Nazi Laws In Force In Israeli Jails.

A statement from the Central Information Office Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, May 11, 2015. It was submitted to TPQ by Steven Katsineris.


The Democratic Front condemns the Nazi decision of sentencing to 30 years in prison Samer Al-Issawi, who was the protagonist of the longest hunger strike in history.

We call for the creation of a comprehensive movement in support of the firmness displayed by the prisoners and the detainees, and to reveal the true Nazi laws in force in Israeli Jails.

We call on the international community to provide protection for our sons and daughters who are prisoners, and to take up the responsibility they have for their liberation and the recovery of their freedom.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemned the judiciary decision of the occupying forces at Ofer of re-establishing the previous sentence imposed on the former prisoner, fighter, Samer Tarek Al-Issawi, member of its Central Committee, with the pretext of “non-compliance with the conditions of his freedom.”

The DFLP spokesperson pointed out in a communiqué that the Israeli occupying force incarcerated and condemned –to a sentence of 30 years imprisonment— this militant, who had already served ten years of his sentence before recovering his freedom by virtue of the exchange of prisoners that took place by exchanging them for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The spokesperson pointed out that the occupying authorities had already detained Samer on a previous opportunity, and this had prompted him to undergo the longest hunger strike in the history of the prisoners’ movement. It lasted around 290 days: this forced the occupation forces to liberate him, and uncovered the reality of the coercive, authoritarian and racist policies that are being practiced against Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

The spokesperson also said that the occupying force again detained Samer in the framework of its repressive measures against the Palestinian uprising in Jerusalem, in the course of the last Israeli aggression against Gaza. And that this new detention of Samer, member of the CC of the DFLP, and of a numerous group of his brothers and comrades in the struggle, sons of the Palestinian National Movement, under the pretext of “non-compliance with the conditions of their freedom,” constitutes a flagrant and insolent violation of international law and the principles of human rights, which recognize the right of peoples to resist in the light of occupation, and to defend their legitimate national rights and their sovereignty over their lands and their fatherlands.

The spokesperson called for the constitution of a wide-ranging movement in support of the firmness displayed by Samer and the rest of the prisoners, even for the internationalization of the cause of Palestinian prisoners, and called on the international community to take up its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people who are under occupation.

The spokesperson finally underlined that the arrests will not weaken the determination nor the firmness of the Palestinian people, and that the prisoners who taught a lesson with respect to defying the enemy will continue to display a will that is stronger that the jail, than the jailer and his Nazi repressive measures.

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