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  1. Where is Barry in all the Gaza debate...I expected him to come out of his stalls supporting Zionism.....

    Barry I am very disappointed in you.

  2. He's either dead or under the bed Frankie.
    "Only the dead are safe; only the dead have seen the end of war.”

    George Santayana, Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies, 1922

    1. Henry/Anthony.....


      Put Barry's wake on hold and he isn't under a bed.....He is alive and well posting twisted facts on Elon 'free speech' Musk's X......


      I will hold him to account for the lies, distorted facts and propaganda he is posting on 'X'....It's like reading Christy only with steroids. He (Barry) blames Hamas for the deaths of kids....and white washes the Zionist bastards who started the whole saga<-----and before anyone starts, you need to go back and read history and what was happening well before 7th Oct............

    2. Frankie - as you are wholly entitled to do. I have not seen him posting on Twitter but then I don't look. As I keep saying to people the worst act of anti-Semitism a person can commit is to deny genocide and war crimes when they are happening. It legitimises Holocaust denial by seeking to have as acceptable false narratives that in effect are used to deny the experience of the Jews during WW2.

    3. Thanks for the update Frankie, won't have to rush out for a 'Mass Card' then so.

      I was listening recently to a wide-ranging interview with John Mearsheimer where he discussed among other things his experiences after publishing his book 'The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy'. He expressed an opinion that the word anti-Semite, a charge levied at him after publication, had become so over-used and misused as to have become almost meaningless. He pointed out that it has largely become but a tool to silence criticism of Israel. I'm inclined to concur and felt this was often what Barry was up to.

      I'm also inclined to agree with your take on Christy's position re Hamas. I don't believe such charges are sustainable at all.
      I read a lengthy article linked to by Jim Monaghan in one of his comments. In it, the opposite is suggested. It reported that Hamas had actively introduced education programmes to prevent ISIS-like radicalisation of their Gaza youth.
      Also, Hamas has shown some restraint in its treatment of hostages. If, as a neighbour of mine has suggested, they were cut from the same cloth as ISIS they'd be putting out three dead hostages a day, and maybe with the occasional corpse booby-trapped. If Hamas are as ruthless as Christy suggests, surely they'd see some tactical merit in such actions?
      At 3 stiffed hostages a day they could keep it up for three months. If they were ISIS-like they wouldn't care about consequences.

  3. I think he feels there is little point in debating it as minds are made up and he doesn't want to be falling out with anybody. He is still a Quiller and will be back.

  4. Henry Joy

    "He expressed an opinion that the word anti-Semite, a charge levied at him after publication, had become so over-used and misused as to have become almost meaningless. He pointed out that it has largely become but a tool to silence criticism of Israel. I'm inclined to concur and felt this was often what Barry was up to."

    This is a gross misrepresentation of my stances on antisemitism. I have frequently criticised the Occupation of the West Bank and the settlement buildings and the accompanying violence of the settlers towards the Palestinian Arab population; the conduct of Israeli wars in Gaza and the right ward drift of Israeli politics; not least the polices and corrupt behaviour of Benjamin Netananyu. I have stated my views both in my writings and in comment threads.

    For the record, I believe there is sufficient evidence to charge both the Israeli government and Hamas for war crimes at the Hague. Hospitals and other medical centres should never be sites of military combat or installations.

    So, as I have said on numerous occasions (although certain Quillers chose to deny it) it is never antisemitic to criticise Israeli governments of any hue as opposed to the existence of the State of Israel. When criticism becomes demonisation, original sinning and other types of othering around human rights and the circumstances around Israel's creation (especially when the critics ignore or even justify gross violations of human rights and war crimes in Syria and Iran for example), then it becomes problematic as critics often, consciously or unconsciously, invoke antisemitic tropes especially those churned by KGB "Zionologist" disinformation specialists in the Soviet era after 1967.

    I am currently working on a piece on word crimes and antisemitic narratives which I will post on my blog (needs radical updating).

    1. Barry - why would it be antisemitic to oppose the existence of the Israeli state? It should not be Islamophobic to oppose the state of Pakistan. Labelling as antisemitic this type of opinion on the existence of states is deeply problematic. Flip it, and the accusation of Zionism could be thrown the way of those who are not in fact Zionist but do not believe in the abolition of the Israeli state. It is a perfectly legitimate opinion to hold that the state of Israel should exist or should not exist.

    2. Responses noted Barry.
      I'd still contend the Israeli state has reaped as it has sown.
      At its essence, it is a shit-hole state, supremacist in its actions over time and, most likely guilty of the crime of apartheid.
      Both of us know and I guess can agree that hurt people hurt people. It's way beyond time that the laying down of the necessary conditions for some sort of societal maturation is facilitated and initiated.
      People won't work through their trauma by inflicting it upon others.

  5. Frankie Stalker

    "I will hold him to account for the lies, distorted facts and propaganda he is posting on 'X"

    Bring it on cos I have not seen any evidence on it on "X".

    But when you accuse me of this trilogy, you are living in one heck of a glasshouse.

  6. Barry,

    1....Did it ever cross your mind for 30seconds that I might have been concerned about your well-being and that was the reason for asking about you, checking you 'X' feed to see if you posted recently?

    2....Henry Joy thought you were dead under your bed---at least I didn't have such dark thoughts---break his balls for writing you off.

    3....About 8 weeks ago (give or take) you asked Quillers to play the ball and not the man and that throwing insults is childish and yet here you are insulting me. You can't have it both ways Barry........

    4.....On the 12th Oct on 'X' you said "All dead Palestinian children should be counted on the Hamas ledger of war crimes."........Can you flesh that out for dumb fcuks like me.

    5....On the 11th Oct you re-posted a distorted 'meme' fact check by Brent Peabody...Let's look at Brent's 4 myths that both of you call facts....

    A.....Why didn't Brent or you mention the indigenous people who live there and who have never been Jewish.... a video by Matt Baker (an American Jew) called Who Controlled Jerusalem the Longest? and Matt uses the same time line that you and Brent use and it tells a very different story..... is this head a self hating jew. Barry whats your thoughts on the millions of Jews who support Palestine.....are they all ill-informed?

    B.....Reads like Irish nationalists who became as British as Finchley and joined the UDR/RUC....

    C....Israhell decide when food, aid, water etc can get through to Gaza and no one else....The last few weeks have proven it. My guess is Israhell want all the Palestinians out of Gaza so they can exploit the billions in natural resources along the Gaza coast line... open the link and check out my Frankie fact checks about how much is there (2nd last comment)

    D....So the Zionist's in Israhell and across the face of this rock are peace loving hippies.... American Zionists.............peace loving British Zionists............Zionist's in Israhell.....Why don't you post those videos on your 'X' feed........? And if you or Brent don't think Israhell don't decapitate civillains then listen closely to Prof Norman Finkelstein............

    (Quillers...time for a beer. spliff and Hank Williams)

    1. I am not going down your or anyone else's rabbit holes, Frankie. Sorry to disappoint.