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  1. Am I the only Quiller who doesn't buy into the MSN line that Chinese bat flu didn't start in a village but was manufactured and let loose on purpose....

    I'm really enjoying the bankers and globalists taking a hit on the stock markets...Slap it up them.

    And I dont under stand some of the advice such as sneezing into your elbow..all that means is you'll be carrying the bug on your sleeve..

    I am surprised no one blamed Russia...

  2. There is a third option within this Frankie that it was manufactured and escaped by accident. China has 16 times the industrial accidents Europe has, so accident is at least a possibility. The HIV inserts, the 33A stuff if all true prove it didn’t occur naturally at least.

  3. Ps pension funds loose out when the stock market is down. Bankers can make money either direction or none. Short it going down. Selling Straddles when it doesn’t move (the options strategy that Nick Leeson bought to collapse Bearings).

  4. Frankie

    I wouldn't believe appalling hygiene standards could cause such an outbreak. More like the work of a Devine being has smiteth man for our sins. And for everyone else who escapes God's wrath the bankers and traders will smiteth the poor and downtrodden to recoup any lost investments.

  5. “I rationality discount observable factors like hygiene, and can only conclude it divine in origin”
    U ok hun?

  6. Frankie the Chinese were warned years back that their safety protocols for the Virology Lab in Wuhan were absolute crap. Zero doubt this escaped from there.

  7. Daithi/Christy......


    There is a third option within this Frankie that it was manufactured and escaped by accident

    I heard that idea floated when bat flu hit the headlines and discounted it...basically it went out my left ear just as quick as it entered my right. The maths didn't add up, today it makea even less sense for me to buy into that school of thought..


    More like the work of a Devine being has smiteth man for our sins

    I don't buy into that either, fair enough if you read and believe in the bible then God is a sick cunt. I think (and I haven't been down the rabbit hole) is a lot more sinister. I wouldn't be surprised to find out it is a 'dry run' of sorts before a real pandemic is released.

    A parasite in London called Philip once said he'd like to come back as a virus to kill off loads of people, bad Billy boy Gates wants to give the world a vaccine to de populated the world...Throw into the mix the Georgia Guide stones..Most are alright but the first 'commandment of the stones' is to de populate the world to around 500,000 people.

    As for the globalists and big bankers, I agree they wont lose a penny in real terms, and they will still go to Northern California twice a year to blow their loads over Moloch...But some of their stool pigeons who walk the City of London, La Defense...Wall Street (the ones who put Peruvian snow up their noses in wine bars and went to Eton etc...Some of them will take a hit)

    Oddly in 1981 a head called Dean Koontz wrote a book called “The eyes of darkness” about a pandemic that started in a lab in Wuhan..(never read the book, I don't read much as we both know I'm a rockabilly and listen to music)


    ”I rationality discount observable factors like hygiene, and can only conclude it divine in origin”
    U ok hun?
    <---Daithi, that was gay. Re phrase it. I wouldn't say it.

  8. Stevie,

    It was released on purpose, that much I.m sure (as I said to Daithi/Christy I haven't been down the bat flu rabbit hole yet)

    And the bollicks Marcon is talking about in France and banning crowds over 5,000 that has more to do with him trying to stop more civil unrest so he can push through his reforms than anything else..Same in Italy and other countries that have put in place the same measures, its to allow the powers that be try out different techniques to control the masses by fear...

    One positive thing to come out of bat flu is the air quality in China has improved due to the lock down there...

    1. Wouldn't even need to be released on purpose Frankie, the damage it's doing is considerable. If you look at the extreme measures China took at the start it's clear they knew how bad it was. Only in a 'Communist' country would you get such an organised city-wide containment set up within 24 hours.
      ( And that 'hospital' is nothing of the sort, it's containment/morgue/disposal facillity)

  9. Stevie/Quillers....


    Only in a 'Communist' country would you get such an organised city-wide containment set up within 24 hours.

    Really only Commies do that....?.... How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War

    What about in the USA.... Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study

    What about closer to home and the riot in 1974 in Long Kesh.... The burning of Long Kesh

    Quillers my take on bat flu and why I think how I do..I'm doing my best to finish a piece for TPQ on 'fake news'...Part reads like this...

    I grew up listening to 'fake news'. I was being told that there wasn't mistreatment of prisoners, Loyalist death squads was a figment of peoples imagination, collusion didn't exist, the Guildford four and Birmingham six were guilty as charged, the victims of Bloody Sunday were all guilty and gun men, there was no forced confessions at Castlereagh/Strand Road, Sinn Fein will never go into Stormount.....the list is endless.

    Today I know what I was being asked to buy into was and is total bullshit. Today when I listen to MSN, I look at it kinda like Wikipedia...a basic outline of 'what's what', and then if the story grabs my attention, I do my own research and make my own mind up (always keeping in mind how much fake news I was fed as a pup by everyone who appeared on BBC/UTV news..).

    1. Frankie,

      I was refering to the complete sealing off of a large city, of 10 million plus inhabitants. They've dug up the roads all around Wuhan and left just one way in or out. Now they are mass screening. The programmes you meantioned above were all clandestine, my point is that the Chinese have no such qualms if others know.

      Still, have to laugh. With one side of the mouth Beijing tells it citizens to 'prepare for battle' against this virus and is embarking on a huge exercise involving civilian and military assets, while on the other side they are berating Australia for forbiddening travel to and from China.

      Almost like China WANTS other nations to have to deal with it, to make it a level playing field globally.

  10. And throw into the mix
    Scientists recreate 1918 flu virus

    Oct 5, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Scientists today reported findings that may help explain what made the 1918 pandemic influenza virus so deadly and that reveal similarities between that virus and the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in Asia.

    The findings grow out of a decade-long effort by Armed Forces Institute of Pathology pathologist Jeffrey Taubenberger. Since 1995, Taubenberger's group has been piecing together the sequence of the virus' eight genes using tissue from a victim found in permafrost in Alaska....

    Basically the US re invented Spanish flu....

    let that sink in...

  11. Stevie,

    You are talking about an oppressive regime locking down a population...like Gaza? Didn't the same happen here with Motorman and the Falls Road curfew...throw into the mix South Africa and Apartheid, thousands of blacks in the USA were locked down, today how many in Northern Italy are under lock down...Maybe you are playing a numbers game....

    What purpose apart for the optics does having only one road into and exiting Wuhan? None in real terms, the damage has been done, its like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted...

    I've given clear examples of various western governments creating and infecting people with 'germ warfare', it doesn't matter if it was done covertly or overtly, fact is people got infected....

    As I said we both grew up listening to fake news...

    1. Fair point Frankie, it does seem like bolting the stable door after the horse has gone.

  12. So today we have Simon Byrne calling for more powers to detain people against their will if they suspect the person has bat flu..!!!!

    The fear mongering and scare tactics is laughable...People aren't going to drop dead because they have a runny nose, sneeze a bit...They will feel like crap for 10/14 days tops....then they'll be better. More people die from 'normal flu' every day than bat flu...

    This latest scare is more to do with controlling peoples movements, giving police more powers of detention and big pharma than most people are prepared to admit..

    This bollicks about throwing an infected tissue into a bin...So in real terms we'll have bins full of bat flu that may mutate into something that may be a real killer.. Wouldn't it make more sense to put your bat flu sneeze into a plastic bag and seal it to contain the virus then put it into a bin?

  13. Bat flu update , if 'you' open the link, it takes you to the World Economic Forum who 6/8 weeks before the world heard of Coronavirus, they ran simulations on....bat flu...

    Check out the names of the people who attended the forum/simulation and who funded it. If people want me to believe MSM they are living in a bubble. Just because someone wearing an Armani suit reads from a script and tells me its fact, they can simply fcuk off...

    Bat flu is man made and the people behind it are the same people who blow their loads over a 45ft Owl in Northern California, want me to buy in to “we are all doomed if we don't listen to Greta”..are involved in covering up sex trafficking...wage fake wars on terror...

  14. To spread conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronovirus and other viral outbreaks is grossly irresponsible and potentially will cause loss of live as those vulnerable to anti-expert and anti-scientific scare stories will not take the appropriate medical and hygienic precautions to deal with the epidemic; the resurgence of measles as a result of Dr Charletan's anti-MMR lies.

    Because scientists have the ability to reproduce a given virus it does not axiomatically follow that Covid-19 is man-made. It spring from Chinese traditions of live animal markets which ensured that the virus would cross species.

    Rather than paying attention to baseless conspiracy theories about Covid-19, I would be more concerned with the blase attitude displayed by Trump and Pence (he who denies the health risks of smoking) towards the spread of the disease and how authoritarian regimes like those in Iran and China have suppressed news around it and have persected whistle-blowers who alerted the world to the perils of Covid-19.

  15. "To spread conspiracy theories and misinformation"..........such as the big one that the 'White Helmets' are an organic group of local Syrians that are non political and are only interested in saving lives of fellow Syrians and are in no way linked to al nusra/al Qaeda/Isis head choppers and human heart eaters? And that 'former Brit army intelligence officer' James le mesurier who helped 'found' them did so out of the kindness of his heart because that's what mi6 is all about.....kindness! Wow some theory that!

  16. Barry,

    I'll give you a heads up so you can quit while you think you are ahead..But to understand what is happening on this rock you do not need a scientific mind nor an academic mind but it helps to keep an open one...

    To spread conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronovirus and other viral outbreaks is grossly irresponsible

    The examples that I gave about viral infections and sourced...Well bad news but they are are real...

    the spread of the disease and how authoritarian regimes like those in Iran and China

    Almost the same answer as above and go back and read what Stevie said about 'authoritarian regimes' and pay attention to my reply. I mentioned Israel (deffo got to be in the top 5 of that list), USA much of a muchness with Israel...The Uk's record in the six counties doesn't look to great....

    As I said...Quillers like ourselves, we all grew up listening to 'fake news' and I gave some classic examples of it.

    BTW...You brought up The Donald and I hope he gets in for a 2nd term just to piss people like you off for another 4 yrs..No other reason than that.

  17. So now we have Bad Billy Boy Gates selling his own home bat flu testing kit...I provided the source link above to the World Economic Forum 'bat flu' summit that he helped set up and fund eight weeks (give or take a day or three) before anyone in Wuhan had a runny nose...

    Billy is on record saying how he wants to vaccinate the world to de-populate it (I can source him saying it)....Now we know bat flu is more harmful to people over 50/60yrs of age (or with anyone who has serious under lying health conditions)..personally I am convinced the 1%-ers want to wipe anyone who knew life before the internet of the face of this rock so they can control the snowflakes easier...

    Here's a thought about Billy Boy and his Microsoft Windows...How often do you hear about viruses that destroy, create havoc etc on Microsoft run machines???? All I know is run Kali Linux ( before it was called Backtrack) guess what, I'm virus free..My advice to anyone is simply download any flavour of Linux that suits you...Mint, OpenSue, Ubuntu....And start learning how to use it, Windows is like driving an automatic car, Linux is like driving a manual car. Keep the faith, your favourite programs will still run on Linux systems if you install and configure Wine.. And you will also stop lining his pockets by buying his software...(Linux is free)

    Loved the stock markets today...£130 billion wiped off in minutes...Slap it up them.

  18. Wouldn't even need to be man made. The horrors of naturally occuring viruses are many and varied. Weaponization of such is mainly about effective delivery not creation.