Complete Redo Needed

Christopher and Mary Fogarty challenge a newspaper narrative on Dave Rupert.

The “World Exclusive” article (Sunday World, 8/19/2018) on “Superspy” David Rupert needs a complete redo. 

Until Rupert got on the payrolls of both the FBI and MI5, his life of fraud had kept him destitute or near it. Quadruply-married, Rupert defrauded two of his wives’ parents. He embezzled federal taxes deducted from truckdrivers’ paychecks. When selling his house, the buyer’s lawyer gave him a check for $tens of thousands as part of the purchase price to pay his mortgage to provide a clear title to the house, Rupert cashed the check and kept the money instead of paying his mortgage. Rupert’s betrayal of that lawyer’s act of trust resulted in her disbarment.

Bub Layo, owner/operator of the main tractor repair garage in Massena, NY, claims a Massena record; the only person in that city to ever do business with Rupert without being defrauded.

Rupert is a quadruple bankrupt; all of them fraudulent.

Being deposed; Rupert falsely testified that one of his bankruptcies was due to a truck accident; but that bankruptcy filing was dated two weeks prior to the said truck accident. Rupert’s near relative was imprisoned for years for, along with a Mr. X, hauling marijuana from near the Mexican border to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where both were arrested. Mr. X proved untouchable, and was released, unnamed.

A puff-piece photo of Rupert at the top of the article is captioned “Rupert with pet.” Why not learn about the underaged “pets” of his knowledge in the cabin of a long-haul tractor?

The NY State Police issued an affidavit attesting that David Rupert is “a life-long criminal.” Why not inform the public about the approximately $800,000 in taxes he owed on loot stolen from others including some $600,000 embezzled from a credit card entrusted to him by Marshall Trucking Co.? Also investigate how the FBI managed to get the Internal Revenue Service to accept some $25,000 in full and final payment for the $800,000 Rupert owed.

The FBI kept criminal Rupert exempt from the consequences of his crimes long prior to Omagh. For his years in Ireland prior to Omagh, Rupert was working under the direct supervision of FBI Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley. While “testifying” in a Dublin trial in 2003, Rupert volunteered that he had been left “all alone” in Ireland once when Agent Buckley flew to the Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site (where he and his FBI colleagues performed his specialty; they got the news media to blame yet another innocent, the security guard Richard Jewell). Evidence indicates that both began operating in Ireland starting about 1994-5 and were demobilized, presumably mission accomplished, the evening of 15 Aug 1998.

Rupert’s supervisor in Ireland, FBI Agent Buckley, was selected by his superiors to operate in Ireland; his pre-Omagh deeds are even more criminal than Rupert’s. Ask us for conclusive evidence. Respect for the Truth and for the Omagh dead demands more integrity from Ireland’s news media, law enforcement, and judiciary than heretofore. Rupert’s participation in a rehearsal of the Omagh bomb delivery placed both MI5 and the FBI into the middle of that planning. There was obviously satellite surveillance of involved vehicles.

We recently learned the larger criminal purpose of Omagh and MI5/FBI’s pre-Omagh crimes. Why continue to abet them?

➽Christopher and Mary Fogarty are Chicago based veteran campaigners for justice in Ireland. 

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  1. "We recently learned the larger criminal purpose of Omagh and MI5/FBI’s pre-Omagh crimes. Why continue to abet them?"

    If you lay with dog's expect fleas.

    Besides, McKevitt was voted down by the Convention and the Adams group won.

    Why leave a loose end?