The UK's Mainstream Media's Lies ...

Mick Hall on the media lie of the Tories on the centre ground. Mick Hall is a Marxist blogger @ Organized Rage.

The UK's mainstream media's lies when it claims the Tory government occupied the political centre ground?

The Guardian along with the rest of the mainstream media (MSM) have been willingly manoeuvred by the Neo Liberal fanatics into conceding them the centre ground. As the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating and as far as they're all concerned, in editorials, articles and TV news they have consistently positioned the current Tory government on the centre ground.

Pray tell how is that possible?

It's as if the media are deliberating confusing being centre stage​ with​ being on the centre ground politically​.​ This is a slippery slope to pursue, for the criteria they're using for occupying the centre ground is governmental power. In other words if the electorate vote a government into office it must by their definition be on the centre ground. The lessons from history alone make this plain wrong if not downright dangerous.​ ​

In a democracy the meaning of the political centre ground must be immovable from one generation to the next. If not the terminology becomes meaningless. For the whole purpose of using such terminology is to understand the direction of the prevailing political wind, whether it be to the left, right or centre.

The MSM have no difficultly when describing the left, hardly a day goes by these days without Corbyn or Tsipras being described as leftists. I have no problem with this as it reflects their political beliefs correctly. Although I draw the line with terms like extremist.

But it fails to use the same criteria when commenting or reporting on Cameron's Tory Administration, and the politics of its leading members. Just because Cameron claims to be a one nation Tory and spouts nonsense like "we're all in this together," does not make it fact, now does it? When George Osborne writes in The Guardian he believes "this settlement [austerity which result in massive social security cuts] represents the new centre of British politics," it does not make it so.

Or has the MSM conveniently forgotten the Tories only received 36.7 per cent in the May General Election?

Any fair minded assessment of the current Tory government's policies would place it on the right politically.

Their fanatical hatred of trade unions, public ownership, immigrants, socialists, their support for further deregulation of the financial markets and big business, privatisation of the NHS, ever more welfare cuts, duplicitous attacks on the BBC, and support for further military intervention in the middle east, clearly places the Tory administration on the right politically, if not the far right.

On the centre ground they're not and for the MSM to claim they are is to deceive readers and viewers. It's just another example of neo liberal sleight of hand,* and must be exposed at every turn.

By the way I complained to Chris Elliott, The Guardian's readers editor that the paper breaks it's own guidelines on accuracy when it places the current government on the centre ground politically. He failed to reply let alone deal with my complaint. So much for self regulation, the paper talks the talk, but fails to walk the walk.

Let me finish by asking this question, if and when a Jeremy Corbyn led government is elected will the mainstream media claim it's on the centre ground? Answers on a fig leaf please.

* An example of this was the rewriting by Cameron's administration of the child poverty targets statute.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

4 comments to ''The UK's Mainstream Media's Lies ..."

  1. The Guardain?????
    That paper showed it's colours many times.
    During the Scottish vote it was true blue unionist.
    It also supports Trident.
    And sees nothing wrong with the Brits in fact it does everything in it's power to try make it as "normal" rather than the colonial rump that it is.
    So why have faith in the Guardian?
    It's a rag no different from the Sun or the Express.
    Not only that..but it engages heavily in censorship on it's online comment section.
    And on here you can get a good feel for it's readers "ethics"

    I remember reading 2 online stories on the Guardain.
    One was a Gordon Brown Apology for shipping off over 250,000 British "Feral" youths to places like Australia.
    Several children were told they were Orphans when they weren't ( their parents were still alive) and they were shipped off.
    This story attracted about 70 comments..And the first of which was to say Gordon Brown should apolgise for selling off the Gold Reserves rather than this issue.
    Next article was a story about Tuam Babies..This attracted over 1,200 comments in it's first day.
    So, this proves, that as far the English are concerned..The words Irish and Catholic are still to be hated.
    Just like the last 800 years never happened.
    Also the Guardian Wankers and it's readers never fail to lecture the Irish about abortion.
    Fuck 'em.
    With Kincora..the mass deportations of British youth to Australia in the 1960's 1970's/.
    The MP paedo rings etc etc.
    I WILL NOT TAKE LECTURES fro the Brits.
    And the Guardian is rubbish.
    When the Brits are aware of their hypocrisy and show humility...that's the day I'll listen to them...Not before.

  2. In the words of the poet Tom Leonard:

    "What I hate about the news is the definite article".

  3. "willingly manoeuvred by the Neo Liberal fanatics"

    "Although I draw the line with terms like extremist."

    You really do have to laugh.

    "if and when a Jeremy Corbyn led government is elected"

    There will never be a Jeremy Corbyn led government precisely because the British public have demonstrated, time and time again, that the further left the Labour party goes the less electable it becomes. Why? They are intelligent enough to see that socialist governments around the world have been a disaster. Venezuala, Greece, France. They only have to look at the 1970s to see what a disaster the experiment was in this country. If they are in any doubt that 'Jezza' is a silly sack of shit then they only need to look at pictures of him with Gerry Adams or his friends in Hamas and Hezbollah.

  4. Ozzy

    I don't beleive we should pass on the other side when an enemy offers an open goal.



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