Still Covering Up 45 Years On

Daniel Bradley recalls the British Army slaying of his brother Volunteer Seamus Bradley forty five years ago today, and continues to campaign against the cover-up.

On this day the 31st July, forty five years on Vol. Seamus Bradley at approximately 4.20am, to protect other volunteers, ran down bishop's field and was shot twice. He was to fall facing St Mary's church. 

Within minutes 2 army Saracens made their way down the field and six soldiers put him in a Saracen. Instead of being taken and given medical aid as a Prisoner of War, he was taken to Blighs Lane army camp to be interrogated and tortured by army intelligence. He received severe bruising to his face, stripped naked and shot a further three times at close range.

These five wounds were never life threatening, but due to the torture he endured Vol. Seamus Bradley went unconscious. Sometime between 5.20am and 5.30am a phone call was received at Altnagelvin hospital saying that a youth had been shot and was to be collected from St Peters School.

Unconscious he was put in to a Saracen to make its way to St Peter School, Vol. Seamus Bradley came round and made a bid for freedom at Rathlin Way and jumped out of the Saracen. A British soldier went after him, placing the belt of a SLR rifle around his neck and pulled it. Well, imagine the force of such a heavy weapon.

Vol. Seamus Bradley suffered severe neck wounds, possibly a broken neck and this was to be covered up by the MOD and the British government all due to article J.  signed by William Whitelaw - no soldier shall be held accountable for any of their actions.

Hopefully all this truth will be revealed on the 11th December 2017.

I will share this: the RUC at the time covered up this murder and sadly the PSNI of 2017 are still covering up by not disclosing all photographs of Vol. Seamus Bradley showing the back of his neck. 

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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