Gerry Adams And Charles Windsor: A Photo Caption Contest

Ed Moloney is offering a prize to the winning entry. Ed Moloney blogs at The Broken Elbow.         

Great photo of Gerry Adams and Prince Charles about to shake hands by Brian Lawless of PA.


A free lifetime subscription to to the reader who composes the best bubble captions capturing the thoughts going through the heads of the two men as they are about to meet.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

23 comments to ''Gerry Adams And Charles Windsor: A Photo Caption Contest"

  1. Charles: "your brother is a rapist"

    Gerry: "but so is yours"

  2. Person beside Charles: Are you going to fuck'n drink that or not?

    Adams: Christ there's an awful lot of people in this court house today!

  3. Charles.... lovely day Mr Adams

    Gerry ...Aye, ye fancy a walk on the beach?

  4. Charlie "You are just going to stand there you dick or are going to shake hands". Instead of the lifetime subscription could I not have the money.

    Mal Higgins

  5. Charles: By golly: is that blood on his tie? Good Heavens

    Gerry: Diana visited a zoo and came out with him.

  6. Glad to hear that you want to be a tampax, I,m a bloody cunt

  7. My army is bigger than yours ,
    yeah maybe so ,but we can make people disappear ..

  8. Its got to be a bates/wilkes style caption :

    I want to give loving testimony to the power of the great Dr Ian Paisley, he managed to turn war to peace and reconcile two great foes, as shown in the picture above. Also my wife and i had problems it was almost tearing my home apart our relationship was almost non existent until i lost my job all the problems were now compounded and my threatened and filed for divorce i had nothing to do and nowhere to go then i came across a post on the internet on how Dr Ian Paisley could help us, and help heal the world of HIV. If you are ever in problem or in need don't look anywhere else just contact this one man Dr Ian Paisley And he will help you out in whatever situation you find yourself again i want to say thank you sir for all you done for me your son from the UK Gerry Adams

  9. Wait for him to apologize first... we are not the ones who did anything worng.

  10. When is that servant with the beard going to take away my cup for me

  11. Charlie, that's a funny lookin pioneer pin he's wearing!.

    Adams, if I don't move the cunt mightn't recognise me

  12. Colonel-in-Chief meets Civilian-in-Chief....and missionary.

    Prince Charles: "Dr Shipman, I presume?"

  13. Charles: "So the trampoline has arrived? Glorious, thank you."

    Gerry: "For fuck's sake, now everybody's gonna know. Time to cover up."


    Prince Charles: "Let them drink Coke."

  15. Charles: Well when Willie frazer said I was having tea with the Prince of Darkness..I thought he meant that fellow Mandelson!!

    Gerry: I have never met the prince of Wales, Miriam,All allegations thereof are false. It is a Scunderous lie.
    ..awhh. There you are Charles...One lump or two?

    Charles: One's Mummy owns the bogside. Not widely known..Only in our family we call it Scotland.

  16. I say Gerry mo chara old chap any chance of you making mumsie disappear ,one is getting on in years and one wants to be kingsie while one can still enjoy oneself,
    ach leave it with me I,ll get Martybroy to pay her a visit ,a half hour listening to that whining asslicking voice an she,l lose the will to live ,,

  17. What if I just give him a big kick in the balls?

  18. Charles - "One has to always ask these things when one visits Ireland, was this coffee made from R.Liffey water?"

    Adams - "It probably fucking was now that you've drank it all and sorry about the cake Ashers wouldn't make it"

  19. Gerry to the minion beside him...Here comes the Colonel in Chief of the Paras quick get a coffee jar !

    Minion to Gerry Get it yourself this time

  20. Charles: "The Badger I presume?"

    Jarry: "Perhaps in retrospect I shouldn't have been such a smart arsed cunt about his murdered uncle."

  21. Charles: You didn't attend my uncle's funeral

    Gerry: No but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.


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