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  1. How come or why isn't MSN talking much if anything about Hunter Bidens laptop or Ashley's Bidens diary? Is it because they are afraid of the FBI knocking on their doors?

    If anyone wants to have a peek inside Hunters laptop then in time honored fashion..... open the link , the first link is a video of Hunter in rehab smoking a crack pipe (almost at the end of the video-. Some of the links .....they look like something from Porn Hub. There is also a link that lets 'who ever' read his emails and trust me Quillers, if you , me or a boy named Sue had penned them ,we'd be charge with a lot of crimes.....

    The biggest cause for concern is creepy Joes daughters diary...Again open the link and make your own mind up and you can read Ashley Bidens own words for yourself.....An entry from January 30, 2019, reads, "I have always been boy crazy," she wrote. 'Hyper-sexualised @ a young age ... I remember somewhat being sexualised with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)."...She also mentions how she was probably molested by creepy Joe.....

    From National File.... New York Times, FBI Confirm Legitimacy of Ashley Biden Diary Published by National File

    same story from The Daily Mail.........I can only speak for me but the black and white photo is creepy.....

    Tucker Carlson speaks to Josh Boswell from The Dail Mail as to why they released Ashleys diary.

    If it was The Donalds family, MSN would be all over it.....and rightly so. But its not The Donald it#s creepy Joe B.