Fuck The DUP Six Ways To Sunday

Anthony McIntyre expresses support for Ellie Evans who is being subject to PSNI bullying as it seeks to protect the DUP from public ridicule.

Thank hells for bestowing us with Ellie Evans and fuck heavens for inflicting Jim Wells upon us. Evans, a twenty four year old woman, is being investigated by the PSNI for the supposedly unprecedented and horrific hate crime of carrying a placard at a Belfast Pride parade which proclaimed "Fuck The DUP."

Source: Pink News
This is the PSNI which seems to have given new meaning to the D Notice: it delayed, deferred, denied, derailed, disputed and ultimately disappointed the families of those who were victims of the homicidal joint enterprise perpetrated by RUC Special Branch and the UVF’s Gary Haggarty.

Here it was dallying for almost eight years and ultimately succeeding in protecting its own from prosecution for murder. Yet not the slightest tardiness from its investigators as they hared off in hot pursuit of a young woman whose transgression was not to orchestrate the killing of Catholic civilians but to attend a march in support of equality. 

The provenance for the complaint is to be found in Jim Wells, the former Northern Health minister, booted out of his portfolio in 2015 over his antediluvian views on gay people. He claimed, perhaps honestly, that:

I was approached by people who were watching the parade who were deeply offended by the message contained on the placard.

So what? No one should have the right to opinions that are immune from offence. When they assume such rights those opposed to censorship should upend them. 

Wells goes on: "I believe someone's religious opinion and their political viewpoints have a right to be protected." 

Fuck their religious opinion and their political viewpoint. None of us should be as haughty to expect to have our political ideas or religious opinions protected from offence. Wells and his ilk want the freedom to offend gay or nationalist opinion but scream foul when the serve is returned. 

A while back Jim Wells had the police visit him over views expressed on the hustings about gay people. It was a waste of police time although if the Haggarty case is anything to go by wasting both police and the public's time is something the PSNI is an avid practitioner of. The police visit to Wells was as wrong as it was to Evans.

Ellie Evans felt that the cops were "inappropriately heavy-handed to show up at my house and call me in for questioning ... I think it's a waste of time..."

Even more a waste of police time when it is considered that the Metropolitan Police declined to seek prosecution in respect of a Fuck the DUP message at a London Gay Pride event. 


Evans also accused the PSNI of bullying: "... they did it to intimidate me because there's no reason that it couldn't have been a letter if they had my address."

Wouldn’t be like the PSNI, would it, to engage in a bit of bullying and intimidation in pursuit of silencing opinion it does not want aired.  

The force has now sent a file to the DPP. If there is no agents involved Ellie Evans will not have to wait until she is in her thirties before finding out what awaits her. 

Ultimately, Wells wants the cops to act as language police and it is not only the Irish language his party opposes. Anti-DUP sentiment in the Queen's English must also be banned:

There's absolutely no place for that type of language to be aimed at Northern Ireland's largest political party.

The PSNI obviously agree.

The attitude of the anti-censorship community to all of this should leave the silencers in no doubt.

Fuck The DUP
Fuck Jim Wells
Fuck The Free Presbyterian Church ... just for good measure
Fuck the PSNI

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

13 comments to ''Fuck The DUP Six Ways To Sunday"

  1. Here we see why States in the West really legislated (so called hate) speech laws in synchonicity. It was not to protect minorities, it was to protect themselves.We were warned many times this would be the result of allowing politicians to do this, but those people warning us were ignored when they were not shouted down as (at a minimum) complicit racism. We need to repeal these laws, and politely encourage those arrivals who demand such laws to move to a country that better suits them.It should not be controversial to say this.For those of us remaining ,we cannot afford to wait for a plebicite for approval of such a repeal as we can not trust the politicians or media not to manipulate the result, and the public are just too uninformed to make a rational decision.

  2. Yes AM, point taken but it could have derailed the peace process and how, I have no fuckn idea!
    Thanks Jim, in your own warped sectarian mind you saved us from eternal sodomising!

  3. I am perplexed. The DUP is a label, a sort of generic name to describe an organisation. Wonder where the 'D' comes in. How can one defame a label? It is not say 'Fuck the Pope' since we know who exactly that is. Come to mention it we have heard and seen that sentiment many times, often on placards and say bonfires. And believe it or not I might concur with that sentiment.

  4. Niall,

    Save Sodomy From Ulster!

  5. It for breaching the Parade Commission rules.They do not apply in London only in Belfast. The PSNI will investigate any complaint of breach of Parade Commission rules should it be a band playing music outside a church or this sign. Blame the parade Commission not the PSNI

  6. Tangi,

    'It's for breaching the Parade Commission rules.'

    Parade Commission rules are continually breached without Wells calling the cops.
    That is not the basis of Jim Wells complaint, it merely facilitates his use of the PSNI for a spot of religious policing in a warped moral universe where Jim et al pile into RHI to promote 'virtue' and demand that Ellie Evans be prosecuted for displaying the word fuck in order to prevent 'vice'.

    As with theocrats elsewhere there is always that element of their inviolability -

    'There's absolutely no place for that type of language to be aimed at Northern Ireland's largest political party.'

    Just like there should be no criticism directed at Harvey Weinstein, him being Hollywood's largest movie mogul.

  7. Hopefully at next year's Pride Belfast there will be hundreds of Fuck the DUP banners.

  8. cited your article here - lessons on dog training as the hurricane approaches!!!

  9. Tangi,

    you're on the money. Unless one follows the links in AM's article one would not be aware that the demonstrations' organisers had requested Ellie remove her placard and that she had conceded.

    Let the DUP and the Provos content themselves to screwing each other and kindly, assuming of course they have capacity for kindness, leave the rest of us alone!

  10. Spot on Mackers. We were at the Rally for Choice on Saturday and had a few hand made posters-can't afford the glossy ones SF regularly produce!-with FUCK the DUP on them and as expected we got dirty looks from the usual parts of our orange city and thumbs up while walking down Castle Street.

  11. i called up mr wells for help i told him i was gay he call me dirty names then the dirty cunt called the shit pins on me told them i hit him on the phone like


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