A Morning Thought @ 1846


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  1. Quillers,

    Someone of you probably know the classic Hank Williams song... I'll never get out of this world alive , lets be honest no one is. I don't want to be given the Dave Allen (In the name of the father, the son and into the hole he goes). I want to be cremated but I don't want anyone to give me the Keith Richards. I want my ashes strapped to a fire work and someone to set it off in the middle of Ardoyne so my ashes get scattered over the streets where I grew up. Failing that I will settle for a Willie Nelson

    I have a very good friend and he wants to die knowing he has given someone a Tom T Hall and leave this rock owing 'someone' 40 dollars. His twist on the song is , if his doctor told him he had 2 weeks to live, he is going to a head (who is a back stabbing dick) and borrow 40 dollars from him , knowing that the back stabbing dick wont get it back.....