Lynx By Ten To The Power Of Three Hundred And Twenty Eight

Ten links to a diverse range of opinion that might be of interest to TPQ readers. They are selected not to invite agreement but curiosity. Readers can submit links to pieces they find thought provoking.

Before We Conform, Or Condemn, Let Us At Least Be Curious

Iranian woman dies ‘after being beaten by morality police’ over hijab law

Why Samuel Alito’s 'militant Christianity' is a 'problem for the rest of us': journalist

Republican lawmaker tears up over teen who nearly lost her uterus due to anti-abortion bill he supported

'Turn back to God and repent': Anti-abortion Republicans are devouring one another

Woman! Life! Freedom! - A short report on Iran's current protests

'A cursed infatuation': Far-right pastor slammed for 'cult'-like adoration of Trump

Donald Trump’s supporters believe 'God anointed him': expert

More than 60 percent of Republicans want the United States of America declared a Christian nation: report

The Rise of Christian Nationalism

One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it - Albert Camus♞ 

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