A Morning Thought @ 1833


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  1. Quiller's who wants to play 'spot the difference' today.....?

    Recently Phillip Schofield (UK TV presenter) lost his job because he groomed Mathew McGreevy (they met when Mathew was 10/11 and not 15 as the media report). They eventually had a legal sexual relationship. Today Schofield is vilified...... Elvis Presley met Priscilla just before she turned 14 (means she was 13 at the time) and groomed her and married her and most people turn a blind eye....The current president of France (Emmanuel Macron) was groomed when he was 14/15 yrs old by his then drama teacher, who he later married. Today he strutts the world stage.

    Why are some people allowed get away with grooming and other's can't.....?

    Another 'spot the difference'.......

    Last week the world media was keeping the world updated on the tragedy concerning the submarine that imploded bedside the Titanic. And the good and great sent as much help as they could. But the same media just about paid lip service a bigger tragedy.....

    Is it because one tragedy involved 'white' billionaires and the other tragedy involved mainly north Africans....?