Lynx By Ten To The Power Of Three Hundred And Fifty Three

Ten links to a diverse range of opinion that might be of interest to TPQ readers. They are selected not to invite agreement but curiosity. Readers can submit links to pieces they find thought provoking.

Before We Conform, Or Condemn, Let Us At Least Be Curious

More than 70 facilities - Mayor of Kyiv reports what Russians damaged in Kyiv

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine delivered aid to Kriviy Rih

 Hanna Perekhoda, Ukrainian scholar: Putin invaded Ukraine because he thought NATO was weak and they would let him get away with it

Looking at how much of the Western left can't take an adequate position regarding the Russo-Ukrainian war

One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it - Albert Camus♞ 

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