Republican Prisoners Encourage Support For Anti-Internment March

Via the IRPWA a Statement from the Roe 4 Republican Prisoners Maghaberry in prior to last weekend's anti-internment march in Belfast. 
Statement – Republican Prisoners Encourage Support For Anti-Internment March
Republicans facing the British police

Republican Political Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry Jail, welcome the efforts of all those responsible for elevating our struggle on to the main stage of political debate. The annual 9th August Anti-Internment League rally does not organise itself. It has taken years of hard determined effort to arrive at where it is today.

Only 10 years ago, it would have been difficult for us to imagine thousands of Irish Republicans marching in unison right into Belfast City Centre thus challenging the British Government human rights abuses in our country. That it has come to be exposed is a success in itself.

For those who are yet undecided on attending we appeal to you to join our struggle. There are few avenues open to Irish Republicans to make a public expression of our opposition to Internment, whether by remand or through revocation of licence, forced strip searches, controlled movement and Isolation of Republican Political Prisoners.

The British Government know this as well. This of course explains the increasing effort to hinder this manifestation of resistance.  We implore the Irish Republican people to recognise this and the intent behind it and conclude that they will not assist the process by staying at home. No one, not even a British Government can thwart such a well organised and well attended demonstration of resistance.

Like the organisers of this rally who have persevered throughout the last few years wholly committed to accommodating everyone so too have we been left without the luxury of ivory tower politics afforded only to those who will never again see the inside of a prison cell. This fight is a Republican struggle against British Policies. It is a job of work that demands cohesion and the commitment to ensuring its success.

We look forward to seeing thousands of our people standing up for our rights, facing down British Rule in this country and doing so right in the heart of Belfast. We thank all of the organisers, all of those who have helped so far, and in advance, all those supporters of Irish Republican Political Prisoners and opponents of British rights abuse for their attendance.

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