Flash: Malachy McAllister Gets Stay On Deportation Order

The Broken Elbow reports a stay of execution on the order to deport Malachy McAllister.   

Thebrokenelbow.com understands that former Belfast INLA/IRSP member Malachy McAllister will not now be deported next Monday, as the Obama administration had threatened to do.

McAllister, who has lived in New York for the best part of twenty years and now owns a bar in Manhattan and is a popular figure in the Irish-American community, had been served with a deportation order a month ago which was set to be implemented next week.

He fought a lengthy court battle in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s which culminated in the US government backing down over its threat to return him to Ireland. His deportation order was suspended but was renewed every year although never served. For reasons that are far from clear the Obama administration decided this year to implement the threat.

The suspension of the threat was announced in an email sent out by his supporters which read:

Have been advised by the AOH that the Senate Bill for Malachy has been submitted – this puts hold on Deportation Order will pass on more details when I have them.

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