What Ireland's Government Routinely Does

Chicago writer, Chris Fogarty on his ongoing battle to challenge what he regards as a pro-British revisionist narrative regarding the events in Ireland of the 1840s.

On May 10, 2017 a branch of "official Ireland," Radió Telefís Ēireann (RTĒ) Radio 1, interviewed me on air regarding memorials my wife and I are installing over some of Ireland's unmarked Holocaust mass graves of 1845-1850, especially the one in Smarmore, Co. Louth. Without informing me, Radio 1's Show Host, Joe Duffy had organized a group to soil me and the memorials.

One, an "official of the Co. Louth Archeological and Historical Society" expressed doubt as to the existence of Smarmore's Holocaust mass grave of Ardee Workhouse victims, though it encompasses half of the cemetery and has a long tradition of people coming to pray for the repose of the souls of the starvelings buried there.

Next, Duffy interviewed a Brendan McGloin, a self-identified sculptor whom I had agreed to pay Euro1,000 extra for a memorial he offered to sculpt to enhance edification of visitors to a "famine" grave in his Co. Leitrim. McGloin had not yet produced his promised memorial design when he, instead, participated in Duffy''s attempt to discredit us. McGloin described me on-air as "a con-man."

Duffy then respectfully interviewed "famine writer" Prof. Christine Kinealy who, unable to refute a single word carved into our memorials, attacked my spoken reference to "genocide" regarding 1845-1850 Ireland, calling it "inappropriate; highly legalistic."

Kinealy's "famine" writings notoriously omit Britain's at-gunpoint robbery of the producers of Ireland's abundant harvests while understating the murder toll and minimizing the crimes she cannot plausibly deny. For example, while concealing the British military's (67 regiments of its 130-regiment army) genocide of some five million, she writes of those regiments' "donations to the starving Irish."

In Fortnight magazine (April, 1990) Kinealy attacked truth-teller Cecil Woodham-Smith as "populist and simplistic," and categorized as:

the prevalence of myths and misunderstandings - stories of ships full of grain leaving Ireland, of overcrowded graveyards, of callous landlords ... - which have been passed glibly from generation to generation.

Kinealy's article begins; "The immediate cause of the famine was the appearance of a strange blight..."Tthus, according to Kinealy, it was a "potato famine" instead of the actual, carefully planned genocide.

Next, Duffy interviewed an elderly woman who attempted to link our memorials to "violence in the North" as if Northern violence (that had peaked in 1972) were instigated by our current installations of memorials.

RTE's Radio 1 is a key opinion-molder for Official Ireland. Joe Duffy's attack is an attack by "Ireland's" government. Is Ireland unique on Planet Earth in concealing a genocide of its own people and attacking those who reveal it?

Would any sovereign nation do what "Ireland's" government routinely does?

P.S.: Listeners who respect the Holocaust Dead and were offended by Duffy's attack contacted other Dublin radio show hosts. Within a week two other Dublin radio show hosts interviewed me with the kind of respect for the memorials that Duffy had manifested toward the history falsifiers.

Chris Fogarty


  1. Good man Chris. Great work as usual. That was sickening to read but comes as no surprise. What you refer to is the 'slave mentality', which is alive and well in this country as you have quote obviously found out from experience.