Competition To Rename Northern Bank Robbed By IRA Of £26.5 Million

The Broken Elbow with a Northern Bank competition. is proud to announce a competition to rename the Northern Bank building which was the scene in December 2004 of what was then the largest robbery in Irish or British criminal history.

The IRA is believed to have been responsible and stole £26.5 million from the bank’s vaults in a mixture of new and used notes.

The former Northern Bank in Belfast City centre

The Guardian today revealed that the bank, which the paper describes as a classic example of ‘brutalist’ architecture, has been listed as a building of historic or architectural interest by the Department of Environment.

However the DOE has not yet announced what name the building will be given and so to assist the process this blog is inviting readers to make their own suggestions. The winning prize will be, as usual, a lifetime subscription to the blog.

To start the process, here is’s own suggestion: Bobby Storey House.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''Competition To Rename Northern Bank Robbed By IRA Of £26.5 Million"

  1. Didn't some of the money turn up behinds some tiles in an RUC Social club???
    Did the IRA have a little giggle when they went into an RUC members only club and start taking down tiles and hiding the stolen loot in there?
    Has this ever been explained???
    Also, it wasn't a very successful robbery..because they changed the design of the notes thereby rendering the stolen money void.
    I mean we do know the Brits gave the IRA bomb making technology.So why wouldn't they be behind this robbery too?
    And who broke into Castlereagh..A Polish chef????????

    As for the caption competition.. The Biggest criminals I know are the British State.
    So I would call it saxe-coburg the "we're NOT German Guv Strasse".
    See..They even lie about that..The Brits. Liars.

  2. "Procurement of the Peace House"


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