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  1. Quillers, in the wake of Booby Storeys funeral, who will now re-evaluate their own social distancing rules?

    Personally I haven't respected their rules since day 1. Today I am not on the island but in England, where I have been breaking every Government, medical and scientific rule they have asked me to abide by...I have been here for the past few weeks I am sharing a bed with a the only woman I have ever loved...Known her for 14 yrs.

    Basically the rules that the rule makers want me to live by, fcuk their rules. No one is going to tell me what I can or can't do, who;s bed I can share....Where or where not I can go.

  2. Frankie

    Do you really care about the possibility of catching or spreading the virus?

    A conversation with friends of mine who have been confined to their homes because of weak immune systems since the start of the lockdown and who are so paralysed by fear of the virus that they do not want to go out even after they are allowed to do so.

    I suppose it is hardly worth pointing the risks faced by NHS and care staff everyday as they battle to keep people aive; risks that, as is seen from the death rolls, that falls disproportionately on BAME health workers in this structurally racist society.

    This is the most sociopathic contribution to TPQ or indeed any forum that I have read. I sincerely hope, Frankie, that neither you or your partner contract the virus.

  3. Frankie,

    there was a time when it wasn't compulsory to wear a seat belts in a motor vehicle. Later legislation was introduced compelling the driver and front seat passenger to do so. Now all occupants are required to belt up.

    Of course there are still irresponsible twats who won't comply. Not only do they themselves occasionally draw the short straw but others unfortunately sometimes also do because of their recklessness.

    No doubt you'll be on to us at some stage with some conspiracy theory about the virus. Maybe you have some creative opinions on the compulsory wearing of seat-belts too!

    (On a more positive note; I'm pleased to hear you're enjoying the company of the one you love.)

  4. Was there a conspiracy behind making it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving? Or behind the introduction of the breathalyzer? lol.

    Henry Joy

    Princess Di might just have survived that car crash had she been wearing a rear seat-belt. The great Laurie Cunningham of West Bromwich Albion's Three Degrees vintage in the 1970s would still be with us if he had been wearing a seat belt when he so tragically lost his life in Madrid.

  5. Anthony

    In relation to this cartoon, I confess to somde unease about it particularly the depiction of Eve as a fully veiled woman. Mainstream Islam does not compel Miuslim women to wear garments such as the burqa or nicqab. I don't know if there is an Adam and Eve/Loss of Eden fable in Islam.

    Although the cartoon could be interpreted as portraying an essentialised/streotypical view of Muslim, I would defend your right to the utmost to publish it should you ever receive a fatwa for dloing it.

    1. Barry - seriously - Woke wank is lost on me.

      I rarely comment on these things as they are a fun slot that reflect what readers send us for a laugh. They are not meant to be taken seriously as a statement of what anybody in the real world actually thinks. They are a poke at unicornology, not the intellectual expression of a belief held by anyone here.

  6. Barry, Henry Joy,
    If someone doesn't want to comply with rules/guidelines what's it to do with you two. There's people paid to implement these things. Comparing seatbelts to covid is idiotic. Only elderly and those with a compromised immune system die from this thing, mostly. The damage caused by the recession, fuelled by people acting hysterically will far outweigh the damage done by the virus. You're every bit the conspiracy theorist as those you mock.

  7. Oh really, David.

    Were the BAME health workers employed at the lower levels of the NHS and BAME victims in the community just elderly and with compromised immune systems.

    Non compliance with the regulations mmatter bdecause the refusenik bdecomes a potential carrier of the virus.

  8. Barry,
    The numbers don't lie. Sanctimonious, pretentious passive aggressive comments about hoping loved ones are ok and nhs staff mean nothing. There's always exceptions to the rule. If you want to hide, then do so, if yo want to comply then do so. Your lectures to others carry no weight.
    The refusenik, haha Jesus Christ. There's something wrong way your mobs mentality. Did you never get punched in the mouth growing up? or is it the safety of the internet that makes you think you can tell people how to live their life?

  9. David,

    you don't have to agree with me, but either we choose to observe the public health guidelines or we don't. In a civic society responsible people will not discard the advice of specialists. The arrogant libertarians may claim to know better, ignore the experts advice and void the social contract, yet most decent people will see that for what it is ... selfish and aberrant conduct.

    As a citizen, and remembering that I can't lawfully curtail the deviant behaviour of others, you surely won't deny my right to free thought, free speech and my right to voice an opinion.

    You David, may favour an economy based on ever increasing rampant consumption but I sir aspire to a society of equals; one which doesn't value the strong over the weak and infirmed, nor is ageist.

    I'm sorry you didn't like my comparison with seat belt wearing ... truth told I believe that failing to comply with health guidelines is more analogous with drunk-driving but I'd want to do overkill with my original comment.

  10. Henry joy,
    Who do you mean by arrogant libertarians? BLM? Loyalists who protect statues? Illegal race attendees? My point here is people breaking guidelines are far more varied than arrogant libertarians, whatever that means.
    I'd die before denying free speech. I invoke mine when coming into contact with condescending comments.
    An economy based on ever increasing rampant consumption sounds as if you're trying to Greta Thunberg the lockdown. If that's the case it's delusional. Air travel will explode shortly. How do you aspire to a society of equals with rampant unemployment?
    The drunk driving analogy is ridiculous.

  11. David,

    let's play a wee pretend game ... you can continue being Donald Trump and I'll be Anthony Fauci.

  12. David

    Do you want to know who the arrogant libertarians afre. They are the Trumps, Bolonosaris, Luschenkos, Cummings who encourage the blatant disregard for scientific advice over what is the greatest pandemic the world has experienced in a century. The death rolls in the UK, US and Brazil from Covid-19, being amongst the highest in the developed world if not the entire globe have been the inevitable consequences.

    I take it you agree that anyone experiencing the symptoms should be tested and, if ;positive isolate for 14 days and notify Public Hdealth of their contacts. If not, the drunk driving analogy is perfectly apposite.

  13. Henry joy,
    I'm perplexed way your comment.
    You forgot Orban he's usually on your wee list of bad guys you use to deflect when your arguments have no substance.
    No people displaying symptoms shouldn't be tested or isolate instead they should be made to stay in care homes. You shouldn't be obtuse it brings nothing to the conversation.

    1. Perplexed David? Nah ... just more willful ignorance and spiteful arrogance from you.

      Those ignoring the guidelines, at least to my mind, are nothing better than Trump or Cummings.

  14. And Michelle O'Neill and Stanely Johnson, Hemry Joy.

    1. No argument about their reprehensible behaviour either Barry.

  15. Henry joy,
    That doesn't mean anything. Insulting comments to someone you're highly unlikely to meet, very heroic. You struck a blow for integrity, hooray for Henry. You could just tell me how your procrastinating and pontificating to Frankie Will achieve anything or answer me how crashing the economy Will create a just society.
    Instead of that just compare everyone to Trump, give yourself a pat on the back because hey, you mock Trump. You're a good guy. You follow government guidelines, even if they are contradictory and anyone disagreeing with you, well they're fascist morons, all of them. If you see someone breaking guidelines be sure to tell them, like a good guideline obeying robot.

    1. David butt out, your position is completely untenable ... and Frankie did invite a response from Quillers, did he not?

      Let's just watch this situation unfurl; ultimately all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

      In the meantime I'm going to leave you and your small-minded ilk with your denials, deceits and delusions.

      Over and out on this one.

  16. The first clown that remarks to me about 'breaking the rules' will need a crash helmet.

  17. David

    The economy will crash for sure with a no-deal craxh out of thr EU by the UK next January.

  18. Barry,
    That's a separate issue. I don't see what it adds to this topic. Unless you're supposing that because I don't mention Trump, Putin, Brexit etc constantly that I support them, is that what you're implying? Are you suggesting only certain people are critical of a lockdown? Is that an attempt at a gotcha? If not then I don't see the relevance.

  19. Henry joy,
    Aye he did. Still don't get the point of your self righteous reply.
    The fullness of time? Four months not enough time for you to analyse data?
    What denials, deceits or delusions? What have I denied? Any numbers I use I do so from the WHO or CDC so we are dealing with same numbers.
    It's straight out the guardian your comments. A lot of high minded moralising largely unsubstantiated.

  20. The police were called to a pub last week on the Moy/Armagh border for 'flouting the guidelines' I.e opening 'without permission'. The cop told the bar owner 'he should find out who rang them and tell them to wise up'. Furthermore the cop said the 'guidelines' are not a police matter but rather a council matter. End of. Why did the cops visit the pub if it wasn't a police matter I hear you ask? Well it was 2.30 in the morning! Meanwhile the state has got covidiots policing themselves. You couldn't make it up!

  21. Mick,
    This covid pandemic has shown people for who they are, from hoarding toilet rolls to touting on their neighbours for the grand crime of having family round, they have lost the plot. The won't wise up though, even before this they were living in social bubbles. Thinking they are revolutionaries because they like a Greta Thunberg tweet and cut out meat one day a week. Now they are all martyrs for the black civil rights cause in the US. I noticed all these causes have no comebacks, they can feel good without the door coming off the hinges.