A Morning Thought @ 1380



  1. Barry what is your problem with the Provisionals/INLA or even what the world call today 'dissident republican's'?

    What is the difference in your mind between Irish men fighting against the British and Ukrainians fighting Putin/Russia? Both are oppressive states who have invaded another country..

    My bottom line is this...During the conflict (and today) I walked the streets of Ardoyne, Oldpark, Clifonville..Newlodge, Unity and got drunk in Divis Flats and never once did anyone one involved in PFR (physical force republicanism) beat me up. I'm factoring in you got beat up 3 times by Shinners when you electioneered for the Stoops.

    Again what is your problem with Irish men fighting the British when you have no issue with Zelensky's men?

  2. Russia invaded another sovereign and democratic nation against explicit international law.

    Northern Ireland remains part of the UK due to two internationally binding treaties namely the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 and the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement of 1998; the latter endorsed by an overwhelming majority of electors on the island of Ireland.

    President Zelenksy has the overwhelming majority of his compatriots and most of the world behind him as he battles Putin's aggression. During the NI conflict PFR never commanded majority support of the community it was supposedly fighting on behalf of and never will.

    The more accurate parallel is the thuggery, kleptocracy and lack of democratic accountability of the Putin regime and that of the respective sets of paramilitary groups in NI

    Sorry to have to point out the bleeding obvious, Frankie.