Bobby Storey Arrest: New Caption Contest

The Broken Elbow is running a caption competition.
The arrest by PSNI detectives investigating the Kevin McGuigan murder of former IRA intelligence chief and Northern chairman of Sinn Fein, Bobby Storey has highlighted the close relationship between the West Belfast activist and Gerry Adams.

Below they are pictured chatting at a public event in Belfast sometime in the recent past. The usual free lifetime subscription to to the reader who best imagines what they would be saying to each other if the picture had been taken today:


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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

23 comments to ''Bobby Storey Arrest: New Caption Contest"

  1. "The sausage rolls haven't got any bigger Gerry."

  2. Bob: When the cops hit I shredded everything else but the laptop wouldn't fit into the bloody shredder....

  3. "Gerry how do you pronounce audacity?"

  4. Gerry: No Bobby you can't say you left the IRA not long after I was never in it. No one will believe you.

    Bob: They don't believe you so that makes two of us.

  5. I swear to you ger, i never got any E.B.Ts from the man sir David murray.ive never scouted for them in my life.i thought they wear green and white.

  6. "No Bobby, your an intelligence officer, that dosnt make you intelligent"

  7. "Bobby I know you will understand that for the greater good of the movement we are going to have to let you go."

  8. Bob: I wrote a poem in my cell Gerry.

    Gerry: Oh. How does it go?

    Bob: I can't remember it's still on the cell wall.

    Gerry: That's unfortunate Bob it's lost forever then?

    Bob: Oh no Gerry it's saved on my pen.

    Gerry: Your pen drive?

    Bob: No Gerry my pen. It should be still in the Biro they gave me.

  9. Bob: I wrote my name on the cell wall Gerry.

    Gerry: You could get fined Bob.

    Bob: They won't find me cause I used a fake name.

  10. Adams… fer Jasus sakes Bobby just tell em I was never in the Ra. Now that’s sorted, did I tell ye bout my new trampoline?

    Bobby, (utterly shocked) ya kept dat fuckin shy, do they know about it?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Bob: I stripped off, covered my body in butter and slipped out through the bars.

    Gerry: That's amazing Bobby!

    Bob: I know. You should have seen the bouncer's faces.

  13. "What do you mean I have to fall on my sword Don Corleone?

  14. Can we have a caption competion for this video.?
    with Peter Robinson carrying the Coffin for a UFF commander?
    Ya know the same Peter Robinson opposed to terrorism?

    Why oh why is this rank hypocrisy allowed to stand>>>

  15. When they come for you make sure you tell them that as an Irish republican you fully support the right of British police to arrest you ... just to be consistent, you know.

  16. Storey to Adams: Are you fuck'n for real, they'll never believe that?
    Adams response: Look if you say it often enough they will, now, put the word out, McGuigan committed it!

  17. Bob-Hey Gerry, there's lots of rumours going around that we are in MI5's pocket.
    Gerry-They won't go away you know.

  18. Bob: Gerry, Can you help me get out of this?
    Gerry (in very loud voice): I am sorry but I have no clue who you are. I have never seen you before in my life.

  19. B: Yeeeeoooow-what--what the fuck are you doing?
    G:Very simply Bobby, what Im not doing is sticking my thumb up your arse. There is a crowd of people here Bobby, nobody saw me not do it. Right?
    B: Yes.

  20. "Teddy says you have to go away for a while."

  21. Bob, looking puzzled: "Was I in the IRA, Gerry?"

  22. Bobby: What the hell Gerry, aren't you supposed to take care of this stuff?
    Gerry: And, how is it I know you again?


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