inbox was filled with threats, hate. I was to be raped, burned, strangled, fucked, assassinated, torn asunder, fucked with knife ... And this was said by people who claim to protect women, who profess hatred towards women is something foreign men bring along.

So yes: You should worry about what is happening in Sweden!

In fact: you should be terrified!

Because it just might become Europe's Nazi stronghold after the 9th of September 2018.

➽Eva Sennesvik has been an antifascist & human rights activist since the early 80’s, spent 10 years lobbying for a fairer society in Scandinavian countries and is currently involved in helping paperless refugees here in Bergen Norway. She writes speeches and pieces for public use on our escalating social problems and the extreme right's dangerous popularity.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

30 comments to ''Sweden - Next Nazi Stronghold Of Europe?"

  1. People are being put in concentration like camps and starved to death? People are being hung from lampposts?

    All sounds a tad exaggerated or contrived. The author is an ardent defender of mass immigration regardless of its impact on local communities and anyone who does not share her view is a Nazi. The Swedish government and cops can hardly be accused of being Nazi supporters given that they implement the mass immigration policies and suppress bad press about immigrants ... especially if Muslim related.

  2. the above dusnt tally with what i was told by a young couple from sweden i met during the summer. beautiful young couple having their dream holiday in ireland which the girl has dreamed about for years. they were in summer holiday mode so didnt really go into too much about what is happening in sweden at the moment. their country is in deep trouble but the best thing the cultural marxist fags who run politics and media can come up with is - nazi! ask any swede u meet is the problem in their country - crazy nazis or muslims and u will be told fairly lively what the problem is. the media/academic tactic is to hype up the far right elements of open border opponents and try and skew things as much as possible. the above article is a perfect example of cultural marxist open border anti-national propaganda. utter shite. thank God/Allah we can see for ourselves online on youtube and other places how some of the muslims behave in sweden.

    chalk down the lad in the wheelchair - the only man among them - there should be a statue to him in sweden.

    heres more -

  3. Sweden was a model of tolerance until the unbridled immigration policy took hold. Wonder is the rise in intolerance related...

  4. A really frightening read. Warnings from history are not being heeded.

  5. if u want to be frightened barry, listen to this -


  7. People need to calm down with the comparisons with our fascist past. It was on another level then. I know it's exciting for some to pretend you're fighting a nazi horde, the problem is you're not. For all these threats we're told about daily, nazi threats and immigration is destroying you're heritage so on and so forth the truth is western Europe has never been a more serene place to live. For all these people who believe either a) nazism is taking over Europe and must be stopped or b) Marxism has taken over Europe and must ge stopped. Why aren't you at war? You're balls fell off?

  8. Jews, Muslims and EU residents post-Brexit in the JUK and refugees in Germany (to say nothing of the hostile environments in Poland and Hungary) would hardly confer with the view that Western Europe has never been a more tranquil place to live in.

  9. Barry
    We'll they'd be wrong. Was Poland more tranquil under the soviets? Hungary under the arrow cross? Jews under Nazism, so on so forth. A Swedish campainger against neo nazism in a documenteary i watched conceded it was worse in 1992 than today. It's blatant sensationalism

  10. David

    That European nations are no longer under the jackboots of totalitarianism (thank you EU, NATO, Gorbachev) does not negate my contention that EU residents, Jews and Muslims find post-Brexit UK a colder place as do Jews in France and refugees across a whole swathe of European countries (Just a pity that the UN was unable to prevent Bashar Al-Assad from turning Syria into a massive charnel house or else Frau Merkel would not be in such trouble).

  11. From 2010:

  12. Barry
    Whether EU residents, jews or muslims find post brexit uk a colder place is not relative to my point, which is simply for all the talk of impending doom western Europe has never been less violent than today. No fascist governments, no cold war, no provies, uvf, red brigades, eta no, heads of state being assassinated. By all means advocate your cause, the hysterics don't help. I don't understand your logic. It doesn't follow through. The US/UN were able to stop Saddam, Gaddafi. How'd that help?

  13. David

    The US/UN failed to stop Assad which has created the greatest driver in the current refugee crisis - the flight of Syrians to Europe and elsewhere which will be multiplied exponentially by the assault on Idlib. This in turn will further strengthen the two main drivers of the contemporary far right in Europe - hostility to immigrants and hatred of Islam.

    The parties which spout such bile from Trump, UKIP, Le Pen, Orban, Legia Nord are of course heavily backed by Assad's co-conspirator in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The rise of the Swedish Democrats is just another chapter in this alarming story.

    It is the threat to liberal representative democracy and the values embodied therein from nativist/authoritarian populism and their sinister monied backers (e.g. Arran Banks) and about which this article is another exemplary warning. We cannot ignore warnings from history as the active memory of the Holocaust fades and the institutions which ensured peace, freedom and democracy such as the EU and NATO are imperilled by Brexit, Trump, Putin and the failure of the UN to halt the apocalypse within its horizons.

  14. While thinking the piece by Eva veers too much to the alarmist, there are solid grounds for concern.

    Sweden goes to the polls with far-right set to hold balance of power

  15. Barry,
    There was similar refugee numbers on the back of the toppling Sadam, Gaddafi. You could argue that western interventions are the main cause of the refugee situation. I am not asking you to forget history or indeed ignore despots, however the exaggeration of events is close to propaganda. It feels to me as if you're far too trusting of the leaders of liberal democracies and almost unwilling to admit the military slaughters they are involved in. Whether nato, eu etc ensured peace is relative to where you live. As far as the far right goes, I don't see the threat being anywhere near as big as am told. A lot of people i hear being described as far right to me just sound like people moaning about the pc culture. Middle class people moaning is one of the least threatening images i can think of. Phrases like "apocalypse within it's horizons. C'mon now behave. To my original point if you really believe this why aren't you active.
    There is always ground for concern, but if we carry on with this narrative that right or far right parties are a threat or even should be omitted from parliaments then they could turn a non issue into a movement

  16. the far-right. a lot of the people who make up the 'far right' are only on the 'far right' because the 'left' is in fact promoting the policies of the oligarchs which are destroying europe . George Soros sponsored leftist goons here in ireland and the other various open border trannylord anti-national sovereignty parties like shit fein vs the 'far right' - i'll vote 'far right' every day. the 'far-right' will not be called the 'far right' in a couple of years - it's just a tag that the desperate liberal media class are using to try and scare ordinary decent swedes/hungarians/paddies/brits who are waking up to the disastrous policies the globalist REGIME are unleashing on society via their pseudo government and corporate/state media. europe is rising - the anti-european EU will be dismantled by ordinary decent europeans who are at the moment labelled as 'the far right'. break out of the fake left/right paradigm. its divide and conquer on another level. we the people are rising.

  17. David,

    at the risk of sounding flippant, if there are grounds for concern then we are best advised to be concerned. I don't see how they can be omitted from parliaments if people vote them in. Omit them by putting forward policies that will see them voted out. In real life never as simple.

  18. AM,
    By all means be concerned. In the days of social media everybody wants to be louder and more dramatic than the next. People talk about being on the brink of the abyss and it's never been so bad, blah, blah it's bullshit, do they not read history books. What I mean by my omitted comment was people are up in arms about the rise in popularity of the right, well that's democracy. What's the alternative? expell them from parliament? If the majority want partition or brexit or Trump or Foster or whoever then that's democracy the alternative is war.

  19. David,

    being louder and more dramatic than the next existed long before social media - the terms empty vessels make most noise was created to describe the type. The rise of the extreme right is not something we can gloss over in the hope that it will go away. At the same time it is important not to conflate genuine concern about issues with extreme right intent. Swathes of the left have hardly helped matters by screaming "fascist" or "racist" at everybody who raises practical not ideological concerns about the nature of policy.

  20. AM,
    I am more or less in argreement with you . Crying Fascist constantly gives people the boy who cried wolf syndrome and if proper fascism ever rears it's head propaganda fatigue could be it's greatest ally. is there a rise in exteme right? What length of time do you measure it over? As you touched on just because people have concerns over immigration doesn't make them extreme right

  21. AM

    I admit there are no easy resolutions to the democratic dilemma posed by the election of far right parliamentarians and their electoral eligibility for government. But since far-right governments are already in office in Poland and Hungary and are curbing the freedom of the media, the independence of the judiciary, the autonomy of universities and civil society institutions how do we on the outside show solidarity with the victims of such oppression without being accused of Eurocentric imperialism?

    What is to be done if, heaven forbid, outfits like the Greek Golden Dawn come to power and start real heavy duty persecutions of minorities like the Roma, refugee communities, Jews and gays. How does international law? Sanctions or a military and trade blockade of the offending nation(s) in question?

  22. Barry,

    why worry about being accused of Eurocentric imperialism? It is thrown about when any challenge goes out to what the throwers do not like. I recall being exposed to quite a bit of it when the theocrats tried to stop the Danish cartoons.

    One problem with the application of international law is that there is not enough confidence in it given how it has been applied. Too many people wonder how Assad should be prosecuted but not Netanyahu.

  23. "far-right governments are already in office in Poland and Hungary and are curbing the freedom of the media, the independence of the judiciary, the autonomy of universities and civil society institutions "

    autonomy of universities! so i take it they are going to get rid of gender studies!

    barry, do u think ireland (or any country for that matter) has a university system free from oligarchical and corporate control (theyve just called the law school in ucd - the sutherland school of law), same with our media, and what about our judiciary?

    maybe the poles saw the irish cheering on voting for abortion last may and dont trust 'democracy' anymore. democratic savagery - thats what the irish have turned democracy into.

  24. Grouch

    The purpose of universities is to promote free thought and intellectual enquiry and not merely to service UK or Ireland PLC.

    Gender studies has been a particularly innovative example of expanding the frontiers of knowledge and enabling understanding of the hegemony of gendered and heteronormative discourse and practice and also challenge to it.

    Hitler, Franco and ISIS didn't trust democracy either.

  25. Who needs Larry Hughes when you have grouch?

    I suppose Larry did have Bonhomme on his side!

  26. "to promote free thought and intellectual enquiry " agreed - thats one of their purposes - but sadly not their practice, especially here in ireland. if u went into any irish university medical school and promoted free thought and intellectual enquiry against the pharmaceutical sickos who run those departments i wonder how long ud last and what ur grades wud be like. thered be no offer of a lectureship thats for sure.
    gender studies are gunk and were promoted through the universities by the oligarch class to further dismantle the family, the tribe, the nation. gender studies is another face of the consumer death cult of 'choice'.
    also, you could find a hundred names who dont trust democracy either, especially the sick circus type of democracy we have now, where able bodied men and women can vote to strip rights from their less able bodied brothers and sisters at the most innocent and vulnerable time of their life. so i'll let you rattle off another 97 names.

  27. Jesus wept!!!!! look what i'm after coming across. Barry - the cultural marxists of the 'education' system are turning our kids into wankers!!!!


  29. u have Bono on ur side.


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