Seanchaí And The PSNI

Belfast Marxist provides a platform for a young activist, Seanchaí, to express a critical view on the British Police Service of Northern Ireland. 

Introducing the latest writer to the Belfast Marxist team, Seanchaí, giving his views of the PSNI as they launch their recruitment drive. Seanchaí is a young political activist from West Belfast. If you are interested in writing for Belfast Marxist get in touch via


I was raised in Andersonstown West Belfast. It was and still is a huge Nationalist / Republican area. Due to socialisation I quickly discovered my republican roots and the history of my peoples. However it was as an adolescent that I began to read in-depth the writings of James Connolly. This later evolved into various Marxist theorists, and from this I was able to visualize where I stood on the political spectrum.

I experienced very little of ‘The Troubles.’ However from the few memories I do have they are very distinctive. I was roughly 6 years old when the RUC had disbanded. I’ll never forget how they patrolled the streets. Some would argue there has been many changes implemented due to the Patten Enquiry. However as a child the only thing that changed for me was the colour of their uniforms. People often argue that we have a ‘police service’ and would encourage others to accept this view, I hold the same view as I did as a child – what has changed?

Yes they are now called the PSNI, yes there is now a PSNI Gaelic team and we now have a Police Ombudsmen which sits members of Nationalist parties. Even though we have had these changes the PSNI continually harass our communities, they conduct raids, they use Stop and Search tactics on a daily basis. How can our communities accept this type of ‘Policing’ when residents within our communities are subjected to blatant sectarian harassment and intimidation?

All members of the public need to make their voices heard when it comes to political policing regardless of your beliefs. Sinn Feín endorse the PSNI, work hand in hand with the PSNI, defend the PSNI and this is evident as their silence on these matters is deafening. Regardless of your political views if there is a protest, a march or even if its yourself on social media make your voice heard!

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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