Scientology Cult Not Welcome In Dublin

A statement from Scientology Cult Not Welcome with the details of a protest in Dublin on Saturday against the Scientology cult extending and consolidating its presence to Ireland. Thanks to Rowan Clarke who while not an organizer, flagged it up. 

This Saturday the 14th of October, there will be a protest held outside the building formerly known as Victory Outreach Centre on Firhouse Road, Tymon South, Dublin 24.

The purpose of our protest is:

➽ to oppose in the strongest possible terms, the infamously malignant and dangerous Cult known as the Church of Scientology from establishing a European base here in Ireland.

➽ to send a strong message to this so called Church that they are Not welcome in Dublin in any way shape or form to engage and practice the shamefully exploitative and dangerous activities and practices this cult is internationally renowned for which up to now is well documented and public knowledge.

This protest has been organised between a large plethora of activists from across many different spectrums, from anti-cult activists to autism advocates, some local objectors, sceptics and the families of those devastated by Scientology's disconnection policy. They are from both here in Ireland, with people traveling from Britain to oppose the opening of a Scientology Hub in South Dublin this Saturday.

Scientology is not new to Ireland. It has existed here in some form for well over half a century, but not making any real impact during that time, with only a handful of members active in the cult from a small office above a hair salon on Abbey Street.

But as of recently there has been a very determined effort by the Cult of Scientology to establish a base in Ireland, potentially a hub for its European operations.

Last year the Scientology Cult, purchased a property on Merrion Square directly across from Leinster House, the home of parliament in Ireland. Recently it bought a property in Firhouse, formerly belonging to another exploitation cult known as Victory Outreach.

It has been established that over 250 members of the cult from across the globe have been brought to Ireland to bolster the cult's position in Ireland and recruit more unfortunate souls into its exploitative ranks.

Scientology was formerly bankrupt in Ireland yet now with large sums of money invested in property and such a large influx of high-up cult activists, it is clear Scientology has big plans for Ireland and this is something for everyone to be extremely concerned with.

There are many reasons to list as to why you would be disgusted by the Cult of Scientology and to oppose its intentions and activities, but here are a few core examples as to how they are dangerous and why we most stop them setting up shop on our front door.

Scientology, through instructions passed down from its notoriously deranged Walter Mitty founder L Ron Hubbard, is notoriously anti-medicine and all forms of accredited Psychiatry and Psychology.
Through many front organisations it promotes a vast collection of quack remedies and pseudoscientific nonsense cures for large sums of money, mainly to vulnerable folks.

Front groups like Narcanon which encourages those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction to ignore advice from qualified addiction specialists, and buy places on Scientologists rehabilitation clinics subjected to unproven and discredited procedures.

They also claim to be able to cure disorders and conditions such as autism which is deemed a ‘spiritual flaw’, with children subjected to bizarre and highly dangerous quack remedies.

The Scientology Cult is widely condemned internationally for its practice of ‘Disconnection’, a Scientology policy where cult members are instructed to break all links and contact with family members and friends who are not part of the cult. This has led to thousands upon thousands of heartbroken families across the world, decades without speaking or having contact with their sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. We hope on Saturday to be joined by the families of those here in Ireland affected by disconnection.

The Scientology Cult relentlessly attacks and harasses former members who leave the cult, journalists and anyone who offers criticism or exposure of the churches misdeeds, subjecting them to harassment by Private investigators, vexatious litigation and other fascist style terror tactics.

The Cult of Scientology engages in rampant and widespread abuse, exploitation and discrimination against its own membership, forcing them to engage in unpaid and forced labour, bankrupting them with endless bunk courses and generally transforming them into slaves for the organisation.

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It is utterly baffling that there has been virtual silence from public representatives on this matter and no concern shown publicly about the intentions of this sinister cult.

We ask all who support our protest to please contact your local public representatives and lodge with them your opposition to this cult and you oppose the opening of this building in Firhouse which it intends to use to flog its harmful quackery.

It’s also worth noting that as we are enduring a housing crisis, that a powerful cult like Scientology can just swan in and buy up empty properties to engage activities harmful to local communities.

So please join us on Saturday. Let the Scientology cult know they are unwelcome in Dublin or any part of Ireland to promote their bile.

The grand overlord of Scientology himself, David Miscavige, is supposed to be present on Saturday which gives an added incentive to protest.

We will be peacefully assembling at 12pm on Saturday outside the front entrance of the former Victory Outreach Centre Firhouse Road, Tymon South.

Bring your placards, banners, leaflets, bullhorns etc

All Welcome


  1. Ive heard that Scientology is dying these days because of the internet,in way other cults dont because of the specific structure where bits of it are revealed over time (passing up the bridge) that are now available without the years of service/paying for courses.High profile leavers like Leah Remini detailing these and the people involved have caused much damage (e.g. John Travolta is allowed to kill people on Scientology property and because of his status, other members would have to clear the body up and not report it).

    In terms of the statement, this line stands out to me "It’s also worth noting that as we are enduring a housing crisis, that a powerful cult like Scientology can just swan in and buy up empty properties to engage activities harmful to local communities." , if any group in the UK/rest of Europe held a protest with a line like this to their name, they would likely be attacked as fascists, progressives would instigate violence at this demo,and the police would blame it all on the Scientology protesters after.Its a very symbiotic relationship between the cops and progressives as both sides recognise. Always of interest to me which groups are allowed to protest without being met with violence.

  2. Is this not very discriminatory and against the Article 9 ECHR rights of freedom of conscience of those who follow this cult/religion. Why are they not organising the same protests against other cults/religious outfits in Ireland? What are the chances that those involved in organising this protest are themselves supporters or members of sects/cults that have even greater documented history of abuses and excesses against mankind as a whole or specific vulnerable sections of society such as women, children the LGBT community? There are so many contradictions thrown up in the article above that I it seems to me that scientologists are non-believers of more dominant religions such as Christianity or Islam. I say this because this group are not organising protests outside of mosques or churches.

  3. Scientology - Another brick on the wall!

  4. Totally support anything against this evil cult.
    I got enmeshed in Scientology back in 1970 when I was a teenager and not really able to think much for myself. After a while I recognised it for what it is...a money extraction cult that will leave you with a nasty PTS disorder because they will stalk you if you leave and harrass you for more money. Avoid these people at all costs..treasure your own sanity. Don't have anything to do with these evil people...period