Lynx By Ten To The Power Of Two Hundred And Thirty Two

Ten links to a diverse range of opinion that might be of interest to TPQ readers. They are selected not to invite agreement but curiosity. Readers can submit links to pieces they find thought provoking.

Before We Conform, Let Us At Least Be Curious

One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it - Albert Camus♞ 

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  1. That first link about the teacher made me remember something. I remember another kid in class when I was wee, he was always in trouble and acting the messer. Our teacher was an aul prick who thought nothing of terrorising the school. He gave the kid a wallop and sent him home. Cue the Da coming in the next day and putting a shooter next to the teacher's head and showing him the errors of his ways. Both the teacher AND the kid totally behaved themselves for the rest of the years. Wild times lol