A Resistance To Lies & Misinformation

Gerard Quinn with a letter written for the Irish News shortly after the funeral of Kevin McGuigan. The letter was never published. Gerard Quinn campaigned for justice in the case of the murdered Robert McCartney.

Twice this week I found myself in the Short Strand area of East Belfast. The first time was on Saturday night when I attended the wake of murdered republican Kevin McGuigan, the second time was on Tuesday to attend his funeral.

The last time I was in Short Strand for any length of time was at the funeral of my murdered cousin Robert McCartney. Robert was murdered by the same people that murdered Kevin. 

10 years later and the criminal gang behind Robert’s murder have still not been brought to justice and as recent events have shown are continuing to murder members of their own community with impunity. As the dark veil of republicanism continues to protect those who murder at will, my family, as does Kevin McGuigan’s, question how long these murdering psychopaths will be allowed to continue their reign of terror over those they once claimed to protect. 

10 years ago as I stood in St Matthews chapel at the funeral of my cousin Robert there was an air of despondency and bewilderment at how this could happen to a father, brother, uncle and partner who had no reason to be murdered in such a vile and cruel manner. 

Today, a decade on, there was a similar feeling of despondency – yet this time with an air of resistance. A resistance to the lies and misinformation being spun by those who fake a desire for justice. Today as his coffin left the home where he was murdered, the message from Kevin McGuigans family was that you can spread lies, misinformation and deceit – but you will not silence us. This is a family, as are Robert McCartney’s who know who murdered their loved ones. 

John Kelly a founder member of the Provisional IRA posed a number of questions to republicans following Roberts murder – 10 years later I pose the same questions by quoting John Kelly.

I would ask those nationalist and republicans who have suspended their critical faculties in the pursuit of an electoral mandate, to question whether that mandate can be used to justify actions and activities that not only offends the core values of republicanism but also offends the core values of Christian society, and how does murdering the innocent “protector” of a “respected family” in the local community build an Ireland of equals?

10 years later and still no justice – Time For Truth


  1. This week in his column in the Vatican Times quisling $inn £einds Gorbels Gibney stated that it was state agents which murdered Kevin Mc Guigan and Jock Davidson the very same state agents who murdered Robert Mc Cartney and Joe O Connor and the dogs in the streets know exactly who these "state agents" are.it used to be the job of the Shankill Butchers ,uvf/uda et all to instill fear into the nationalist /republician community.how adeptly has quisling pira stepped into that role.

  2. The one thing that keeps popping into my mind about the jock Davidson murder is this: If kevin Mc Guigan was the killer where did he get his hands on a clean gun?
    surely automatic pistols are not procured easily, unless of course your in circles where these items change hands. Now if that is the case, and Mc Guigan frequented criminal company, then why has this not surfaced in the media.

    Mackers has stated he believes Mc Guigan was capable of being the hit man. Do you base this hunch on Mc Guigan's past CV or is his capability centred around the circles he moved in, thus an ability to obtain clean guns?