A Morning Thought @ 1017


  1. With the recent murder in England of Sarah Everard and the double murder in Newtownabbey of Karen McClean and Stacey Knell, I am wondering why aren't women taken more serious when they make complaints to the police about domestic and sexual violence...

    A few days before Sarah Everard lost her life to Wayne Couzens (a serving Metropolitan Police officer) had been reported for exposing himself at a McDonalds and on the day o Stacey Knell lost her life her ex Sam Lillie father of her child, phone the police to say he was very concerned that his daughters life was in danger..

    Both forces done sweet fcuk all...

  2. Frankie

    It is very unwise to discuss and pronounce guilt on a murder suspect in a public forum once the judicial process has got under way as is the case with the murder of Sarah Everard. To do so is to prejudice the trial.