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  1. Has anyone else been playing around with 'ChatGPT'....?... I have been playing with it for the past week or so and it is scary, could be useful if used right....

    I asked it this "Write a 1000 word essay explaining why the IRA lost the war" and within 10 seconds I had this response......

    The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is a militant organization that sought to end British rule in Northern Ireland and reunify the island of Ireland. The IRA has a complex history, and there are several factors that contributed to its eventual defeat in the conflict known as the Troubles.

    One major factor was the lack of support from the broader population. While the IRA had some popular support, especially among Catholic communities in Northern Ireland, the majority of the population did not support the organization's tactics or goal of violence. This lack of popular support made it difficult for the IRA to recruit new members and sustain its campaign of violence.

    Another significant factor was the strength and determination of the British security forces. The British government deployed thousands of troops to Northern Ireland and greatly increased the resources devoted to fighting the IRA. The security forces were able to use intelligence-gathering techniques to infiltrate the IRA and disrupt its operations. They also employed tough tactics such as internment without trial, which further damaged the IRA's ability to operate.

    The IRA also faced internal divisions, which weakened the organization and hampered its efforts. Throughout the Troubles, there were several splits within the IRA, with various factions emerging at different times. Some members advocated for a more political approach, while others wanted to continue the armed struggle. These divisions made it more difficult for the IRA to present a unified front and hindered its ability to mount effective campaigns.

    Additionally, the IRA had political rival Sinn Féin under Gerry Adams who success on gaining support from Irish population by advocating for a political solution, abandoning the use of violence, and entering the political process. This weakened the IRA as it lead to a shift of support to Sinn Féin among the electorate and lost the support of the population.

    The IRA also faced pressure from other countries. The United States and other countries placed pressure on the IRA and its supporters, making it more difficult for the organization to raise money and obtain weapons. This further hampered the IRA's ability to continue its campaign of violence.

    Finally, the Good Friday Agreement, which was signed in 1998, effectively ended the Troubles and the IRA's campaign of violence. The agreement established a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland and provided a framework for resolving the conflicts between the Catholic and Protestant communities. The IRA officially decommissioned its weapons and renounced violence, signaling the end of the organization's armed struggle.

    In conclusion, the IRA lost the war because of a combination of factors, including lack of popular support, the strength and determination of the British security forces, internal divisions, political rival Sinn Féin's successful political strategy, pressure from other countries and the Good Friday Agreement. The IRA could not sustain its campaign of violence in the face of these challenges, and ultimately ended its armed struggle with the Good Friday Agreement.

  2. The above text , response is 100% AI....

  3. That particular programme must surely have more human input than reliance on algorithms then! Never read a bot response like it.