A Morning Thought @ 1358



  1. In this ever increasing age of censorship, if anyone wants to watch Russia Today..... open this link.

    1. Frankie

      Censorship such as 15 year jail sentences for Russians who describe Putin's "special military operation" in Ukraine by its proper name- war and the shutting down of the last independent TV stations, newspapers and websites.

      If Quillers wish to click on that link then go ahead. You may need the sickbag after viewing it.

  2. Barry,

    Censorship in all its forms Barry. Recently you called for TPQ to censor and not carry my posts, a few weeks ago Stevie floated the idea that my comments should be carried in 'Bates and Wilkes Central'....All I know is if either of you opened and actually watched the videos or read any of the links I post, you'd both find out they mostly all come from main stream news sites, respected journalists, official sources and first hand accounts. Not from a whack job sitting in a dark room as you suggest.

    The reason for the Russia Today link is there is a huge propaganda war going on between the West and Putin. The only way I am going to get anywhere near the truth is by listening to what both sides are saying and separating fact from fiction.

  3. RT'S notoriety as a Putin propaganda vehicle goes before it. Putin as a former KGB officer is a master of disinformation warfare and this channel is part of it.

  4. It seems Russia Today isn't live streaming on Odeyse for reasons I've yet to figure out. So the above link isn't working but you can tune into Rumble and watch Russia Today

    Telegram Betrays Free Speech and Censors Russia Today, Rumble Reaffirms Commitment to Platform Their Content

    "Renegade left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald posted a statement glorifying Rumble because of their unwillingness to buckle against immense pressure from the globalists wishing to enact the Orwellian Nightmare to win their information war:"

    what Glenn Greenwald posted on twitter

  5. RT is the Goebbels lie machine of the 21sr century and part of the information war that Putin has fought since 2014 through his bot factory in St Petersburgh; the Internet Research Agency (IRA lol!).