Trouble Hatching In Maghaberry

Via the IRPWA a statement Roe 4 Republican Prisoners Maghaberry 23/08/15.

Imprisoned In Maghaberry

Republican Political Prisoners Roe 4 have taken the decision to refuse both the jail lunchtime and evening meals until such time as the jail allows us to use our eating and kitchen facility in a humane and dignified manner. Both meals on Friday and Saturday were refused by all Roe 4 Prisoners, this included prisoners with illnesses including diabetes.

This stems from the recent decision to refuse Roe 4 Prisoners access to a kitchen ‘hatch’ which we use for ventilation and receiving food. We have shown the facilities to the Prisoner Ombudsman and others and demonstrated the lack of ventilation and space which we endure whilst this hatch is closed. This decision came after the hatch had previously been opened throughout the day without any problems.

A deliberate escalating of tension, accompanied by even more security cameras in a small space already saturated with CCTV and recording devices, along with further restrictions on movement are clear signs of those with a malign intent taking control of this jail.

Punitive and vindictive measures to heighten tensions and scupper any attempts at progress seem to be the order of the day.

Republican Prisoners Roe 4 will be refusing jail meals until such times as we may live in a dignified manner. We will not facilitate a jail administration intent on repression and regressive measures whether directed by the POA or MI5.

Republican Political Prisoners

Roe 4

Maghaberry Jail

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