Horrified By Aleppo But Not Gaza

Republican socialist Gerard Foster is highly critical of the contrast in British media coverage of Aleppo and Gaza.

I have been watching British media over the last few days (yeah I should know better) and it has been about Aleppo, how the "regime forces", (never Government forces) are doing horrible things to their own citizens, dropping barrel bombs and using chemical weapons etc etc. I don't believe a word of what I see and hear, simply because it is British news ...

But what really has me thinking is this: all these reports I am seeing from the city of Aleppo is - how are they getting them? We have reporters on the ground with the "rebels" and never ever terrorists. We have "first hand reports" from people over the internet, all sorts of "information" from all sorts of sources, and generally I would say that this is a good thing if the media were being truthful, which I know it is not.

Thankfully I have friends on here who give a lot of better facts and evidence about what is going on over there. Granted I still do not know what is really going on. But taking into account the recent attack on an aid convoy, which we were told was by an air force. Yet when the Russians pointed out that there was not evidence of an air attack, no signs of bomb damage etc, everything went silent and we were just to accept the word of the Yanks ... so the lies just continue and we are meant to accept them as facts.

But the point I really want to make is this: when Gaza was getting bombed to pieces, thousands murdered, hospitals bombed, UN buildings bombed, schools bombed, whole civilian areas bombed, where were all the media reports? Where were all the reporters on the ground? Where were all the internet reports?, people on the ground reporting what was happening?

The "reporting" on Aleppo and Gaza could not be more different. So one place gets bombed ta feck and thousands murdered and all the reports are in support of the mass murderers of Israel. Yet when it is Aleppo the media have no problem "reporting" from the scene with all sorts of "sources" about how horrible it is to live in a city under attack  ...  but not when it is Gaza.


  1. Yup, the and the pesky rebels are doing their best to make a mockery of moderate claims by beheading children on camera (Nour al-Din al-Zinki/Abdullah Issa) and in the face of international condemnation ,claiming to supsend those involved, only for them main people to show up in later propaganda films with the al-Zinki millitia. Its a fact that the hospitals in Alleppo double as bases for militants, this isnt even Russian propaganda, if you trace the journeys of the hostages that appeared in ISIS snuff films, and Kayla Mueller, they had been captured after passing though Alleppo hospitals that doubled as bases for millitants. Its not a case for bombing them, i just dont want to hear anything more about them. The west shouldnt be involved in this region.

  2. It should always be remembered that one of the main sources of information for Western media outlets regarding Syria is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    Based in a TWO BEDROOM FLAT IN COVENTRY, ENGLAND. By a batshit crazy paranoid individual by the name of Rami Abdel Rahman. The BBC, MSN among others quote this fuckup as gospel.

    Media is the tool of the corporate classes.

  3. I watched the US breach the ceasefire in Syria by bombing Syrian troops "accidentally". Afterwards, I notice Boris Johnson knew the Russians bombed hospitals on purpose.

    How can he know that for certain? He speaks like some omniscient being.

    Or is he just another neo-liberal ass, stirring the hornets nest of British foreign policy?

    Nothing wrong with publicising/highlighting war crime in Syria but the author is correct in his criticism of Western media for their complicity in crimes in Gaza.

    Thousands of dead in Gaza; bombings of hospitals, schools and UN aid centres; use of white phosphorus etc. If the Western media didn't portray this as anything other than genocide or at the least grossly disproportionate and unjust they control mindsets and the subsequent inaction.

    Shimon Peres is likened to Nelson Mandela. I don't like speaking ill of the dead but let's not praise those who are the least deserving of it.

    As for Syria, I fear it's too big a war not to affect every part of the globe and the Western media will only stoke those fires of conflict.