Show Me What You Are Made Of and I Will Stand Behind You

Daniel Bradley thinks SDLP leader Colum Eastwood deserves community support. Daniel Bradley is a justice campaigner in Derry.
  •  "Bleak outlook for Derry in 2016, says community worker"

I just picked up the above few words by a community worker from a story that 
Brendan McDaid wrote today in the Derry Journal.


A local community worker has accused local politicians of doing little to nothing to help advance prospects and jobs for the people of the city. 

Tommy Mullan from Galliagh Residents’ Association said Derry was facing into a “pretty bleak New Year” in 2016 if the pattern of the past year continues. “If the New Year produces what we got last year and that is job losses rather than job gains then we will be just as badly off”, he said.

“What have people in Derry gained with the Good Friday Agreement? They gained nothing at all.

“It’s looking pretty bleak. We now have B&Q going shortly. That’s 50 jobs gone, along with the 700 jobs that should have been here with Asda and Tesco, but certain politicians thought it better to cancel those jobs.

“The politicians haven’t done their job, simple as that. If they were employed by a company they would have been sacked long ago.”

Mr Mullan claimed that even long-held hopes to advance third level education have been dashed, adding: “Now were talking about the A5 and the A6 - we were talking about that this 20 years. What the people in Galliagh needs is jobs.” 

He also claimed: “With any development at all in this city there seems to be certain people who are not elected, behind the scenes, pulling the strings, stopping investment here, which is wrong. 

“If you look at what was spent in Belfast over the past 10-20 years- we are not talking about millions here, we are talking about billions. Has Derry got a fair crack of the whip? Without a doubt it hasn’t.”


Now the question we must ask ourselves have we moved any further forward from the troubles and the loss of life, Volunteers and civilians?

As I have always stated, actions speak louder than words and pictures tell the truth. The new SDLP leader Colum Eastwood should be supported by all nationalists and republicans because defying everybody including his own party he went out and carried his republican friend's coffin.

To me that shows solidarity and committment. He is peaceful person and grew up in politics to struggle for nationalists. He is in a great position now for nationalists and republicans because if he has the people behind him, he could do a lot of damage in Stormont.

My father always said, show me what you are made of and I will walk behind you. So I have put a few pictures here and pictures don't tell lies.

Every Picture Tells A Story

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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