Vince Cable Says Brexit Must Lead To A United Ireland In Europe

An Sionnach Fionn discusses the view of Vince Cable that Brexit will lead to a United Ireland.

Vince Cable
Vince Cable, a former leading of the centre-left Liberal Democrats in the United Kingdom and a senior minister in the country’s previous Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government, has written a short article for the New Statesman magazine favouring tighter emigration controls for the UK, inside or outside the European Union.

However in the piece he also touches upon the issue of the British presence in Ireland, implying like many other ex-politicians in Britain that Irish reunification is both inevitable and desirable.

I do not see much upside in Brexit, but one is the opportunity for a more rational immigration policy. First, it will involve legitimising the position of EU nationals already here. It must involve a more sensible way of dealing with overseas students, who are not immigrants and benefit the UK. The permeability of the Irish border must lead to a united Ireland in Europe. And, not least, there can be a narrative in which control on labour movements is matched by control on capital…

It's quite likely that Vince Cable would not speak so freely about the end of Britain’s legacy colony on the island of Ireland if he was still a contender for ministerial office in the United Kingdom.

Which makes one wonder, aside from committed socialists and liberals like Jeremy Corbyn, the current head of the Labour Party, why do politicians in the UK require the safety of retirement before they can reveal their true views on Irish-British affairs?

Take the opinions of Paddy Ashdown, another former Liberal Democrat leader, when replying to a question on the French Resistance during World War II and opposition to foreign occupation in general:

If I had been a Catholic, discriminated against in the way they were in Northern Ireland, would I have been a member of Sinn Fein or the IRA? Given my hot nature and my slightly romantic view of life, it’s quite difficult to say that you can completely discount the fact.

…you are the child of your circumstances… If you were brought up in a community that has been discriminated against and has had their human rights denied, what are you going to do?

I imagine at the very least I would have been a political activist on behalf of Sinn Fein. Whether you tip that over into something else, I can’t tell you – but I ask myself the question.

A question on the Irish Republican Army and its armed struggle that would in the past have brought on his head the same opprobrium from the right-wing and ultra-nationalist press in Britain that is currently being rained down on Jeremy Corbyn and his immediate colleagues in Labour.

As others have pointed out, when it comes to Ireland and the Irish, Brits be crazy.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

3 comments to ''Vince Cable Says Brexit Must Lead To A United Ireland In Europe "

  1. I welcome these comments, I would challenge such individuals within the British system to have the courage to make them be known when they hold office.

    Opportunity is now for these discussions but lets get buy in from the Moderates in the traditionally Unionist people.

    Lets remember that once upon a time Dublin people were names "Jackeens" as they came out in force for the Royal visit to Dublin 1911 waving Union Jacks. Dublin was by and large a Unionist City. 100+ Years later its the Centre of the Republic of Ireland but the name Jackeen survives.

    As I often try to point to, Unity is only the first hurdle to a fairer society the parallel phase is the cause of Socialism to give the people and that includes the largely disadvantaged Loyalist areas of the North a fair and equal opportunity for them and their families to live a good life in their native land.

  2. I too welcome these comments. Also without wanting to read to much into recent developments Michelle O'Neill may be getting off on the right foot. Gone are the cringe-worthy scenes of McGuinness slithering into view beside a contemptuous Arlene Foster for an embarrassing photo (bombing) Op. Instead we had O'Neill interviewed separately from Foster after telling her according to the news that she had no business being in Cardiff. Then pics appear of her with Nicola Sturgeon. I believe there is so much that can be learned from the SNP. Fingers crossed nationalists in the North may finally have fond some semblance of a back bone.

  3. Paddy,
    " give the people and that includes the largely disadvantaged Loyalist areas of the North a fair and equal opportunity for them and their families to live a good life in their native land...."
    But surely, Sir Jeffery and the boys are doing just that at the minute!


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