Floundering When Lying

Mick Hall insists that:

it never ceases to amaze me why Gerry Adams claims he was never a member of the IRA

It's never ceases to amaze me why Gerry Adams claims he was never a member of the IRA, I don't blame him for not admitting his membership, because being no fool he is well aware if he were to do so a bucket of excreta would pour all over him. Yet why not just refuse to so saylike thousands of volunteers have done down the years. If he had done this when first asked the question toadies like the BBC hack Andrew Marr would have long ago stopped going there.

Nor do I buy Gerry was never Green Booked. Why? because for most volunteers this is a big deal, as the now dead republican Martin Meehan once said to a US audience "it's like you graduating from your WestPoint." Why would Gerry Adams have thought any differently when from a very young age he was steeped in the history of the Irish Republican Movement.

In a recent interview on the Andrew Marr show Adams makes some worthwhile and interesting points about Brexit, a Corbyn led British government, and why Sinn Féin would not be taking their seats in the Westminster parliament even if the votes of SF MP's could help unseat the Tory government.

He comes across fine, fine that is until Marr asked him what has become the inevitable question about his membership of the IRA. Then being the man he is Gerry flounders, as he above all others knows to deny his IRA membership is untrue.

When he is uncomfortable or dare I say being uneconomical with the truth he screws up his eyes, and the important stuff he wishes to get across falls by the wayside, which negates the very reason why he is giving the interview.

Gerry retires as president of the Sinn Féin next week, he deserves his place in the sun having recognised before most the Provos' war with the British state to complete the Irish national revolution had run into the ground. Besides how many coffins of his friends and comrades can one man shoulder?

It's worth repeating Kieran Conway's words, a former head of the IRA's intelligence department and no friend of Adams, when he wrote in his book Southside Provisional:

In the end the IRA was unable to deliver the reunification of Ireland and it wasn't for the want of trying, yes Adams is a mendacious lying bastard. but what else could he be? For the movement could never have been taken in the direction he took without a bit of dissembling.

The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of dusk, says Hegel. Only when a shape of life has grown old can it be understood. Perhaps Adams genius was to see it had grown old before the rest of us and to then to have taken things in the sole direction left.

Once he steps down I hope the next time Gerry is asked whether he was a member of the IRA by a journalist doing the British security services bidding, he tells the chump who is asking:

No, I'm no longer going there, the question reeks of groundhog day and unless you have something sensible to ask me, I'm off to put on my slippers and smoke my pipe.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

7 comments to ''Floundering When Lying"

  1. Made me laugh Mick, cheers!

    I'm still confused as to why he keeps up the pretense, surely he most know that because absolutely nobody believes his denials, that it becomes very easy for his detractors to call him a liar?

    Like you say, a simple 'no comment' would be far more sensible.

  2. Probably for the same reason,he, instead of the following his own advice on saying nothing under interrogation, he furnished a false story around the false name he gave (Joe McGuigan) to misdirect his interrogators.

  3. This is really boring now both his claim and reporting on it...

  4. Nobody gives a damn whether he was a member or not......only those who wanna hate. It's kinda strange Adams gets mocked for his denials but McGuinness gets barely touched when he alleged he left the IRA in 1974. Now that is laughable.

  5. Wolfetone ,

    McGuinness wasn't tainted with the stigma of covering up child abuse and rape , serious allegations in their own right , no less serious than troubles related allegations , further allegations that he also hushed up the activities of well placed British agents continue to follow him.

  6. Staffenberg, both deny they were in IRA more or less. 1 gets mocked and ridiculed whilst the other is somehow lauded, more or less.

  7. I personally have digs at Adams because I am also from Belfast and I saw how the I.R.A left my community at the mercy of loyalist assassins in the late 80s and early 90s , in full knowledge the loyalist had been resupplied with weapons from abroad , not that the volunteers weren't willing and able but they were simply ordered to do as they were told.

    Too little too late when the pressure on them became too much and Connolly house suddenly realized the I.N.L.A and the I.P.L.O were actually going for those who were actively planning and carrying out attacks on the Catholic communities in Belfast , they got worried they would lose support , yet another reason I suppose to put the I.P.L.O to the sword when it was so fragmented it simply couldn't put up a fight.

    Anyway , back to Adams , he covered up child abuse and rape , aside from all I mentioned above , that's good enough reason to be mocked and ridiculed...


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