A Morning Thought @ 1392



  1. Are they all worshipers of the new religion 'Zelenskism'.....? I have no doubt 'Zelenskites' will be out in force tonight voting for Ukraine to win Euro Vision. Somehow if even they don't win I still think the savior Zelensky will show up on a live feed reading from a script telling the world how proud he is of the young men on the front line losing their lives for a war they didn't start from the safety of his nuclear bunker.

    Zelenksy is as corrupt as Putin. Main difference is some oligarchs are more western friendly than others....Zelensky is worth $1.5 Billion . And just before the war his opinion ratings weren't great. I will give credit when due, he knows how to play the camera perfectly...I don't buy into his bullshit. He isn't as brave as he makes out. He is in a protected nuclear bunker surrounded by elite NATO trained Ukrainian forces while he sends men between 18-60 to the front line. If he believed in 'the cause' then why doesn't he go to the front line and pick up a gun?

    An unmentioned casualty of the war is the sex trafficking of Ukrainian women and young children fleeing west....But the West will rightly flag up Russian sex crimes in Ukraine...

    Anyway... Fcuk Zelenskism.

  2. It's seems Zelenkism is strong in Euro Vision land.....