Frank O'Brien RIP

It is with deep regret that The Pensive Quill announces the death of its New York contributor Frank O'Brien.

Frank had written regularly for TPQ over the past year, mostly on US foreign and domestic policy.  Frank's last piece for us will feature on TPQ shortly. Deepest sympathies from his friends at The Pensive Quill are extended to his family circle.

Rest In Peace Frank.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

12 comments to ''Frank O'Brien RIP"

  1. I wish to extend my sympathies to Frank's family if they're reading this. While it's nice to finally put a face to the name it's sad that it be under such circumstances. I for one enjoyed his insights into subject matters most just have not the balls to put before the public - itself the greateat weapon of imperialism, that being our fear of what others will think if we speak out. Rest in peace Frank and may God in his Infinite Glory grant you Eternal Reward...

  2. Shocked to hear that, did not always agree with his point but respected his stance.

    RIP Frank.

  3. Condolences to those that mourn for Frank. His suffering is over.

  4. god be good to frank. havent flicked on tpq in ages and am gutted at this news. this gentleman wrote the finest of articles here and got the usual abuse from the usual quarters - loony - nut job - shud be on wilkes and bates etc etc etc. this is a reflection on those people and not on frank (who i didnt know). its sad that this pathetic type of bullying and abuse should be coming from people who were subject to the same warped type of analysis and mccarthyism here back in the day. i wonder if frank was surprised at the lack of interest, save the gobshites and their pathetic comments, that his articles received here. the great thing about this internet is franks articles will always be here for the gimps to ponder over when their own feeble politics don't hold up anymore. rip frank, a brave man who suffered for THE TRUTH.

  5. Very sad that Frank has departed . He was a very courageous and generous person who suffered greatly because of his stances and political views, in isolation and poverty. New York, the Pensive Quill, and Russia Today will be diminished today , in spirit and in potential from Frank's exit. Condolences to his loved ones, and his intellectual and political companions.

  6. I'm very sorry to hear that. I have a heavy heart tonight.

  7. Sad news. He certainly held his ground to the end. RIP

  8. came across this on one of franks articles here - jewish lightning and saudi extremism.

    "Even the evil "Franklin Scandal" perpetrators are feeling the heat again in the ALT press, stemming from the newest and oldest cases involving politicians and cops, besides the CIA. Basically according to my sources, there are good people, or the 'white hatters,' who exist in the political structure and press who struggle to shine the light of day on the venomous snakes, or wolves in sheep's clothing who make up a great number of our politicians, super rich and their flunkies. Trying to help these honest prosecutors and reporters is risky to one's life, but then of course, some things are worth dying for. "

    say no more. frank - u are shining your light now and you wont be forgotten. the last line of this poem is apt here now.

    Sad solemn notes and crates of newly drawn stout,
    the usual symptoms when a life goes out.
    But the extinction this time being seven times the most.
    The music held no echo and the tears drowned our toast.
    Sorrow and bereavement, life has no meaning now, silence is master-
    Laughter and song bowed, for gone went our great captain to some more hospitable inn, where cant and hypocrisy can no longer embarrass him.

    lament for brendan behan by joe o brien.

  9. A worthy tribute El Groucho... let us hope Frank is having the last laugh

  10. Appreciation to everyone who shared their sorrow on the passing of Frank. Having been in regular contact with him over the years, to learn of his death, courtesy of a mutual friend in Pakistan, was a shock to say the least. His ideas rattled some but his courage to state them inspired many. He was prolific: a ball of intellectual energy who in private had little problem with those who attacked his perspective. I think he was pleased that his views could get the attention of others. He wrote a piece on Imran Khan which stands as one of the most read pieces ever on TPQ. None of us are better for his passing. There is a consensus that we all lost something. Again, thanks to all who commented on his death. Good man down.

  11. A good man down for sure... Rest in peace


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