Voice Of The People

Daniel Bradley writing last week on the turbulence at Stormont. Daniel Bradley is a justice campaigner in Derry.

As a father of nine children I need to take responsibility and protect them and that is not easy in todays world. I shared about my brother's case just recently and in today's paper I felt that I must share this.

We the people of Northern Ireland have a say on what our politicians do and say. That's why we voted them in and that means Catholics and Protestants. You see when the Republican Brotherhood was established it was both Catholic and Protestant and they fought for freedom. Today the Mirror shares the joke: I will go further and say an unstable joke.

I am unhappy with Sinn Fein dealings and I am unhappy with Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbit dealing with Danny Kennedy signing himself out of a job.

Maybe the people of Northern Ireland should sit back and ask themselves who have they put in government? What I can see and I suppose what everyone else can see is all so called leaders flaunt themselves in the media to seek attention. Maybe it is time for the people to vote in leaders with discernment, wisdom and knowledge so that they can restore our unstable island. Maybe it is time for us the people to throw out these people and assign the young people who will carry us into a new future.

You see, maybe people don't know this but it is the civil service people who do all the work. These politicians are only front runners who are speaking for us and therefore our voice can change that. You know we all have to ask ourselves Do we really want peace? if we do then the people must speak up and speak loud so that our voice can be heard.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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