A Morning Thought @ 627


  1. Quiller's, if any of you good people are interested in watching Fury V Wilder 2, follow me..

    Goto cricfree (you will need an 'ad block' to stop the pop up's), then click on the boxing icon at the top of the page, a new page/tab opens up click on the fight another page/tab will open up and simply choose your stream...

    Should take no more than 30seconds...The same site will let you stream footy, snooker..All sports TBH..

    (I want Fury to win)

  2. Well, God works in mysterious ways.

  3. Thanks frankie, similarly I use http://watchwrestling.in/, it seems to have decent feeds with no pop ups. But it’s always good to have a selection of sites though just in case.

    Incredible performance from Fury though wasn’t it? Very few pundits favoured him over Wilder, I myself thought it a suicidal strategy if he was to indeed plant his feet and try to knock Wilder out, but he proved many wrong. It’s exponentially more important when you can put in career best performances as the stage gets bigger. I think his Dad was born in Galway too, it can’t get better than this.