Cute Hoors And Their Tours

Former H Blocks blanketman Thomas Dixie Elliot foresees more bovine behaviour and excusatory summersaults from the party grunts when Sinn Fein eventually takes it seats in the Westminster parliament.

Now why would the SFers be giving tours of Westminster if the place so repulsed them you might well ask?

All this 'If they go into Westminster I'm off' might well see those throwing that out at present having to churn out the excuses passed to them from above when it happens, and they do go in.

You know what I mean, 'fight Tory Cuts' and Marty saying 'Welfare' was not a line he was willing to cross shorty before he crossed it and surrendered Welfare back into the hands of the Tories.

Then the handed down excuses started. All exactly along the same lines; as if written by a single spin doctor.

Back to the tours...

From what I've been told they'll not just be doing tours and all those photos of Marty and the SFers posing inside or outside the place that so repulses them were likely taken during the many meetings they've had in the back corridors of Westminster over the past year regarding taking their seats.

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  1. Only thing stopping an All-Ireland in the Commonwealth with it's own currency and out of the EU is the FF/FG cute hoors who are waiting like vultures on the clothes line to fleece the EU coffers again. SF Belfast mafia would be into Westminster in a blink. They obviously miss it and all the trappings of London. Belfast hardly lives up to that kind of lifestyle. Sure it was the same for the Protestant Ascendancy who dissolved the Dublin Parliament voluntarily. SF will be in there ASAP.