Creeping Corporate Coup D'etat

Frank O'Brien is very concerned about creeping corporatism. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

The US Constitution reads 'We The People of the United States, in Order to Form a More Perfect Union,' and does not read 'We The Corporations, and Autocrats, in order to form a more perfect union,' as if ironically, the corporations had anything to do with forming unions, which isn't what union here means, but it is just so ironic that the word union is used.

Unions used to be the bedrock of our economy, when there was still steel, coal and automobile unions, and the accompanying industry. Corporations years back, took to what they euphemistically called 'out sourcing,' which was shifting American jobs to countries where there was cheaper labor to be had. This, and the destruction of heavy industry, lead to a disintegration of the middle class, and both blue collar and certain white collar jobs.

The poor, and homeless have been also a product of a disingenuous economic model pushed on us all for decades. From a social justice stand point, any economic model that doesn't provide opportunity for everyone to benefit from, is a system that is morally repugnant. There are 39.8 million Americans living in poverty right now, with another 1.6 million, by certain estimations, who are homeless. These figures are unacceptable, since from a social justice stand point, there should be no poverty and homelessness at all.

In order to correct this social injustice, radical political solutions are called for, bolstered by occupations and protests if necessary. Demanding a return to heavy industry, coupled with having strong unions is another must, and these industries can be green industries too. The whole idea during the Reagan/Bush era of trickle down economics didn't work, with Reagan also having broken the back of the air traffic control union.

There is right now such an over-concentration of the wealthy and super wealthy in America, that the whole system is lopsided. The social engineering that has existed only benefits the well off, and not the have nots, and the others who struggle from pay check, to pay check. If the under class, or proletariat, is to rise up from their dismal existence, they must clamor for their economic rights, and the right to own a house if they want to, and to earn enough to maintain it, and pay whatever insurance is needed, and enough to pay property taxes.

After talking with my sister, I realize that there are some who prefer apartments to houses, and say condos. This needs to be figured into whatever equitable economic model could be adopted to erase poverty and homelessness. The idea is to have a system, that even if it is class based economically speaking, it needs to account for the need to erase deprivation, hunger, lack of health care, and homelessness.

Quoting from Ralph Nader:

The TPP[Trans-Pacific Partnership], along with the WTO[World Trade Organization] and NAFTA[North American Free Trade Agreement], is the most brazen corporate power grab in American history. It allows corporations to bypass our three branches of government to impose enforceable sanctions by secret tribunals. These tribunals can declare our labor, consumer and environmental protections [to be] unlawful, non-tariff barriers subject to fines for noncompliance. The TPP establishes a transnational, autocratic system of enforceable governance in defiance of our domestic laws.

And besides these trade agreements, there are at least two others that divest the power of the people, and promote corporate governance. Its a case of 'while you were sleeping,' watching the corporate mainstream press, these new agreements were creeping into existence, meaning to rob the proletariat of their God given rights to being able to live a good, and full life, economically speaking.

The above Ralph Nader quotes come from a must see show on teleSur, entitled,"Days of Revolt," hosted by journalist, Chris Hedges. Just as in Abby Martin's "The Empire Files," social justice issues are highlighted, and truth is presented about any number of world, and domestic social justice issues. The result, from their opening your eyes to truths that the corporate media doesn't cover, is that you feel like going out in the street to fight for equality, social justice and more compassionate laws.

Corporations are nowadays color blind, and fairly politically correct insofar as their hiring habits, but there is still an incredible amount of predatory behavior, lionized in legislation, aimed towards corporations being made all powerful.

We as a fact of life live in a global economy now, so any solutions to wiping out poverty, and guaranteeing workers' rights, needs to take this global economy into account. Creeping globalization is where we are headed unless we start demanding in unison, and through citizen committees, in all countries, a return to nation based economic models, where the sovereignty of a nation's economy comes first.

Then after accomplishing this can we focus our attention on alleviating, and erasing poverty, and homelessness. Right now there 60 million refugees in the world from geopolitical games played by the major Western powers, so we must some how integrate these oppressed peoples into our countries and economies.

Remember, it is all about social justice, which is at an all time low as of right now. The terror porn on corporate mainstream press is meant to distract us from focusing on the more important inadequacies, and social welfare failures that plague all of our countries. The War on Terror is an instrument used by the power elites to keep us divided, and oppressed, since most terrorism now is secretly state sponsored, through proxy countries, so that your boogyman is really an employee of your own nation, meant to drag us into war, and promoting social division.

Certainly the only way then to fight terrorism is to go after those who ultimately sponsor it, and keep it alive. This is the power elite, and bought and paid for politicians, who jokingly call themselves democrats. Taxing the rich to super rich, and ending taxes for the middle class, and poor is one way to begin remedying this totalitarian, secretly fascist dictatorship.

First though, we must organize, just as unions used to do, in order to overwhelm the Powers That Shouldn't Be, and in unison bring the economies of the world to a screeching halt, much like a global strike. If the 99% of us, that being with the inclusion of sympathetic white collar folk, were to decide one day to not go into work, but instead strike, we could begin renegotiating our current untenable system which promotes a caste like economic system.

The old phrase, "Power To The People," is more than ever a legitimate phrase that must be given realty. Returning to industries that employee humans, and not computerized assembly lines, is a must, along with stringent laws to keep it all green. Instead of sitting back, and just taking what certain elites want to give you, even from social welfare programs, we must STAND UP, RISE UP, and take back what is rightfully ours, and not theirs. This includes our governments too.

The Arab Spring was such a failure because the elites, and their sold out politicians, and military/intelligence minions, manipulated it out of existence. First you must basically turn to ALT media, tuning out the bullshit corporate media, and begin educating yourself about the glaring discrepancies impacting the state of social justice. Power must go back to the people, and the majority that are now suffering from almost total control of the world by corporations, and the oligarchy.

Educate, activate, and participate are the key words to live by in order to bring down the current totalitarian state of things. In certain cases, armed resistance is justified, especially if martial law is declared, but to be morally correct, hard targets are the only legitimate targets. I know from my time in the Irish Republican movement that targets that could unintentionally impact civilian, or non-combatants must be avoided at all cost.

Using the highest level of encryption in communiques is a must, as is 'in person' communication involved in organizing, and doing thorough background checks on potential recruits. A massive brother and sisterhood is needed to counter the propaganda, spinmeisters and social engineering hacks that oppress us every day. All of it can be accomplished by non-violent means, but any veteran of revolutions will tell you that you need to have a back up, like 'physical force,' if it turns out to be necessary. There already are martyrs to worldwide social injustice, who were cut down for their ability to inspire, and bring together people. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert F. Kennedy and JFK are but the most famous martyrs to bring about real change and hope, though they were cut down by the dark forces who look to oppress, and subjugate.

ANONYMOUS is a great alternative to fighting the endemic system in place right now, since its power comes from diffused leadership, making it so the elite have no leader in particular that they can kill. Even the racist, prejudiced, maligning, egocentric and ethnocentric Donald Trump cannot defeat those of us who fight for bringing about social justice, and real change and hope.

What is for sure is that we must fight the good fight, for otherwise we are doomed to eventually live in world creeping towards absolute control, and dominance, run by shadowy elites, and fascist corporations, conglomerates, and monopolies.

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