Uttterly Damning UN Report

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage writes:

UN reports the Coalition and Tory governments austerity policies amounted to systematic violations of disabled people's rights.

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An utterly damning report from the UN. One that points out the sheer wretchedness of the reality of Tory Britain.

Austerity policies introduced into welfare and social care by the UK government amount to “systematic violations” of the rights of people with disabilities, a UN inquiry has concluded.

It says a range of measures aimed at reducing public spending since 2010, including controversial changes such as the bedroom tax, and cuts to disability benefits and social care budgets have disproportionately and adversely affected disabled people.

The detail is appalling:
Cuts such as those to personal independence payments and the independent living fund had “hindered various aspects of [disabled people’s] right to live independently”, it says, making them more reliant on family and carers and in some instances forcing them into institutional care.
And this too:

The bedroom tax and other cuts to housing support had led disproportionately to debt and eviction, it says. “Evidence indicates that persons with disabilities affected by cuts in their housing benefits have undergone high levels of stress anxiety and depression as a consequence of the shortfalls in their budget.”
And this:

It noted that disabled people had suffered from a climate in which they were portrayed as “lazy and putting a burden on taxpayers”. They had continued to experience “increasing hostility, aggressive behaviour and sometimes attacks to their personal integrity”.
The UK has been a signatory to the UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities since 2007. The convention includes the right to live independently, to work and to enjoy social protection without discrimination on the basis of disability.

This is the UK in 2016. But before those in Ireland become too complacent worth keeping in mind the lack of focus on issues relating to those with disabilities here too.

Thanks to WBS for heads up

More on the report can be read here.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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