A Morning Thought @ 729


  1. My belief...All lives matter. I don't care if who ever has a better sun tan than me. And the end of the day we all eat, sleep and shit in the same positions.

    What I struggle with is why don't people march on the streets and ask for justice for whats happening in Africa on a daily basis. We all know black people are oppressing black people and black cops are assaulting and killing black people. But no one ever launches a social media campaign to talk or protest about black on black racism...MSM wont talk about it...But they will talk about white on black but not black on black...

    Like I said all lives matter.....colour of someones skin is irrelevant.

  2. Quillers the plot thickens....

    I am not making light of how George Floyd died. Most have seen the video and it was graphic...but MSM are not reporting the back story and it goes in part like this...

    Derek Chauvin (the cop who killed George Floyd) was once a former friend of Georges and both starred in the same porn movies..Derek got jealous of George (Big Floyd<--his porn name) because he was better at his 'acting role' and got to sleep with more women.

    And a few weeks ago Derek's hatred for George (not because George was black as MSM want everyone to believe)got the better of him and he killed George...(George was a free mason or at least had a free mason tattoo on his chest, Derek Chauvin I need to double check if he was a mason too)

    And yes I can link everything up with sources...And the sources, well the camera never lies........I am not making light of how George Floyd met his death. Derek Chauvin should be charged with 1st degree murder and not 2nd degree...But it has sweet fcuk all to do with racism. Absolutely nothing..