Put Mossack Fonseca Documents Online

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage calls on the Guardian and BBC to:

put the entire tranche of the leaked Mossack Fonseca documents online

When I first read about the leaked papers from the international law firm Mossack Fonseca I thought great. When I heard is wasn't wikileaks they had been sent to but the corporate mainstream media I was less pleased. The Mossack Fonseca papers appear to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their ill gotten gains, often corruptly obtained and all involved in tax avoidance.

When the Guardian splash concentrated on an old friend and bagman for Putin, whilst naming none of the British politicians, business people and celebrity millionaires who are allegedly named in the papers, I wondered whom the true source might be. For the Guardian to claim exposing Putin as a crook ranks as an exclusive, rather over eggs the meaning of the word. I doubt there are few on the planet who don't believe Vladimir Vladimirovich has sticky fingers when it comes to divvying up his share of the take..

As Craig Murray wrote on his blog,

If Panamanian lawyers hide the wealth of a significant proportion of the 1%, and the massive leak of their documents ought to be a wonderful thing.

But why focus on Russia? Russian wealth is only a tiny minority of the money hidden away with the aid of Mossack Fonseca. In fact, it soon becomes obvious that the selective reporting is going to stink.

The Suddeutsche Zeitung, which received the leak, gives a detailed explanation of the methodology the corporate media used to search the files. The main search they have done is for names associated with breaking UN sanctions regimes. The Guardian reports this too and helpfully lists those countries as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia and Syria. The filtering of this Mossack Fonseca information by the corporate media follows a direct western governmental agenda. There is no mention at all of use of Mossack Fonseca by massive western corporations or western billionaires – the main customers.
And the Guardian is quick to reassure that “much of the leaked material will remain private.

The dirty secrets of western corporations will remain unpublished.

Expect hits at Russia, Iran and Syria and some tiny “balancing” western country like Iceland. A superannuated UK peer or two will be sacrificed – someone already with dementia.

The corporate media – the Guardian and BBC in the UK – have exclusive access to the database which you and I cannot see. They are protecting themselves from even seeing western corporations’ sensitive information by only looking at those documents which are brought up by specific searches such as UN sanctions busters. Never forget the Guardian smashed its copies of the Snowden files on the instruction of MI6.

What if they did Mossack Fonseca database searches on the owners of all the corporate media and their companies, and all the editors and senior corporate media journalists? What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on all the most senior people at the BBC? What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on every donor to the Center for Public Integrity and their companies?

What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on every listed company in the western stock exchanges, and on every western millionaire they could trace?

That would be much more interesting. I know Russia and China are corrupt, you don’t have to tell me that. What if you look at things that we might, here in the west, be able to rise up and do something about?

And what if you corporate lapdogs let the people see the actual data?Instead of cherry picking what they place in the public domain, the BBC and Guardian must put the entire tranche of the leaked Mossack Fonseca documents online so we can all learn the dirty little secrets of the banksters, billionaires and corporate criminals.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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