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  1. ( If you are woke, no sense of humour or easily offended. Your problem not mine..)

    My thought for today Quillers....

    I didn't care yesterday, I don't give a shit today and probably wont give a fcuk tomorrow..
    A husband donated blood to his wife after she was badly injured. A few years later they both go through a very bitter divorce and the husband demands his blood back. So the wife throws a used tampon in his face shouting " There you go you miserable bastard, I'll pay you back monthly!!!"
    (Moral of the story is, even if a woman eventually pays back a man what she owes him, there is always a string attached)....

    Two women were walking home after a night on the town when they both needed to pee. They both went into a grave yard and done their calls of nature..One of the women unsure what to do simply removed her panties and wiped herself down and the other seen a wreath picked it up and she cleaned herself...The following morning their husbands phoned each other and one said "That's the last time my wife goes out alone with your, she came home without any knickers on." The other husband said " Think thats bad, mine had a card in her pussy saying from all the boys at the fire station"....